Istanbul Diaries, Day Two: Covid, Hagia Sophia, Eminunu, Eyup, Taksim Square

Our first productive full day in Istanbul, and boy were we excited. Lock-Down made us feel like we had to make the most out of this trip especially with talks of a second lockdown happening at anytime soon…… (these talks are still going on)

So first thing we do….. well Breakfast. Of course……but not as we know it.

Breakfast is served in a cosy little room but once again, Covid! Oh Covid. What do we do with you?! There is no buffet, we were asked what we would like and it gets put onto our table. Yup breakfast is turning out to be my worst meal of the day now.

The views from the Terrace is nice though- with views of the Hagia Sophia its actually breath taking, especially early morning in the cool fresh air. (If you missed it here’s my review of The Great Fortune Hotel and Spa.)

The Terrace at Great Fortune Hotel and Spa
View from the Terrace.

…….and so we headed off- with just tea, a few chunks of cake and watermelon for breakfast in our bellies and a mask covering our faces to the Grandeur that is Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia

We were planning to go yesterday but when we saw the queues, we decided to leave it till today, Today we were ready to queue and much to my surprise we were in within 5 minutes. Social Distancing was being maintained outside and inside as best as it could. You would need to take a prayer mat with you, but if you do not have one, you will be provided with a disposable plastic sheet to pray on. Also covering of the body is a requirement, however once again if you are not suitably dressed there is a clothes bank where you can borrow some clothes to put on. And masks are mandatory inside and outside, So keep it with you at all times!

Once inside- the world stopped:

It is so breathtakingly big on entrance, and it has an eerie silence to it, although there were so many people inside, it left a dull murmer, but I could tell that a loud cry would definately echo off the walls. The darkness of the Fortress was kept alight with the natural light from the large windows and also the large chandelier in a warm glowy burnt orange adding majestic to the place.

I could actually imagine the cast of Ertugrul (netflix series) inside here waging deals and hosting dinner.

The Hagia Sophia is so stunningly beautiful inside, so grand and so much detail. At Almost 1500 years old, the beauty and the structure has been well maintained, and we can see the detail of the tiling, the mosaics and the beautiful stained glasses. It really is truly amazing to see how the roof so high up has been held together by the hundreds of columns. Masks are to be worn inside at all times. We made our prayers and then left with the intention to come back at prayer time so that we could pray with a congregation for any of the 5 prayers we could manage. It truly did take my breath away.

Buy an Istanbul Kart for Public Transport.

The next thing we did is to buy an Istanbul Kart (around € 1.50) with which you can travel by public transport. You can buy this card at any small kiosk on the streets. I would advise All of you to purchase one of these and use this to travel around. Travelling on the trams give you the experience and also its at a fraction of the price. The Card can be used on any public transport whether that be the trams, bus or boat. Although there are 4 of us, we only bought one card and topped up. All four of us used the same card. All forms of transport require a mask to be worn otherwise they will not let you in.


We used the card and the trams to get to Eminunu. Eminunu is a harbourside, and on one side you have the docks, and the boats. On the other side you have the buzzing Markets, the Spice Bazaar, and various different places to eat.

So why did we come here? urm …… Burgerillas….. you guys know Burgerillas? the most awesome Burger Place in Istanbul. EVER. We had this the last time we came and it is forever going to stay in our ‘To Do’ list for EVERY Istanbul visit. Having said that I recently noticed that they are opening a store in Knightsbride in London!!! I am sooooo excited!

Well we hyped this place up to the boys as it was their first visit, and it did not disappoint. At all. So much so that we actually came back again.

After Burgerillas we walked to the Spice Market. On entrance to the market, masks are put on and temperature is checked. It is here were I picked up some Apple Tea and Sumac. The Spice Market is what it says, a huge market full of vendors selling spices, fruits and Tea. Each vendor is identical to the other, and you just go through rows and rows of spicy and sweet smells, and it is the building once again that makes it an experience not to be missed.

The Spice Market

Eyup Sultan Mosque

From Eminunu we caught the number ’99’ Bus to Eyup once again using the Istanbul Kart card. Here we wanted to visit the Eyup Sultan Mosque. This mosque is Istanbul’s very first mosque and also holds the tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, A fellow companion of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW). It is a area full of tourists and locals. Set on a forecourt with a fountain said to be flowing with sacred water and olive trees that have survived from the Ottoman era. It is so Picturesque. But also the environment is so different from Sultan Ahmet. There is a sense of calm and coolness that you can feel in the air.

I felt this same feeling on both times I have been here. The mosque once again is so grand and beautiful, the beautifully soft carpets, the low hanging chandeliers and the attention to detail on the mosaic tiles and high arch windows take your breath away. Unlike the Hagia sophia this is a very well lit Mosque and decorated with a lot of light. It was Originally built in 1458, but was reconstructed in 1800 due to damage by an earthquake, but it still holds its magic.

We offered our prayers inside the mosque and went to visit the Tomb. I did not take photos of the Tomb due to respect but it definitely not a place to be missed.

On exit we then made our way up the hill to the Cable cars sitting on Ayup. The cable cars take us further up the hills to a sweet Café ‘Pierre Loti’ where we can sit and watch the breath taking views of the city below whilst having a cup of traditional Turkish Tea. It is a breath taking view and not to be missed whilst here, especially because we can use the Istanbul Kart card once again and the cost of roughly under a £1 per person.

Cable Cars
View from Pierre Loti Cafe.

To get back to our hotel we used the Cable cars once again, and then used the Bitaksi app to catch a taxi back. Bitaksi is similar to an Uber. It roughly cost just under £4 to get back.

Taksim square

After having a bit of a late afternoon lie down we headed off again, this time to Taksim Square- now that we know about the ‘Bitaksi’ app, getting on trams and buses seemed a chore. We got to Taksim for just under £6.00, around a 25 minute drive. Taksim Square is a shopping, dining, nightlife busy area. It was pretty busy considering Covid, but at the same time, we had seen it busier on our last trip. This area holds the High Street and Designer shops to the likes of Zara and Lacoste. Honestly speaking we walked up and down Taksim Square, but didn’t really go into any of the shops. We have all this at home, so it didn’t seem worth going into. One thing we did go into though was McDonalds. I know we can find a McDonalds at home too, but its not halal- so this has to be the highlight of our day…….. but and wait for this…… Mcdonalds had run out of food! yes. I will say it again. McDonalds in Taksim Square did not have any food. Not only were we annoyed but we could not stop laughing. Never heard of that before. Right? (Hey McDonalds. Sort your act out!) I am still in disbelief today.

We did find another McDonalds- but it was in an amusement arcade, so seating wise it was not the best of places, but we got our McDonalds fix and it was worth it too.

Hasan Pasa Konagi

And last up- Our night Cap. It can only be one place…. This absolute heaven of a place sits further down from the Grand Bazaar and you can get to it from the trams, we preferred to walk it down. We needed to shift the Burgerillas and McDonalds.

This is ‘OUR’ Place as my hubby calls it. We ended our night with shisha and desserts out in the open, and then walked it back up to our hotel, a good 40 minute walk. And hit the bed within seconds, ready for the next day.

And that ends Day 2 in Istanbul.

If you missed Day 1, click here.

More to come on Day 3….

Love and Regards.


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Istanbul Diaries. Day One: Covid, Hagia Sophia and The Blue Mosque

After the long haul of the flight with the mask over our face for 4 straight hours, We landed at Sabiha Gokcen Airport in Turkey. But yet the mask had to stay on for a little longer. I had a little breather where I dropped my mask took a deep breath and then stuck it back on, and then resumed my journey. In Turkey masks are mandatory and worn by everyone. The Airport was empty once again, and the whole arrivals process was quick…. so quick that we ended up sitting down for half hour before our luggage started coming through on the turning belts….(That has never happened before!)

We landed mid day at 5’oclock, so the evening belonged to us. With the flight being only 4 hours and the overnight stay we were not as tired as we usually are after a flight and decided straight after checking in to our hotel we will start exploring.

The Hotel.

The Great Fortune Spa and Hotel.

Right where do I start with this one….. Claiming to be a 4* hotel near SultanAhmet Square, it ticked the boxes we needed for what we were after and also fit the budget with a little extra to spend! So Bonus and Bonus….. that is until we got there…..

On arrival, we were a bit dubious as the reception area had no real reception- it was just a long….. urm reception area. Nothing else, nothing to lounge on, or anywhere to sit and have a drink, but having said that it was super clean and it was nicely decorated….

We went for a family room. The boys room was quite big, 2 large beds, and sofa seat and fitted furniture. The bathroom was sufficient. The room we had for ourselves had a double bed and there was literally no room for anything else. It was cramped to a point that we had to leave our own suitcases in the boys room. Lets be fair in saying that the internet pictures of this place are far more glamourous then the hotel itself.

Boys Room
Our Room
The bathroom
This is literally the only space I had to change into my clothes

The hotel boasts a spa- once again its not the best. There is only one changing room for male and females (OMG! I could not deal with this! we are in Turkey!) It has one tiny corner where it seems like they have tried to make an effort to do something with, the pool was tiny- enough to do 2/3 strokes and we reach the end of the pool- it felt deeper in depth than in length!! but…. yes there is a positive, the steam room and the sauna was really good, really clean and big!

That’s me posing 🤣. But swimming pool behind and 2 deck chairs. Anymore people in here and we would be overcrowded.
The sauna was quite big. Was impressed with this.

I am not going to knock the Hotel, it is a good Hotel, for the price we paid of £100 per night for a joint family room including breakfast, I cant really expect it to a haven, but this hotel definitely does not fit the 4* rank it has, its a 3* or below. If I had known it was a 3* I probably would not complain as much.

Having said that the staff from the kitchen staff, to the receptionist to the cleaners were overly eager to help us throughout. So all in all, its not a bad Hotel, it just doesn’t say what it is on the label and that’s what I am cheesed off about more that anything else.(*roll eye*) For a city break, it will do the job I want it to do.

SultanAhmet Square

The Blue Mosque

First stop- the reason why we came here- the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia which now has a small quarter available for prayers. I know there was a lot of controversy around the conversion of the Hagia Sophia from a Museum to a mosque, but I do need to advise it is just a small area that has been given for prayers. This area is accessible to anyone who wants to see inside the building and also pray.

Hagia Sophia

The beauty of this is we can go inside without having to pay, so if you really did want to see the construct without the full museum tour- this is perfect.

Turkey is very strict in its wearing of the mask- Everyone wears a mask- its a norm! if I did put my mask down for a little while- you can be sure that someone will tap you on the shoulder and advise you to put it back on politely. This was actually really nice- and shows that people have a love for themselves and others and also a love for their country by adhering to the rules.

We tried to get into the Blue Mosque but were told it was closed due to renovation, and not due to open for maybe a couple of years….. so we decided to take a walk around. We ended up at the Terrace of the Seven Hills Hotel to have a breath-taking look at both the Blue Mosque and Sophia Hagia from what is the tallest building in Istanbul (Apparently although after this we learnt that a lot of hotels say the same thing, we are tourists, we believe everything people tell us!)

Hagia Sophia from the Top.
View of the Blue Mosque from The Seven Hills Hotel.

My brother’s family who arrived to Istanbul a week earlier, were spending the last day and so we decided to join them.

We met up with the family at The Panoramic Istanbul Roof Terrace- apparently the highest building in Istanbul which boasts the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. (**rolls eye. where have we heard this before?**). It truly was breath taking I wont deny that, but yet the food was not quite to our requirements. It was expensive (for Turkey!) but also just bland. This is definitely a place I ticked off and not going back or recommending to anyone. If you want, just go see the views- but make sure you eat elsewhere!

Tea with a view from The Panoramic Roof Terace

We were lucky in that we got to listen to the Adhaan (The call to prayer) from here… from both the Mosques. Truly a beautiful experience. It was our first day, we did not want to do too much, so we wined and dined (somewhat with bland food) and then we ended up with Shisha at night (which was just as awful). But the beauty was I caught up with my sister in law.

Night Cap with Babs

Before the end of the day, we walked down the beautiful streets of Sultan Ahmet square. The perfect end to our half day in Istanbul….

More to come on Istanbul. Stay tuned

Istanbul Day Two: can be found here

Love and Regards


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Flying- What its like to Travel whilst in Covid-19

When the Lockdown happened back in March, and we were all glued to our television screens and like being in a movie saw Boris state that Covid-19 had come to take over the World…. I thought that travelling abroad in 2020 was off limits……. That was up until August when a few countries still had their borders open for us British people……. Our first trip since lock down. We were anxious, excited, curious, scared, nervous…… all the emotions put into one. But one thing we definitely were was ‘Ready’. Having gone through the Covid-19 we felt invincible….. like we had superpowers….. I know, I know, we can catch it again, but I also know that we can fight it too….. so we are now ready to conquer the World again…. or maybe just Istanbul for the time being…..

We decided on Istanbul because it was the only place which doesn’t require us to Quarantine after the trip, so we could potentially go straight back into work on return. Having already lost out on days off whilst we were unwell, this was a priority when booking.

I thought it would be important to talk about our experience whilst travelling because I know a lot of people are really anxious about travelling, and I have got to admit that the world and travelling has definitely changed to a ‘new normal’. It actually is a bizarre and surreal experience, yet we felt safe throughout, so rest assured….. its not all bad.

We were flying from Stansted and the flight being at silly’o’clock in the morning we decided to book one night in with parking at the Hamptons by Hilton which is actually on the grounds of Stansted Airport- so that the morning is easier for us all. The stay also includes airport parking for the duration of our trip. It really is a no brainer as we now don’t need to rely on anyone to pick or drop us off or even arrange Taxi runs- especially because it was at Silly’o’clock.

The reality of the fast and Changing ‘Covid’ world hit us on entrance to the Hamptons….. where we were met by a platform advising us to sanitise our hands and a dude with a temperature gun pointing at our foreheads….. do keep in mind we have not even got to the airport yet. The Hotel felt empty and there were direction signs around the reception area. The reception desk was blocked by a perplex glass with a tiny cut out for any transaction being made. The receptionist had the Perspex mask on, and we were directed to put our masks on, on entrance.

The bar was empty, no people, no buzz, no feeling of being in a hotel…. Once we got our keys we entered the lifts, once again we had a little guest in the lift encouraging us yet again to ‘Sanitise’

The rooms had a sticker which broke apart on entrance- clearly used for our purpose to acknowledge that it was last cleaned and since then no one else has entered the room.

If you guys have been reading and following me you will know that one thing I love is breakfast in every hotel, its a bonus of the stay and I love the whole experience…..well once again….. Covid just took the fun out of breakfast! Firstly we had to give a time we will turn up for breakfast so that they can manage the amount of people at the breakfast hall. Secondly we were given this…..

A tray full of breakfast. No choices. Just this. Plastic plates, plastic cutlery, no moving around…. I was so disappointed….. I understand that its not the hotels fault….. but I also know now that I will not be paying the extra for breakfast. This was not worth waking up for…….

Now the Airport……… My god I have never in my life seen such an empty airport, it was quiet and eerie. Masks are mandatory inside the airport and their was surveillance team walking around making sure that we all were social distancing and adhering to the ‘new normal’ as well as hundreds of signs all over the place, on the floor and the walls, and the famous Sanitising stations at every point…… In all honesty….. apart from the mask thing I actually enjoyed it. The queues were short, check in was quick and easy, getting a seat was easy, and everyone around was also considerate, everyone played there part to make it an easy experience to travel in the ‘new normal’…. it really was the best trip in terms of going through the whole getting into departures.

Sanitisers are everywhere and in every corner in the airport, cafes and restaurants are sticking to ‘social distancing’ within their confines, the chairs that we sit on in the lounges are limited and spread apart or have ‘X’ stickers on them so that we do not use them….. so all in all, in whatever manner possible the airports are adhering to the ‘new normal’ and although its a new ‘wake’ for us, its also quite reassuring to know that matters are put into place for our safety.

Next up the flight……Boarding the plane was yet another experience, nobody seemed in a hurry or a rush to get in, it was all done calmly and maintaining the social distance rules. On entrance to the flight, once again we are pointed with a temp gun to our forehead- I am assuming this is the last one before we jet off.

The seating is done according to the bookings, a seat is always free if a new booking ‘bubble’ comes in. We were reassured that the plane was cleaned and sanitised between every flight. Meals are not permitted on the flight, if we did want to purchase, cold foods- like sandwiches cakes and drinks are available all with contactless payment. We were advised to stay in our seat at all times, unless its really necessary, and to try not to queue up outside the toilets, but rather go in when there is space. All in all I think everyone adhered very well to the rules…… and…… You have to wear a mask throughout the WHOLE flight, and when I say Mask, they want a mask- not a scarf pulled over the face- which is what I did! (Oooops)

In all honesty this was the hardest part of the whole journey, keeping a mask on for 4 hours straight is not a joke, especially because I have a reflux problem, so I forever felt like I needed to breathe. I did fall asleep whilst on the flight, but I was woken up by the flight attendant to advised me that my mask had dropped, so this is just to advise you that the ‘Mask’ on a flight is taken extremely seriously!

Leaving the Plane was another ‘new normal’. No one seemed in a hurry to get off the plane either. Usually as soon as the ‘belt sign’ goes off- everyone jumps. No jumping off today, people patiently waited for the plane to stop, and were waiting on each other to get up and leave. It really made the travelling experience enjoyable.

So All in All. Yes!! ‘Travelling’ now has a new normal which we all need to adjust to, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact I enjoyed it better than the ‘Normal’….. checking in was Quick and Easy, people are more considerate, staff are there to ensure our safety….. the only thing that I found hard was the wearing of the mask on the aeroplane the whole way……

Next up: We landed in Istanbul….

Stay tuned for my days in Istanbul

Love and Regards


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French Toast, Theatre, and Biryani. What better way to spend a day in London?

You know my favourite place in the whole wide world is London, you didn’t? .. really? Well you know now.

And most of my ‘to do’ list is…. things to do in London, and If it’s on my list, it’s got to be done, and done it was. Another trip ticked off just before the Lockdown.

It was quite a daunting and surreal trip in honesty, we were contemplating whether it was safe or not, things had started up in UK, things were looking uncertain, we knew a lockdown would be soon….. Should we? Shouldn’t we? is it safe? have we made a mistake, so many questions went through the mind.

Tickets were already booked 2 months in advance…. We closed our eyes, said our prayers and got in the car….. Best decision ever…… Didn’t Evan realise that may have been our last trip for the coming months.

We meaning Me, Sabina and Nilu.

Our London trips differ depending on who’s driving. It was my turn, and I like to leave my car outside of London and tube it everywhere. I have found the perfect location in Barnet at Cockfoster’s tube station. Its a one and a half hour drive to Cockfosters from where I live, and then one tube on the Picadilly line (roughly 25 mins) that takes us to Central. For me its perfect, we don’t get stuck in traffic, parking is not an issue (parking at cockfosters is £6 for the whole day) and driving back also does not feel like a chore.

And that one and a half hours was perfect for Sabina and Nilu to get to know each other, it was their first trip together and the anxiety was obvious, but damn these two are so alike it is unbelievable, something I hadn’t worked out till this day. Too alike. I guess we do look for certain traits when we choose who to be friends with. They hit it off and that made the trip all the more comfortable.

So what did we do? well…. ticked off the boxes. doh. (Homer Simpson style)

First stop: Christophers

Right opposite the Lycheum theatre- sits Christophers and it’d be a sin to have gone to London and walked past this place. Usually you have to book a reservation in, but we decided to pot luck it, as didn’t really know if we would have the time to get in, There was no space in the dining area, but they could fit us in the bar- which was perfect as we had a show to get to….

The Bar at Christophers

So whats so special about Christophers?. For those that don’t know- they have the ‘BEST’ French Toast EVER. For those that do- you already know this and are drooling at the thought right? don’t worry- so am I- Its not coming off my To-do list, this is staying on… permanently…

and here it is:

Next Up: The Lion King at Lycheum Theatre

A Theatre trip in London was on the to do list, if we were going to go theatre- it had to be the best, and the best without a shadow of a doubt is Lion King right? Running for 25 years in a row and still selling out on every show…. Really, We couldn’t go for any other show …

I have been theatre before, but nothing as grand as this. The Lycheum
Theatre blew us away, it was beautiful, we could not get over how beautiful it was. It felt magical. Stuff you see in the movies or read about in the books, it really took my breath away.

The balconies…
How glorious is the ceiling….

And it had the cutest little spectacle thingy mi-gigs. How cute. I needed a photo with that. Honestly they don’t really work the best though, I think we used them more in the interval to see what the posh-not’s below and on the balcony were doing… Guilty. I put my hands up.

The Show was amazing too. Loved every moment. There’s a reason why its been running that long, and I would recommend it to anyone in a second. Prices range from £40- £250 per seat…. we were in the top block but in the middle and at the front of the top block?? (am I even making sense here?) Our tickets cost £70. Their was nothing wrong with the seats- but I do feel that next time I would go slight lower for sure – just to get the level the same as the stage. I really think that it would have definitely heightened the experience.

Intervals mean time for selfies, Thank to Sabina who took the position of camera women

Leaving the theatre – its time to fill the belly. Farzi Cafe was another one on the list and just a 15 minute walk away. We decided to walk it there to get in the fresh air and also stretch those legs before the journey back. Landing outside the theatre though we saw these….

…and like little kids we jumped on. All three of us. The weather was beautiful, not warm, not cold and we got to see the pretty London streets, without the worry of if we were going in the right direction….

To End the Day: Farzi Cafe

A hot spot in Dubai- we decided to try it out in London, the place did not disappoint, it was beautiful inside. Being 5’o’clock at this time, we were the only ones in so we got all the attention we needed….

The Bar at Farzi Cafe
Oh but what good is dining without the non-alcoholic mocktails?

And what did we order? these totally tender and filled with so much moisture and flavour chicken tikkas,

These delicate little pav bhajis…

And Biryani…. But pot roasted Biryani…. Just look at that….

And it was devoured. Just the perfect meal to end our day….

Little did we know that this would be the last trip before Lock down, but I am so glad we went and were safe. Fast forward to now, London still feels like a distant dream. Getting into Asda is still hard enough.

Hope you guys all enjoyed our journey with us, and hope you still keeping safe. The Measures may have changed but still keep safe, and maintain social distance rules.

Love and regards


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24 hours in Dubai

Whilst in India we felt like Kings (Im the only female so I always refer to the more masculine words when Im on holiday) with people more interested in us, and our lifestyle. The Hospitality and service was second to none. We were treated almost like royals, everyone coming to our beck and call, whether that be the taxi driver or the concierge or the ‘chaiiwala’

Once we landed in Dubai, we asked the dude that picked us up from the Airport to stop at a supermarket and ATM if possible. He said there’s None! My hubby asked again, he said “Are you saying there’s no supermarket or ATM on the way to hotel?”. He responded “No”. My husband asked for the third time- “Are you telling me that in our half hour drive, we will not Evan have a fuel pump?” He answered, “Buy from your hotel”.

Welcome to Dubai People.

Our last 24 hours, and I don’t really know how we managed so much, and ate so much, I feel bloated just writing about it. Seriously the way we went, anyone would think we were given the last 24 hours to live! But hey we sure did pack our day full, to a point where the journey back home on the plane felt like a relief.

Having already been to Dubai, (this is our third time) we have pretty much covered a lot of the touristy things on previous occasions. (Which I do need to do a quick blog about, especially for the kids because there’s a lot to do.) So this time it was just about enjoying the luxaries of Dubai, and eating loads to put away in the reserve for when we start our diets when we get back home (We still doing that, I promise…..maybe after our next holiday?!)

So what did we do?

PF Changs

We landed early evening in Dubai, and as soon as we had deposited our bags, we head off to ‘The Dubai Mall’ for a bite to eat. We really enjoyed PF Changs the last time we came, so this was our first pit stop.

We ordered the Dynamite shrimps, because without this picture you were never there!…

We also ordered Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Sesame Chicken with Plain Noodles, and Kung Pao Chicken with rice on the side.

And we got a table outside so that we could get to see the Dubai fountains whilst we enjoyed our food.

Dubai Fountains and Burj Khalifa

After our meal we walked outside the mall, and watched the famous Dubai fountain show……., because once again if you don’t snap it, you were never there.

Feeling extremely shattered from our flight, we headed off to our Hotel. This time we were adamant to wake up early, have breakfast and make the most of the little hours we had here.

Views from our Hotel

With the boys tucked up in bed, the hubby and I enjoyed the beautiful views from our balcony whilst having tea. Yup tea. We don’t function without it….. And just how beautiful is this view!! It’s mesmerising!

View in morning.

The next morning, bright and early. We made it to breakfast!! Straight after because the elder boy was still snoring we headed off to the pool…. Where I captured this selfie, which I’m extremely proud off. Selfie game strong! (I just deleted the 50 pics before)

Pappa Roti

Once the kid woke up, he had an empty stomach, so we headed off to Pappa Roti. Based at The Walk in JBR, it’s just a 5 minute walk away from our hotel.

These flavoured buns are just divine and melt in the mouth. We chose nutella, cinnamon, lotus and caramel and all of them were divine. And really filling also.

Alongside this we had cold drinks, It’s always virgin mojito for me, and the boys went for their smoothies. Evan this was luscious!


Further down on the same path we come to JBR Beach, having had seen loads of beaches in India, we just walked up and down, and took photos.

We had decided on another boat trip…. Until we saw this…

Flying Cup

Dining in the sky.

A slow ride up 40 meters in the air, and then you are spun round (gently) while you enjoy your snacks and drinks and enjoy the view of Dubai.

I was absolutely ecstatic to do this. Back at home I keep on going on the ‘London in the Sky’ website, I haven’t booked it yet, purely because the weather is unpredictable, and the last thing I want it to be in the sky whilst the rain is pouring down and freezing cold.

Also this is something I wouldn’t usually do with the men in my life, they are all ‘safe’ people and prefer their own feet being firmly on the ground, whilst I’m happy to jump off the Eiffel tower. (If they let me). But for me they held their breath and prayed for their lives.

Up in the air. Dudes holding on.
Fam -a -lam
Don’t look down. Your feet will be dangling, adding to the thrill.
Spotted. Burj- al-arab from the sky.

This had to be the highlight of my whole trip.

After this we headed off to the Dubai Mall again, the boys wanted to do a spot of shopping because in India they found nothing…

Dubai Mall

And the highlight for the boys….. Balmain at Dubai Mall had 70% off.

And boy did they shop….

And now the boys also had souvenirs for themselves to take home.


It’s really difficult to bring back souvenirs for everyone at home, the families are growing and also we get everything back at home, so nothing feels new. But one thing that I knew everyone would love is Patchi chocolate.

Patchi is a luxury brand of chocolate, and just to experience the shop is amazing, they have a variety of chocolate flavours on offer.

My favourite part, this wall of chocolate drawers. I NEED this in my life. (I don’t even like chocolate!)

I fell in love. It’s amazing. I wanted a go, but only thing I got is a photo.

We got a mixture packed up in each box, one for each family.

Dubai Marina

Our evening was spent at the beautiful Marina, we walked the beautiful stretch here.

Until we got to Nandos.


Yup. Nando’s! Because we can’t have it back at home because it’s not Halal. I’ve always had the pitta with the chicken fillet and pineapple…. But unfortunately they didn’t have it in the menu…. Actually the menu has changed so much so I was disappointed and yet excited as well.

I ended up getting the chicken strips with pineapple on the ends, and it comes with hummus and nan, which was really refreshing.

The boys went for wings and chicken fillets with rice….

And the Dude…. Chicken pieces with rice and veg…. His last meal whilst on holiday and he has decided to start his diet.

Once we were full, we left sweet Dubai and made out way to the airport. Our last haul back home.

And that’s the end of our trip. Goa, Mumbai and Dubai all wrapped up. And what an amazing trip it was. No regrets over it what so ever, we have actually decided that we will step out of our comfort zone more often, as this experience may have been daunting initially, but turned out to be the best trip so far.

Hope u enjoyed our trip with us x

Love and Regards


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Im going India- Mumbai

The most busiest Place I have ever been to is London. Always London, have you guys been on the underground? with my height 5’3, I’m always just under someones underarms, or worse. Seriously London is crazy, its manic, its busy, its fast paced, its chaos, its everything I love and hate at the same time…. that was up untill I landed in Mumbai.

Mumbai Oh Mumbai. …. Its madness, its crazy, its manic, its busy, its fast paced,its chaos- (im sure Ive used all these words before), its preety, its dirty, its smelly, its all things I love and hate at the same time.

Their is no place like Mumbai- did I mention we landed at 5am- Mumbai Time, and its chaotic! Does Mumbai sleep?

By the way- before I continue I need to do a quick shoutout to Southhall travel! Have you ever been on holiday and your flight gets delayed? and your stuck in the airport for hours on end (me, me, me). Well that would’ve happened (again) if we didnt get a call from Southhall Travel- who advised us that our flights been delayed and that we neednt go too early to the airport (who does that!!! Southhall travel do that!! Just how precious is that!!) Honestly they deserve a 100/10 for that. Yup you saw it correctly Im giving them a 100/10 because that is customer service on another level!

Our stay in Mumbai was once again Novotel on Juhu Beach, by the way, this hotel is round the corner from Amitabh Bachans house (evan I know who he is!)

And since we got there at 6 am-although we were tired, and jetlagged, and needed bed…..we made it in time for our first breakfast whilst in India!!! (because we were awake and breakfast starts at 6am. But lets not focus on that….. Then we went to sleep straight after and woke up at our usual time of afternoon. ***rolls eye***).

My oh My. What a breakfast, I got my Idli and Sambhar, Indian tea, Aloo Paratha, and ended it with a fresh Donut with Cinnamon and Suger, and the sleep afterwards was heaven.

First thing we did!? its India. We jumped on a Ricksaw….

Ricksaw Riding

( I’ve got to learn to smile in photos!)

Juhu Beach

In our ricksaw we went straight to Juhu beach- (the busy part) where we dropped off to have Pav Bhajii on the beach (and im getting frustrated as I cant find the damn photo!) By the way about Juhu Beach- is just that, its a beach, theres no sunbathing going on, no sitting around on sunbeds, or taking in the sun….. its actually filthy, the water is so dirty…. so dirty. The famous Juhu beach -the difference between city and country so apparent here straight away.

Night time at Juhu beach.

The Gateway Of India

One of the most historic tourist places in India, this huge structure was built in 1911 to welcome the King and Queen of England. Because it is a tourist attractions, its busy all the time, and there are loads of street vendors around.

Set over the Arabian Sea, its beautiful to look at, and take photos

The Famous Taj Palace

Sits opposite The Gateway of India, and what a beauty it is. Built in 1903 it is heritage 5 Star hotel visited by celebrities. It is also the main site targeted in the Mumbai Attacks in 2008.

Celebrity Houses

After this we were taken to a couple of Indias celebrity/superstar houses, naturally gated up, so we just took glimpses from outside.

Shah Rukh khan’s house behind this gate
First floor of this apartment is Salman Khans

After this we kind of gave up taking photos. I didn’t really know any other actors, and all we can really see are gates and in all honestly even if any of the actors were to come out- I would be none the wiser.

Elco Veg Restaurant

The amount of people that told me to go here for the Pani Puri. It needed to be ticked off on the diary.

I wanted Pani Puri, but didn’t realise I would have to eat it out of the man’s hand…..first time for everything. I guess.

It was divine! Absolute yum. And it was so weird just seeing people come past, take Pani Puri off the man, eat in front of him, pay him and walk away. After the boys saw me, they decided it’s not for them though. They missed out!

Mohammed Ali Road

The famous Mohammed Ali road. A road very famous for its food. You can smell the kebabs and the tikkas from afar. Shop after shop offers food. No one can say they were left hungry here. The variety of food is immense, and then you also get the shop stalls with the traditional churrus (bangles) and Indian jewellery in between. We didn’t come out here, but it’s on our to do list for next time for sure. The road goes on and on, and so do the people, there’s hounds of them. I think it’ll be a challenge to get through. Something I’m looking forward to.

Shiv Sagar

One of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Juhu. Set just across Juhu beach, full of locals and foreigners. We couldn’t go back home without saying we hadn’t eaten here, and there’s a reason for that. The food is amazing. It is pure veg, and finger licking. I went for the masala dosa (as I always do) and the men in my life, had chilli chips, dhaal makhani and nans. And it was devoured

Arab Street

Just round the corner from. The Taj Hotel, you get Arab Street. Another street just like Mohammed Ali Road, but you see a lot of arabs here, also Arabian food stalls and restaurants and not to forget….. Gold shops.

It actually reminded us of Makkah. It really felt as though we were transported there. We chose a restaurant to eat at, and devoured finger licking Arab food (I must get my phone in order. Can’t find the damn pics!!).

Last Bhel at the Airport

How did we end our trip? Well next up was Dubai, so that’s a goodbye to veg food, so we said our goodbye to Mumbai by ordering bhel puri at the airport. (Honestly street food is far better.)

And that’s Mumbai all wrapped up. Would I go again? Yup. I really don’t think I’ve seen anything yet. Two days definitely isn’t enough, it felt like such a short and packed visit.

I absolutely loved jumping from one ricksaw to another, and when you have awesome food- it makes the whole trip far better and obviously the well needed top up of Vitamin D

Hope you enjoyed our little journey,

Moving on to Dubai next. Do join me.

Love and regards


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Im Going to India- Goa Eats

So you all seen what we got up to whilst in Goa- and now for the wining and dining part.

When it comes to food, Goa did not disappoint.


On our first day we are at this place. It’s just outside Candolim Beach, which is also a walk away from our hotel, ( we only realised it’s a walk away on our last day! We were using taxis before this point) and it’s always kicking!

It’s so warm, vibrant and hip inside, I was impressed with the layout and the whole look. A combination of warm orange tones against the natural background of greenery, almost like your in forest. Scores a 10/10 with me.

We got complimentary papad and chutney as appetisers, which was tangy on our taste buds.

For starters we went for Chicken Tikkas, and Grilled Chicken and Veg Sticks which was recommended by the chef…. And don’t forget the Chips…. (Never forget the chips!!), and for mains we went for Chicken Biryani and Daar and Naans. Our first meal in Goa, and still memorable to this date.

Punjabi Rasoi

This place was literally down the street from our hotel. We tried…. seriously we really did try to wake up early, but our bodies just wouldn’t allow it, and we kept missing breakfast at the hotel, so this was out daily breakfast spot… in the Afternoon.

It was just a really large gazebo set up with table and chairs inside,

Daily we ordered Two Thalis (Indian style meal, made up of a selection of dishes, served on one platter. pic below) In the Thali we got Rice, Daar, two Vegetable curries (differs per day), Nans and Poppodom. You’ll never believe the price… For roughly £6. Yup. For both. And it was divine.

Desi Kitchen

One of the days whilst walking on Titos street we stumbled upon this place, it was very cool and quirky, so in we went.

We decided to satisfy our own cravings here, so I went for the Masala Dosa, the hubby went for Hydrabadi Biryani, and the boys went for Chicken Noodles, with Masala Fried Chips.

Once again we devoured it. Every single little piece. By far the best meal in Goa so far for me. Add this on your to do list. Im adding it on for if I do go back.

The Fishermans Wharf

Okay, so when your in Goa, and you ask anyone where the best place to eat is…. There’s only one answer. This place. Every local, every taxi driver, every tourist will tell you about this place.

And you know what, this place is as close as you can come to the Western World in Goa. From the decor to the food, to the whole vibe once inside and the price. You could say you feel at home (apart from the Indian music)

They have tried to make it so that it looks as if you are on a boat/cruise and its been done really well.

Theres fresh fish and little props set up all around the location, with is cute. Anywhere I can take a photo- I feel right at home.

Evan the cutlery they use feels like being back at home. here we ordered Masala Shrimps, Deep fried Chicken strips, Chicken Tikka, Naans, Sheesh Kebabs and a Chicken Karhai.

And we enjoyed all of this while live music was playing, so it felt preety special.

Namaste Chaii

You guys know I love Tea right? I mean I adore Tea, im obsessed over Tea. So when it comes to India- I just think of all things Tea related- I mean there should be a ‘Chaiiwala’ in every corner shouldnt there? Thats where Chaiiwala back at home has come from.

But my dear folks, not in Goa. Ive never been dissapointed this much in my life. There’s hardly any tea stops anywhere!!!
We eventually managed to find a taxi driver who knew a place- and it was like a 10 minute drive away.

Yes it quenched my thirst, but im not going to come here 6 times a day to get tea!! Dissapointed in Goa, (just in regards to the tea- mind you)

We asked the taxi driver where all the tea places are; he responded by saying, “Goans dont drink tea, they drink Alcohol…..” We got our answer.

Street Food

What is India All about? Street Food. To my delight. This part was not a dissapointment. We went to loads, like loads of places for street food, and not one dissapointed. (More street food on previous India blogs) Just keep on top of the charcoal tablets daily, and pray that the stomach bugs stay away. They did for us!

Bhel puri

And that’s a wrap from Goa.

Moving on next to beautiful Mumbai.

Stay tuned for more

Love and regards


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I’m going to India -Goa Part 2

We set our alarms up for 8am- India Time, we needed to make the most of our time here, so decided that if we wake up early and suffer for one day, and then we will be in tune with India timing.

How did that work out?….. well we did wake up by 8.30…..England time, so afternoon in India again…. It is soooo hard getting use to the time difference here. We are ALL struggling.

Missed Breakfast again, but I don’t think the boys (all 3) are fussed, its not the reguler eggs beans and toast we have everywhere else we have been on holiday. Here breakfast is Idli and Sambhar, Daar and Rotis, Aloo Paratha, Aubergine Fry, Potato Fry!! Oh YUM, mental note to myself- MUST WAKE UP FOR BREAKFAST.

Our tasks for the days coming? Discover Goa.

We needed to arrange excursions. We went to a few local stalls, and were told of the coach trips that take us around Goa to all the tourist picks, where we can drop off, have a wander and come back. The areas will cover the North and South of Goa, and include, Churches, Temples and Goas famous beaches, but the idea of sitting in a coach for full days with loads of other people and the waiting around, just didn’t suit the hubby and me.

Although we wanted to explore, we also wanted it to be a holiday. And full days in coaches in the heat….. well that ain’t a holiday. So we decided to pick and choose a few places we wanted to visit and did it in our own time in the comfort of a taxi instead. (having said that the coaches leave so early, The way we were going I don’t think we would even wake up on time)

The Basilica Of Bom Jesus

One of the biggest and oldest Churches in India, constructed during the Portugese Era (by the way Goa is still full of Portugese people, I recognised the language because Mama Bear speaks Portugese). This church is known because it is one of the first churches to introduce Christianity to India

The Church and the surronding area was packed full of people.

Entrance to the church is free, and before entering the Church their are loads of children outside selling candles. We bought a few and made our way inside. Photography is not allowed inside. There were loads of people inside that were taking photos, but I put my phone away out of respect.

The Church holds the Tomb of St Francis Xavier, and at over 400 years old, it still holds all its original features both inside and outside.

Mangashi Temple

The Most famous Temple in Goa. This particuler Temple survived the Portugese era where a lot of temples were destroyed. This temple is visited by both tourists and Locals. The route to the temple is quite majestic, it feels like a bridge, both sides full of lush greenery. A lot of people were removing thier shoes before entering the road that takes us to the Temple, the road roughly being 250 meters. On entrance we are advised to take our shoes off, and once again photos were not allowed on the inside.

The Entrance once again is free, and it is beautiful and so different to all temples I have seen. EVER. Its so bright and colourful. The Temple itself has links to the famous and most respested women in India Lata Mangeskar. However there is contradicting stories on this. So I dont reallly know 🤷‍♀️.

The Church Of Our Lady Of The Immaculate Conception.

Another famous church in Goa, it stands on a hilltop, and to get to it, you have to climb up 78 steps in a zigzag fashion. Famously known as the ‘Crown of Panaji’ or a ‘Great Big Wedding Cake’, as it sits on top of the city of Panaji and its white in colour. This Church has also been used in various different Indian Films as a backdrop. (Mujse Shaadi Karogi, and Aashiqui 2)

Tropical Spice Plantation

We drove past The Tropical Spice Plantation, It smelt awesome from outside. We didnt go in, the butterfly garden and birds put my boys off….. (yes we are afraid of butterflys, birds, flys, and fish and anything else living that is not human! How did we choose India?) If however you are not afraid, I would recommend you go in, they also give you food on a banana leaf!! (now that wouldve been a picture to take)

Titos Lane and Baga Beach.

Goa is known for its beaches, and our evenings were spent here. In the evening we would walk down Titos Lane, which is the most famous street in Goa, full of clubs, bars and food places. A 15 minute walk down would take us to Baga Beach. We didn’t see Baga Beach in the day, so I cant comment on its cleanliness, but at night its beautiful.

The restaurants pull out the chairs and tables on to the beach and you can wine and dine there, the atmosphere is buzzing, Indian music playing all around us, its surreal, along with people you are sharing your space with cats, dogs and Cows, all having a great time.

We spent our evenings having shisha, playing cards and watching the waves in the near distance whilst listening to Indian tracks.

It probably is the most weirdest and most amazing experience ever. Its not something ive had in any of my holidays. This is what made India special for me.

The rest of the time, to make our holiday ‘OUR HOLIDAY’ well we spent it enjoying our hotel, we used the facilities of the hotel, the spa for massages, the pools for swimming.

On the very last day it rained, and can I say that in India, evan the rain is Glorious. We ran out of the pool, only to be the only ones that did, everyone else continued to swim in the rain. (lesson learnt, dont let a little rain let you down)

Hope you enjoyed the read?, Next up is My Best Eats in Goa.

Stay tuned

Love and Regards


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Im going to India -GOA

22 hours later we got to Goa where we were met straight away by our driver (can I just say that the service we received was amazing. it was our first time booking through Southhall travel, and they did not dissappoint)

We got to our Hotel -Novotel Goa (Candolim) and were taken straight up to our room. With the boys being older we now get two adjoining rooms so that we can all have our own space. Hotel wise, we were not disappointed. It was a really nice clean hotel and the staff were attuned to our every needs.

Already we knew we were in a different place to our usual destination. There were Indians everywhere. It was a matter of spot the foreigner here, and we were only spotted because of our dressing.

So how did we spend our day here?

We woke up at 1 in the afternoon- our time at home being 8.30 am- Our internal clocks still tuned to British timing. Also the jet lagg is still seeping through our bodies.

We only have 4 days and we needed to make the most of it, and that we did.

Candolim Beach

We were told that this is the best beach around, and I have got to admit, it is a very clean and open beach…..Sunbathing on a beach means sharing your space with dogs, cats and cows. The occasional yelp of the dog, or a meow is do- able, but the moo of the cow- now that’s an entirely different culture shock.

The Cow- ‘Mata’ – Mother

For Hindus, Mothers are perceived as ‘Goddesses’ and therefore the Cow is a symbol of sacredness, because like a mother it gives out milk. So although they do not worship the cow, they do believe that it should be protected and looked after. And for this reason in India you will find cows everywhere. I mean everywhere, on the roads, the streets, shops and on the beaches. It’s an ordinary part of life in India.

Ive never seen so many dressed people on the beach on holiday. Im usually the only one in a burkini, here a burkini isnt even necessary, just go in fully dressed, no one really cares. I fit right in. You would think that on a beach its the one with the least clothes on that gets the stares, ill stop you right in your tracks, its usually me, fully dressed from head to toe, in the baking sun, sometimes the smiles are genuine, and sometimes….. well I like to ignore it. Im not one to get scared and walk away, but all I say is Live and Let live. I dont have a problem with the way people dress, so I expect the same back. (little rant over back to Goa)

The beach has a few activities going in, and we decided to go on one of the boats for a bit of sightseeing and dolphin watching,

Dressed for our ride….

At around £40 (or less) the 4 of us jumped on a boat, where they take us to 5 spots to see dolphins, and also a few tourist areas. The trip is roughly 2 and a half hours.

In terms of Dolphin watching, most of our boat trip was spent looking out to sea, trying to spot them. We didn’t get to see any jumping dolphins, a fin here or there was all we got. And it’s best to have your phone out and ready, otherwise you will miss it all.

5 secs in, a glimpse of a fin.

We were taken to a couple of spots for sight seeing. The problem I experienced is I am not really an indian film fanatic so most of it was lost on me and my boys. But the other guests in the boat we’re well informed and thoroughly enjoyed themselves and took hoards of pictures.

Fort Aguador- a very famous men’s prisons because of its location. Not in use at the moment. An indian film has used this prison as its set ‘Dil Chaata hain’
Jimmy Gazdars house- he is a notorious drug dealer and diamond smuggler in India, and this is one of his palaces, and this is the closest anyone can get to it. We didn’t know who he is, but the whole of India does.

Street Food at Candolim Beach

Walking down the beach we came to a little alley, which had a bazaar going on, and….. Street food!

What I came to India for. I love all junky and picky food. So this was heaven for me,

Mangoes with salt, chilli and chaat masala. Absolutely divine.
Charcoal cooked sweetcorn with salt and lemon. I’m salivating right now!
Fresh coconut water. Kept in ice boxes, so nice cool and refreshing!

That was day one in Goa, and can I say how much we enjoyed it? All tensions, all negative thoughts thoroughly buried, we had made the right decision. India is the place to be!

We spent our evenings in the hotel, enjoying the hotel and..

Well, boys will be boys…

But as long as I have my tea, I’m in the right place.

That was Day One, stay tuned for the remainder of our holiday….

Love and Regards


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I’m going to India! -The Journey

I remember as we were in the air I grabbed the hubbies hand and said “We are going to be Ok ye?” He looked at me, “I really don’t know.”

Not the answer I was looking for.

Its our first time going to India. We don’t usually go for this type of holiday. Our holidays are usually resorts, pools, beaches, all inclusive, kids club kind of thing. But this time I was done. I’m fed up of those type of Holiday’s. The boys are getting older, there’ s only so much they can do in the pool, the kids entertainment do nothing for them, and I want to see a little more of the world.

So we chose to start our world tour with….. India.

I knew it was either going to be the best trip of my life, or our next trip would be back to Turkey or Egypt, and I was praying for the former…. Desperately praying because I was s*** scared.

India has alot of negative connotations attached to it, I dont think that I have ever heard so many negative stories in all my life. To a point were as the time got nearer to flying I had anxiety-like I had never felt before. And my boys knowing India was my idea, was giving me evil eyes and mardy faces up until we got there.

I was told of the dirt, the filth, the smell, the cows, the snakes, food poisoning aka Delhi Belly, the non- existent roads, the mad traffic, the thieving, the looting, the kidnapping, the over friendly taxi driver you should never trust, the politics and issues between the Hindus and Muslims… I think we were exhausted with all the stories and so terrified. What had we done?!

Since it was our first time, we wanted to make sure it was done right, knowing my boys are use to the ‘All inclusive Perfect Resort Holiday’, we didn’t want to go straight into the madness of Mumbai. So we planned our trip so that we got 4 days in Goa (Peaceful and Touristy), 2 days in Mumbai (Bring on the Madness), and last 24 hours in Dubai (cant go on a holiday without the glamour)….. And it was just the perfect package.

Now to get through the flight.

We planned it in such a way that the longest travel haul had to be on the way going, so from Luton Airport our first flight was to Dubai (roughly 7 and a half hours). From Dubai we flew to Mumbai (roughly 3 hours) and then from here we flew our last flight to Goa (1 and a half hours). With the travelling starting from home, the flights, the wait in transit, we were looking at a whole 22 hours before we got to the comfort of our hotel room in Goa.

Our first flights was on Emirates landing at Dubai Airport. We had a wait of 3 hours before our next flight….. I mean when you land at Dubai airport- it can only mean one thing….

Yup. Maccie D’s because its Halal!. How much we struggle back at home, driving/walking past the McDonalds knowing we can”t eat it. We have decided we will ALWAYS fly from Emirates just to get a taste of McDonalds. I mean just saying ‘Double Mac Please’ at the cashier point is exhilarating, we do not get a chance to use that type of language. (I don’t even like the Double Mac…. I just say it…. because I can….. and then change my mind, and go for McArabian instead)

Our next flight was from Dubai to Mumbai, once again in Emirates, and I was so excited to see this on the menu!! Yes people, it was finally hitting us, WE ARE GOING INDIA.

Our longest wait in transit was in Mumbai airport, being extremely exhausted by now, (do keep in mind we have now been awake for over 18 hours) and it being the last haul, we needed a re-coop. I wanted to use my American Express (Amex) card to get access to the airport lounges ( with Amex you get 2 free lounge passes in the year for 2 people. Additional guests can be added at £10 a head) but unfortunately the Mumbai Amex lounge was under maintenance (Just my luck!!)

We asked for a lounge as we desperately needed sleep and really didn’t want to loiter around the airport, and were told we could use the GVK lounge at £40 per person. Yes a lot dearer then if Amex was available, but with our exhaustion it really seemed worth it, and for an additional £20 we would also get the business class seats on the flight. So we started off our holiday just right! Business class.

The GVK lounge was definitely the right decision, we didn’t feel like spare wheels waiting for our planes, the lounge was cosy and comfortable and food was available throughout. We got space to relax and catch up with a few winks of sleep.

Excited with Business class we took our seats and put our feet up. On entrance we were given orange juice. I decided that I would sleep as soon as I get in, before the plane even starts, so that I can re coop on my sleep and then when the food comes, take loads of pics, and make memories…..

…. 10 minutes left to landing we were woken up by the air hostess. I was bewildered. My first business class flight and I slept through the whole thing (I must add like a baby! Best sleep ever!) I looked at the hubby and boys, and they all looked back at me with blank eyes. Yes I’ll say it….

We all slept through it.

And then we were in GOA

Keep tuned for my next blog on our trip to Goa.

Love and Regards


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