Let’s take a look Inside….. Cougar Cosmetics Beauty Box

I was looking for beauty boxes, that was offering something a little different. Most beauty boxes have similer products inside, and of course I love the whole concept of a beauty box but I was just generally surfing as you do and I came across this….

Intrigued, curious, suspicious,… For a £10, I had to get it…. I mean you want one too right? …..(link here)

Have you guys heard of Cougar Cosmetics? Nope? Me neither…. even better, then it’s definitely different and definitely being added to the shopping basket…

Added it on, and then twiddled my thumb’s waiting for it to come, I even doubted myself at one point…. They have taken my money and run away….

…..and then it came…..

…yup this is the box…. It’s only a tenner- shouldn’t expect too much… Right? …. So let’s open it up…..

I emptied it out onto my bed, and I must say I was impressed with how many products came out… It was packed full… Things are starting to look up….

At the bottom of the box, I found this, it’s tissue paper …. Specifically ‘boohoo’ tissue paper…. Hmmm…. Is Cougar Cosmetics a part of boohoo? …. Something I need to research … And if so…. It does explain the price….

Let’s take a look at the products….

First up: Donkey Milk Face Mask

I’m not so sure how I feel about the name, I’m not a fan of animals in general…. And this is a donkey? The sticker design is quite cheap- like a child has designed it ( maybe the child made the name up? ) …. Ok let’s see inside

The texture was nice and thick for sure, but there was absolutely no smell…. Not even milky…. Or donkey? ( How do they smell anyway?) …. I think I’m going to be very hesitant before I try this out….

Next up, the Wild Cavier Day Moisturiser. This alone costs £29.99 on the web page. The bottle is nice, the sticker once again was quite tacky. I tried ABIT on my hands.. it’s not too bad in all honesty…. Might…. Just might give this a go….

You know my favourite word in skincare? It’s Hyaluronic acid… And inside is a facial oil with it in it. Yipee…. The box was cheap but this one’s upped it’s game in the design for sure….

I was a little confused with the next one….

It’s a body wash… But the logo is so different, and so is packaging, and so is everything really….. Hmmmm….

Then I got this….Gold infused Argan Oil for Body and hair….

this has got the first logo but the cheaper version sticker… But having said that I’ve tried it on my hair…. It’s a keeper!

I was so excited to see this in the box….

For all of us thin lipped women, this is excitings!! …… I did give it a try… course I did! …It tingles and gives a very slight lift, but it probably only lasted all of 40 minutes…. link here

And this was a suprise…..

Ye… I got 2 lipglosses, in the same colour Candy, surely that’s a mistake…. One I’m not complaining about….. Especially because the colour is beaut…..

I have to admit I’ve worn this loads, and I love it. The colour is strong and very pigmented…. And I got 2! Yipee!

Last up I got this powdered 5-in-1 Powder Foundation. It was in a cinnamon shade, which was far too dark for me….

And that’s all folks…. Well actually it’s quite alot considering its a Tenner ( plus I got a bonus)

I’m not so sure how I feel about it, I love that it’s so cost effective, but the change in logos and designs makes it look like they have too many designers…. Yet really no class.

My faves from this is the lipgloss, and I’m actually quite apprehensive to try the other products just incase I flare up….. Keep in mind I’m forever trying products, and never had a problem. But just feel abit reserved over it.

If you guys have tried it, let me know. Might make me feel more comfortable.

And let me know if you buy it and what you get … Here’s the link

Love and regards


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Product Pick of the Month: Lancome Advanced Genifique (Sensitive)

This month is dedicated to Lancome Advanced Genifique Sensitive…

The first time I bought makeup ( I was in my very late 20’s, I flourished really late…) I went into Debenhams and I was introduced to many make up brands, I allowed myself to be pampered by all the brand’s, and words were thrown at me, all of which fell on deaf ears…. I was buying makeup because everyone was wearing makeup and not because I wanted to. Time to up my game! Time to fit in….

Out of all the brand’s Lancome was definately my favourite. My first foundation was Lancome … Since then I have moved on, but whenever I think of something in the makeup/skincare field I think of Lancome first.

And why not, Lancome is definately in the higher end, and a long standing, reputable skincare brand. That’s where the trust comes in, and that’s why I will choose a product from Lancome before looking at other brands…

And what is Lancomes best seller? This.

I went through a phase where the skin suffered alot, whether that be ageing, pollution in the air, change in diet, the stress of Lockdown… Or anything and everything- I don’t know…..but the effects were showing up on my skin. So I was looking for something that offered ….. Well a solution.

I searched on the net and I saw this. Lancome Advanced Genifique (Sensitive). The brand name was already sold to me, I just had to work out whether this was the right product for my skin troubles…..

The product boasts of its ability to give instant radiance, as well as healtier and younger skin, with hyronolic acid ( my favourite word in skincare) to attack the dry areas, and enriched with 7 prebiotic and prebiotic- derived extracts for firmer, radiant skin and promising a reduction of fine lines…..

Urm…. I’ll take that. Thankyou very much

So how did I get on?

I don’t think we need to talk about the bottle, it’s beautiful. It’s Lancome. No question.

The dropper is really good. It gives the right amount of serum to cover the full face and neck. The serum consistency is flowy yet not watery, and it soaks into the skin quite quickly, and does not leave any stickyness.

Although it’s suggested to use as part of your morning and nightime routine, I mainly use it at night so that in the morning I can wake up to a hydrated face. It does state that it reduces fine lines- I would like to agree and disagree with this, I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin, yet I think this is a product to heal the skin, and radiate it, and not a miracle in a bottle. ( I don’t think anyone has yet got a miracle in a bottle, Even surgeries can’t get it right)

Overall this is definately a product I cannot do without, it does what it says on the Box- it brings radiance to my skin, and it makes it feel brighter and younger and definately healthier. I have even been asked by a few friends and family on what I am currently using as they can see the glow….

The serum comes in different sizes, it is on the pricier side of the market- yet worth every penny. I would ask for a sample of the product if available from the counter, just to test it out as everyone’s skin is different. ( I did that first, they gave the most cutest small bottle ever, which lasted a week, but I was sold on that sample).

Here’s a link if you’d like to take a look. And let me know how you get along with it.

Love and Regards


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Lets take a Look inside…. The Next Essentials Discovery Beauty Box

….And it’s time for another Beauty Box, and guys I’m not joking when I say that is the best one by far. It’s a box that just keeps on giving…. So let’s take a look…

This box is the Next Beauty Box. Although Next have now started doing monthly beauty box on the Next Beauty Range, this particular box is the Next Essentials Discovery Beauty Box. It is filled with a must-have selection of the biggest beauty products around for us to try. And the selection is awesome.

There seems to be some sort of collaboration with Fabled and Marie Claire…blah blah blah… I am just after a beauty box.

I do actually think that this particular box is now sold out, however I do know that on the Next- Beauty page there’s one similer. But this one is by far better. So I think ill wait to see if another one pops up in the near future.

I won’t lie- I was dissapointed at the actual presentation box, it felt like a shoe box, compared to the glamourus boxes I usually get- but then again this box was only for £20… So I could justify the difference……. Also no tissue paper on top…..thats another downer. You know I love me some tissue paper…. but that was the only downfall, after that there was only one way and that was up and smiles galore…

Lets dive right in

The first thing my hand fell straight onto is the Pixi Glow Tonic (100ml), Normal retail price for this £10. The first product has already covered 50% of the price of the box;

and then we have

ALL OF These PRODUCTS were for £20.

This box is no longer available on the next website but they have similer boxes on there beauty side of the business. (Not as good as this mind)

If I do see anything in future ill put it up on my instagram, do make sure you are following.

Hope you enjoyed this and do let me know if there is anything that you see.

Love and Regards


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Want Free Skincare Samples …. Read On…..

Shhhhh…. I have a secret…..Come on in, Let me tell you….

Actually its not a secret, not at all, but I dont think people know about this. I didn’t and now I know I have to tell you, because its exciting!!

So let me tell you, what I got for free….

Yes I did, I got this for free, and I am getting some more next month, and hopefully after that every month until and IF they stop doing this…… so how? I can hear you! its coming, Im just getting you all excited just as I was….

And here it is, it is on the Feel Unique website here. Or if you go onto the Feel Unique Website search for ‘pick and mix’ and it will bring it straight up.

So how does it work?

You will need to register up first.

Then you pick the 5 samples you want from the list of 100’s and you pay for the P&P (£3.95) – and then once you received your goods- you get an email for the P&P back towards the next order. How cool is that!!!! And the other thing- you can do this every month! so every month you can get 5 free samples of skincare! I am sold. You?

I picked up the following, because these were samples that I really wanted to try out, but if you want to be super savvy about it, I would suggest you go for the luxury samples rather then the sachet samples I went for (lesson learnt for me going forward)

The mistake I made- I ordered over the phone. Seriously guys take 2 minutes out of your time and go online on a desktop or laptop, and you will be given details on the sample size and use your money towards the larger items like the tubes or the pots. The sachet usually have between 1ml- 2ml- I would try and get 5ml and above to make the most of this offer. You will be surprised some products are even 50 ml! How did I miss this?

I will just briefly go through the samples I got this time round

Upcircle Face Oil

Best to use at night, used to ease out wrinkles and firm up the skin. I love the smell of coffee and can’t wait to give this a try

Kiehl’s Age Defender Eye Cream

Bought this for the hubby because like me, he is noticing things hes never realised before.

Oskia – Bedtime Beauty Boost

Skincare for me is easier in evening than morning. I wanted to try this for a while, just didn’t want to fork out on the bigger sizes product incase I didn’t like it. This works out perfect for me.

Nuxe- Marveillance Eye Contour Lift

I’ve not really been using alot of the eye only products, but it’s something I’ve definitely been interested in. I’ll start with this.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer

I don’t think this needs much of a introduction…

And these are my 5 for this month and if one of them make it to my “Product Pick of the Month”- then its a winner….

So Guys don’t miss out on this. it’s awesome and its free!! two of my favourite words in one sentance. And if you do go for it, Let me know what you get and if it was any good!

Exciting times, my End of month is due, so ill be popping some more samples in. And if you want to join me here’s the Webby….

Chat soon.

Love and regards


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Product Pick of the Month: Bobbi Brown VitaminE Enriched Face Base

With all the gunk I’ve been trying out on my face recently, their are certain products that shine more than others.

For this reason I’ve decided that I will do a review of one product a month, which shine’s from them all, and I have to start with this one;

It’s the Bobbi Brown VitaminE enriched moisturiser. I got this as a sample size in the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Box, and I’ve been using it for a week plus, and can I say I’m obsessed, so much that I’ve actually ordered it in full size.

It’s thick and it really goes so far, I received a small pot in the box, but even after 7 days I’ve still got some left.

My skin since lockdown has been dry and honestly going through so many changes just like our lives. And whilst it’s been changing I’ve been trying new and different things on my face, but this one product has definately outstood all the rest.

I’m so impressed with it. Most moisturiser’s leave a slightly wet feel once used, but this sinks straight into the skin and still gives a hydrated feel. And honestly you can put makeup on literally straight away and it sits so perfectly.

I believe all woman are pretty without makeup-but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.-

Bobbi Brown

Let’s look at the Science:

It has Carrot Extract and Vitamin A which Minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
Also contains Vitamins C and E which protects against environmental damage.
The Grapefruit and Geranium Fragrance- it so beautiful and really lifts up your mood. ( I love all things Geranium)
And Shea Butter which hydrates and softens the skin.

It’s thick and smooth but it’s not greasy… Honestly no lie, It’s luxurious and the skin feels evened out. Its glorious and rich for a moisturiser. It’s definately on the higher side of the price range, but considering how much use I got from the sample, it’s totally worth it. I feel like once I have it on, it lasts all day, while with other moisturisers after a couple of hours, I feel I need a top up, especially in the heat we have at the moment- which I feel the skin is definately not use to.

Bobbi brown have definately worked out what and how a moisturiser should be. They got it in one. I would recommend this product to all of you.

You can buy it here.

Love and Regards


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Lets take a Look inside ……The ‘Red Beauty Edit Box’….plus *Giveaway*

Hi All, and im back with another ‘Lets Take a Look inside….’ because I love looking inside and I am sure that you do too.

Today I have got the Red Beauty Edit Beauty box which is another Beauty Box offered by Hearst Uk. I absolutely loved the Harpers Bazaar one which I shared with you guys on the last blog. This is now sold out, so I am so glad that I got my hands on it, so when I saw this I knew I had to get my hands on it too.

Its 14 of the latest ‘cult’ beauty products, chosen by the Hearst beauty team at a fraction of the price. This box can be found online here, but do be quick with it, they sell out real fast…. (Or keep a look out on my Instagram page as this one is on a giveaway at the moment. Uk Only)

The box is available for £50, that includes the p&p, but has a value of £233! and offers 7 full sized products….

Shall we have a look…..Lets do it….

I have to show you the tissue paper right? I mean what good is a beauty box without tissue paper?

And here are the products:


If you follow my blog I am sure I have told you that I don’t understand ‘the use once only throwaway masks’ and prefer the clay ones, but I am changing my mind people, I am absolutely loving them. They are so much more easier! and I love how you do not have to wash your face afterwards (lazy generation *rolls eyes*) just rub all the moisture into your skin. It really is the best! and with this box I was really pleased to find a Spacemasks. This mask self heats on your skin, and the jasmine scent eases the tired eyes. The perfect mask.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Was I pleased to see this again. I got this in the Harpers Bazaar Box and seeing this again excited me. I loved this the first time round and I shall be loving it again.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Filler

If it says Hyaluronic- then to me it instantly means smoothing, at my age smoothing is so important, this product apparently keeps the wrinkles at bay by filling them up and smoothing them out. Ill have to give this a try… exciting’s…..

Nars Satin Lip Pencil (Exbury)

Can you ever go wrong if a Nars Lipstick is in a beauty box?….. No I didn’t think so too…..The colour, Exbury, on this is beautiful, its a flattering colour that can compliment all skin tones. I could and would use this as my everyday colour.

Ecooking Night Cream

This smells wonderful, so calming to just layer on before sleeping. It is a night cream so nice and thick, and used to keep the face hydrated so that the skin feels fresh and bouncy in the morning. It gets rid of the dull feeling.

Living Proof Instant De-Frizzer

Quarantine has really not helped in terms of hair, my hair forever feels dry and wiry. This spray on smooths the hair, eliminates the fizz and gives a shine in an instant.

Show Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray

Since when did hair spray bottle turn this preety? Its a gorgeous bottle, and its not just looks, it does a lot of work as well! it is used to give the hair volume, texture and protect against heat damage, and My oh My, it smells beautiful!

System Professional Energy Control

A Spray to keep your hair in place. Its fast drying and provides a medium-hold

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Mascara and XXL together!!! Winner by far! I am not a fake eyelash person, but I do like mascara, and if this is going to do my lashes XXL- then its the perfect mascara for me.

UpCircle Beauty Pamper Kit

Upcircle concentrates on using coffee as its main ingredients: This was definitely a cute package. Inside this package there are a few samples from the Upcircle brand.

  • Citrus Face Scrub (5g)
  • Organic Face Serum (1.5ml)
  • Cleansing Face Balm (3ml)
  • Face Moisturiser (1.5ml

Perfect to try out before buying the full sized product, and I love the smell of coffee. Cant wait to try this out.

Eylure Lash Curler

Well this needs no words….. a must in every make-up kit

Nails Inc Red Nail Polish

I dont have nails, but if I did i would probably get more excited over this product.

Skinsense Overnight Mask

Who loves masks?….. Me, Me, ME!!! and I love anything that I can leave on overnight, I absolutely love the hydrated feel in the morning. With ‘hyaluronic acid’ (that is my favourite word in cosmetics at the moment) its going into my favourites.

LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Eyeliner Pen

A tip so fine, its great to get the perfect crease or flick to enhance the eyes, and smudge proof straight away.

And that’s everything…. All of the above, ALL of it for £50…. I’m so pleased with it. The 7 full sized products are a bonus…

And all of this can be yours too…. Because I have one to giveaway on Instagram!

Click here for Instagram and follow the rules.

Good luck.

Love and regards


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Review: SkinGlow ‘Keep Glowing’ Electric Cleanser

Hi All, I am back with another review, and a exciting one it is. Now this product was not really for myself at all. The elder Boy is suffering from break outs, and pimples, and spots and all the yucky stuff that teenage kids get (yuck, gross, teenage years are the worst)

The generation of kids now-a-days allow it to get to themselves so much, seriously we have a dangerous generation growing up in front of us, I’d say the next generation will be looking at cosmetic surgery as a everyday norm.(OMG I sound like my mum!)

Anyhow……. the charcoal masks, the cleansers and the nose patches he was forever buying were doing good no doubt but was all a bit too time consuming and pricey……he is a student, students somehow never have money.

So when this popped up in my feed, I needed to get it for him (and for me of course)… but mainly for him.

These are all the rave at the moment, and at £16 It really wasn’t breaking the bank (they had a 50% off offer and when I went online, there was a code for a further 20% off. Wait for it!)

So here’s how we got along with it:

Well firstly this is the Skin Glow Electric Cleanser, it is used to remove blackheads, acne, whitehead, all kinds of toxic buildup that we get on the face, as well as allowing the face to rebuild , remove dull areas, smooth out wrinkles and skin elasticity and rejuvenation.

It is a cordless handheld device, its very pretty in the rose gold and white (that made no actual effect on the boy- that was purely for me) and it comes with 5 different tips in different sizes so that it can target different areas of the face. The device was already charged on arrival which meant we could start using it straight away, and also in the package we have a USB charger, and replacement rubber rings should be overuse or loose the ones in the device.

The tips are very easy to change and replace and fit snugly on to the device, its very easy to use with a start/stop button and also has three levels of power, which can be adjusted at a touch of a button. All in all- although manuals are always a must to read- the device is very easily understood as it stands.

Lets give it a try:

Firstly all make up should be removed, and wash the face with warm water and pat down, this is to ensure that the pores open up slightly making the whole process easier.

Attach one of the tips. I started off with a large tip because I wanted to use it over my forehead and cheeks and chin area and therefore needed a tip which can cover the larger areas. I started off with the lowest settings and I would advise everyone to do the same, the vessels around the face are very small, and the suction can easily break the vessels and leave bruises, so be very careful. It is also advised in the manual to constantly move the device around, and to not leave it in the same area for more than 2 minutes……. Do you remember me saying that I have a teenage son whom I bought this for? Well he doesn’t understand the need for a manual and decided that he knew better- he ended up with bruises all over his cheeks (luckily we are in lock-down and they disappeared after 4 days)….. Seriously Teenagers!!

One thing I do need to say is that the bruises did not hurt him at all just left marks like love-bites on the face which is not a good look for anyone let alone a teenage boy….

I did find that the the suction should be changed depending on what area you focus on, the forehead needed a higher suction whilst the cheek area was fine at the lowest setting. (After seeing the Kiddo I didn’t attempt the highest setting for fear of marks)

How did I find it? Damn I knew my skin needed cleaning, but didn’t realise how much junk can be left behind, it definitely swallows it up.

I was impressed with it, and I must say it can get addictive, once you use a product like this, you notice things on your face you have never noticed before and its very quick and easy to use this to get rid of it, so much more easier than face and nose masks.

I then used the precision tip for around the area of my nose, this worked literally on the first stroke. This is a good tip to use in the hard to reach sensitive areas. I find that my face dries up a lot round here so this helped in the removal without pulling furiously at the skin.

All the tips have their own uses; the diamond tip is used to massage and exfoliate the skin, I absolutely loved using this as the suction does make it quite relaxing, if only I could trust the boys in doing this for me, I would sit back and relax and allow them to do it, but i do fear for my life, or may face should I say….

A small tip is also available for the more sensitive skin types, so if you hesitant, then start of with this first before going to the bigger tips

After using the device, I felt very hot and bothered and the face felt flushed, It is advised in the manual that this is normal, as long as the pain is not overbearing, wet the face with cold water to close the pores and moisturise with your normal moisturiser. This sensation disappeared within 20 minutes.

You will notice the removal of blackheads immediately after use, but the skin glow and the radiance usually follows I would say 24 hours plus later.

Would I recommend and use it again? well lets just say it now has space in my weekly skincare routine.

You can purchase yours here, and look out for the offers, it makes it all the more worthwhile.

Hope that this helps in whether you purchase or not

Love and regards


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Lets take a Look Inside…Harpers Bazaar Beauty Box 2020

I think you guys have worked out by now I have a weakness, and that weakness involves plastering loads of junk on my face to see if anything happens or not. I swear I use my face as some sort of guinea pig and hope for the best….. to be honest- I have been getting the best so far, so I can’t complain- but all that does is make me want to try more stuff and buy more Products…

Smart phones are the worst- seriously they read your mind more than your closest friends. I spent weeks and weeks of going through Facebook and Instagram trying to avoid putting the Harpers Bazaar Beauty Box into my cart and shipping it off….. but all weaknesses give in one day as mine did.

And ta daaaaaa! Here it is! ….. and do I love it?….. Oh yes I do, I do, I do, I do!

I think I am starting to like Beauty boxes a lot more than before, because you can single out the products you like, and buy them again if necessary, while the one’s that you don’t….. you can tick off in your ‘To buy’ list (you don’t want to see that list, to be honest its more of a book than a list *rolls eyes*) and cost wise it works out better too.

This box is worth £247 if all the products were charged individually- with Harpers Bazaar you can get it for £60 + free delivery and also if you have a Amex card you can redeem your Housekeeping voucher and get a further £20 off…. so this box… this whole box… the one pictured above… can be bought for £40! the 2 products that I was actually after cost that much by themselves, I was getting more for the same price….it would have been silly of me not to buy it (right? please agree with me, I need the moral support peeps)

So lets get opening…… you guys know I have a thing for tissue paper right? if it has tissue paper- 9/10 boxes have been ticked already! (see it really doesn’t take much to please me! It really doesn’t) and all these goodies tucked away inside… Exciting’s…. Stay with me….

If you like videos then you can see the unboxing on my instagram page here, give a quick follow and its in the highlights… but if like me, you like reading then here it is. (I prefer reading, I feel like I can actually store and analyse things better)

And here is whats inside:

  • Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30– this is a light moisturiser which shields your skin from UV damage and pollution, (and it smells really nice too). I have used Dermalogica products before- I found it too be too harsh on my sensitive skin, but this moisturiser is nice, soft and refreshing.
  • Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in St James. This is the one product that does not interest me, because I have chewed up itty bitty nails, and I do try with the fake nails- but I end up chewing them up also (I know, I know, but bad habits die hard!) I am learning to embrace the itty bitty things on the ends of my fingers…..
  • Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo. Its been a year I have had to start dyeing my hair, and now that I have started dyeing it- I can see more greys then ever before! I have noticed that dyeing the hair also dries it out real fast and I’ve had to try different shampoos to get it in a more manageable state. Ill be looking forward to trying this out. hopefully it’ll sort out my tresses.
  • Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate– I did mention earlier that there were 2 products that attracted me to this box, and this was one of them. I have never tried the Shiseido brand before, and have been hesitant, as even if I did buy- what would I go for? This serum is luxurious and rich- I have been using it for 2 days and i’ll definitely be investing in the larger size. It has strengthening and firming qualities- which in my old age, is a requirement! This one turned out to be a winner and going back onto the ‘To buy” List/Book. (10ml provided in box).
  • Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask– Another brand that has been sitting in my ‘To Buy’ List- this Mask has almost soft Oud like smell, it smells…… Arabic? (is there such a thing?) I have not tried this yet, but the smell has definitely won me over- apparently the mask adds radiance to the face within 10 minutes….. (ahh….. this one will have to be saved for a blog on the day I try it) (10ml provided in box)

  • Chantecaille Pure Rosewater- who else is loving everything rose infused?? I don’t even do Roses! but Rose Infused products are my favourite at the moment. I like to use it when I feel tired and have had a rough day. It really wakes me up and makes me feel refreshed as well as refreshing the skin ( I have a bad habit of spraying around the rooms as well. Must. Stop. This.) A large 30 ml is provided in box! Excitings
  • Lixirskin Universal Emulsion. A moisturiser for day and Night. It is suitable for all skin types and boasts that it boosts hydration into the Skin. Cant wait to start on this. (20 ml)
  • Bobbi Brown Smokey eye Mascara- Do I really need to introduce this? Does anyone ever have too much mascara???
  • Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer. Looks like I am ticking off a lot of products from my ‘To Buy’ list. This primer is a base before the foundation part of the makeup…. I have just got to start wearing makeup again, before I can give this a shot and see how well it sits. Ill keep you all updated as necessary.
  • Benefit- 24 hour Brow Setter. This mini size brow setter is the cutest- its gel like features keep the brow in place for up to 24 hours.
  • Ren Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil– its a thick cleanser that gets rid of dirt- makeup and grime for use at the end of the day. it really works well, and gives a clear finish, perfect to use before a night cream.
  • Mac Satin Lipstick in Twig – another product that needs no introduction. The shade has a slight browney, pinky look to it. its absolutely gorgeous.
  • Neom Travel Candle – This was the other product which led me astray. I have always wanted to try out the Neom Candles- but as you can gather- I have tooo many candles everywhere! and it just seemed like a bad idea- until this box kept on haunting me. Its a travel size candle with the ‘Calm and relax’ scent…. It is the cutest!!… I love candles! and I cant wait to put this on and allow myself to drift away.
  • Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base– Another moisturiser to prep the skin for makeup. I have a thing for moisturisers so looking forward to giving this a go.
  • Suqqu Colour eye Palette. How beautiful is the case??? I fell in love before I even opened it. And the colours inside? how versatile and wearable are they? such natural colours for everyday use. I cant wait to try these out.

And there you have it 15 products inside a pretty box wrapped in tissue paper (never forget the tissue paper!!) all in miniature sizes, I’m already enjoying the box and have already added some life sized products to the shopping bag.

This box can be bought here. Do remember of you have Amex to use the housekeeping coupon (if you have received the email) to get a further £20 off. All products have been listed above individually and if you click into the products you’ll get to the page to purchase the individual products if required.

Hopefully this will keep me entertained for a while before the credit card starts calling me again.

Here is my instagram again- if you would like to see the video unboxing. Do give me a quick follow. ~Also i have a giveaway coming soon on instagram so make sure you are alert!

Love and Regards


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A Day in with Elemis

I disappeared, yes I did. I disappeared for a bit. I needed too… Everything felt mundane, everything felt subdued, everything felt…. I don’t Evan know. I didn’t know what to write. I didn’t want to write. I had hit a blank.

And then whilst the mind decluttered, I slowely started getting back into things and…. First things first…. I need to sort my skin out. Quarantine made my skin dry, fasting made it itchy and flaky, the lack of food and especially water has drained the life out of my skin.

With Eid round the corner, I couldn’t just magic the healthy glow into my skin, I needed something I could trust, and something that I could potentially hope will clear up my skin in a matter of 2/ 3 days.

Thats when I saw the Elemis SuperFood Range. I knew I had to have it. Elemis notoriously known to be the best of the ‘Spa Brands’. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with it.

Isn’t it just the preetiest with its green and white branding? ….. Isn’t green just a healthy colour? It reminds me of all healthy foods, like peas, and broccoli, and spinach……(obviously from the M&S adverts. Can’t do greens otherwise) and also… Palm trees… so it’s like a healthy spa retreat….. I’m already feeling better.

Named SuperFood because of its plant-based superfoods; which include a variety of grains, greens, fruits, seeds, oils, ginger, kale, broccoli, avocado, matcha and flax seeds. Which are all designed to help replenish, nourish and hydrate skin, the Superfood System feeds your skin from the outside in.

There was an online exclusive on the products which gives the whole bundle for £105 ( £158 if bought individually). You can find it here. The bundle includes:

  • Superfood Facial Wash 150ml
  • Superfood Day Cream 50ml
  • Superfood Night Cream 50ml
  • Superfood Facial Oil 15ml

SuperFood Facial Wash

I’ve been starting my day with the facial wash, with the dulling of the skin, a good facial wash is important part of getting the skin back to its stable healthy colour. The facial wash contains avocado aswell as pumpkin seed oil. (Doesn’t that sound so ….. Green?) It smells nice too! It really helped in me feeling brighter, and cleaner for the day ahead.

SuperFood Day Cream

Probably my most favourite out of the whole range. I use this as a moisturiser, it’s really deep and creamy and hydrates the skin instantly, the flakiness on my skin was absorbed instantly. It also gives a hydrated look without looking oily. This is a must people. An absolute must.

SuperFood Facial Oil

At my age, oils are a must in my skincare routine and this facial oil does exactly what I need it to do. It nourishes and hydrates into the skin. You can feel the skin absorbing it in, and the end result is dewy, and not oily at all. Another winner and another product I will have to hide from the men in my life…

SuperFood Night Cream

With hints of Lavender and Ylang Ylang this night cream not only replenishes the skin, but also aids in sleeping. It’s nice and thick and acts as a mask to harbour all the nutrients into the skin overnight. So you wake up to softer, fresher hydrated skin. Definately a product which will sit with my night time routine.


Yes. I said it… It’s freebies and who says no to freebies? No one. Ever. Elemis have a super cool offer on at the moment. If you spend £80 or more (*offer valid at time of purchase. May change) we get a 6 piece gift set including a toiletry bag from Olivia Ruben. ( One can never have too many toiletry bags). And here it is below:

Isn’t the bag the most prettiest thing ever? I love getting samples, it makes the whole purchase so much more worth it…..ill be giving these a try after Eid, and will get back to you on my experience. Right now I have got to get my Eid face ready

here’s one last pic of all the products below, thats £105 for all of this:

The Superfood bundle of 4 can be found here. (*Offers may vary)

Love and regards


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{Collab}…. I tried out Shafs Beauty New ‘Pill’ Face Mask…

Hi All, hope you all are keeping safe and staying indoors.

I think I’ve learnt alot about myself whilst in Lockdown, firstly that I ‘can’ cook more than just chicken fillets…. Dressing in pyjamas all day can be a fashion trend… Cleaning the bathrooms is the worse job in the whole world… their is loads you can do in the house- if you stay in it long enough….barbers and beauticians are talented people for real…not all superheroes wear capes #love NHS….. and…. I’ve become a little obsessed over skincare…..

I have always been a pamper type lady, I love my spas, I love wining, dining, I love my massages, scents… All the good things in life… But I have always had someone else do the hard work whilst I just enjoyed it…

Now I’ve had to learn to wax parts of the body I never thought I would have to….I’ve learnt to deal with aches and pain, and I’ve had to learn how to look after my own skin…. And initially I was anxious- I mean what do you do? How do you do it? …. But honestly along the way I’ve picked up a love for self care and skin care, and I love pampering myself and trying out new and different things….

So when Shafs introduced the new “pill” mask to me….. Well let’s give it a go!!

Staying indoors has really done weird things to my skin, I came out with dry patches, red patches, dull skin and all sorts, and I think I realised it more because I’m not wearing make up much, and God I look awful without it!

But one thing quarantine has taught me, if you look after your skin well, you really don’t need so much make up at all. I haven’t touched my dior foundation in over 6 weeks, and I feel illuminated without it.

I spoke about the products I use from Shafs Beauty earlier- if you missed it click here…. And now let’s take a look at this new face mask…

When Shafs gave me this and said it’s a mask, I really didn’t know what to think, I looked at her blank, wondering if the quarantine was driving her insane, but she explained that I had to put it into the rose toner and watch it turn into a mask…. I was still dubious….

It’s a size of a large pill, how could that possibly turn into a mask…. But it did… Here’s a video on it… It’s really impressive…

Did you see it? Just how cool is that!!! Obsessed.

The Rose toner by Shafs is one product I haven’t spoken about before. Rose itself is a really good product to get rid of grime and oils in the skin, and the rose helps in toning the skin… Can I say that it smells divine. The toner can be used as it is, or with the face mask. I loved using it as a mask. It felt cool on the face, yet I could feel a slight tingling near my nose and upper lip area (where the black heads usually sit). This definately will be sitting in my weekly routine.

After I removed the mask- I used the Shafs Geranium moisturiser.

I’ve never felt so clean and…. Urm…. Purified. It really felt like my skin was smooth and silky, and fresh.

My new look out of quarantine will definately be more of a natural look.

Truly another great product by Shafs! I can’t fault it.

Do feel free to have a look at her products {click here} . And don’t forget to quote “m11bna” to get your 10% off

Stay Home, Stay Safe and love the skin your in!

Love and Regards


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