Productive Week. How to Set Yourself Up. My Tips…

In all fairness I don’t think I am the best person for this…. I really am not.

I live off adrenaline, panic, overwork myself, get anxiety, forget everything and then get Ill after a productive day of running around, crying in between errands, and….. getting everything done.

My superpower is I get things done at the expense of my own health and body.

With age and hormones the anxiety and the crying are more trife then ever. I can no longer be that person- I need a clear brain, I need extra time, I need organisation and I need planning……. And more than ever, I need to organise a way to set myself up for a productive week…… Click here for more…

3 thoughts on “Productive Week. How to Set Yourself Up. My Tips…”

  1. Evening lovely, I’m glad you feel as though you have more control. I feel you, I’m a list maker and love to be organised, but last year really opened my eves on how I am spending my time. Thank you for the great read x


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