Lets take a Look inside ……The ‘Red Beauty Edit Box’….plus *Giveaway*

Hi All, and im back with another ‘Lets Take a Look inside….’ because I love looking inside and I am sure that you do too.

Today I have got the Red Beauty Edit Beauty box which is another Beauty Box offered by Hearst Uk. I absolutely loved the Harpers Bazaar one which I shared with you guys on the last blog. This is now sold out, so I am so glad that I got my hands on it, so when I saw this I knew I had to get my hands on it too.

Its 14 of the latest ‘cult’ beauty products, chosen by the Hearst beauty team at a fraction of the price. This box can be found online here, but do be quick with it, they sell out real fast…. (Or keep a look out on my Instagram page as this one is on a giveaway at the moment. Uk Only)

The box is available for £50, that includes the p&p, but has a value of £233! and offers 7 full sized products….

Shall we have a look…..Lets do it….

I have to show you the tissue paper right? I mean what good is a beauty box without tissue paper?

And here are the products:


If you follow my blog I am sure I have told you that I don’t understand ‘the use once only throwaway masks’ and prefer the clay ones, but I am changing my mind people, I am absolutely loving them. They are so much more easier! and I love how you do not have to wash your face afterwards (lazy generation *rolls eyes*) just rub all the moisture into your skin. It really is the best! and with this box I was really pleased to find a Spacemasks. This mask self heats on your skin, and the jasmine scent eases the tired eyes. The perfect mask.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Was I pleased to see this again. I got this in the Harpers Bazaar Box and seeing this again excited me. I loved this the first time round and I shall be loving it again.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Filler

If it says Hyaluronic- then to me it instantly means smoothing, at my age smoothing is so important, this product apparently keeps the wrinkles at bay by filling them up and smoothing them out. Ill have to give this a try… exciting’s…..

Nars Satin Lip Pencil (Exbury)

Can you ever go wrong if a Nars Lipstick is in a beauty box?….. No I didn’t think so too…..The colour, Exbury, on this is beautiful, its a flattering colour that can compliment all skin tones. I could and would use this as my everyday colour.

Ecooking Night Cream

This smells wonderful, so calming to just layer on before sleeping. It is a night cream so nice and thick, and used to keep the face hydrated so that the skin feels fresh and bouncy in the morning. It gets rid of the dull feeling.

Living Proof Instant De-Frizzer

Quarantine has really not helped in terms of hair, my hair forever feels dry and wiry. This spray on smooths the hair, eliminates the fizz and gives a shine in an instant.

Show Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray

Since when did hair spray bottle turn this preety? Its a gorgeous bottle, and its not just looks, it does a lot of work as well! it is used to give the hair volume, texture and protect against heat damage, and My oh My, it smells beautiful!

System Professional Energy Control

A Spray to keep your hair in place. Its fast drying and provides a medium-hold

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Mascara and XXL together!!! Winner by far! I am not a fake eyelash person, but I do like mascara, and if this is going to do my lashes XXL- then its the perfect mascara for me.

UpCircle Beauty Pamper Kit

Upcircle concentrates on using coffee as its main ingredients: This was definitely a cute package. Inside this package there are a few samples from the Upcircle brand.

  • Citrus Face Scrub (5g)
  • Organic Face Serum (1.5ml)
  • Cleansing Face Balm (3ml)
  • Face Moisturiser (1.5ml

Perfect to try out before buying the full sized product, and I love the smell of coffee. Cant wait to try this out.

Eylure Lash Curler

Well this needs no words….. a must in every make-up kit

Nails Inc Red Nail Polish

I dont have nails, but if I did i would probably get more excited over this product.

Skinsense Overnight Mask

Who loves masks?….. Me, Me, ME!!! and I love anything that I can leave on overnight, I absolutely love the hydrated feel in the morning. With ‘hyaluronic acid’ (that is my favourite word in cosmetics at the moment) its going into my favourites.

LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Eyeliner Pen

A tip so fine, its great to get the perfect crease or flick to enhance the eyes, and smudge proof straight away.

And that’s everything…. All of the above, ALL of it for £50…. I’m so pleased with it. The 7 full sized products are a bonus…

And all of this can be yours too…. Because I have one to giveaway on Instagram!

Click here for Instagram and follow the rules.

Good luck.

Love and regards


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{Collab}…. I tried out Shafs Beauty New ‘Pill’ Face Mask…

Hi All, hope you all are keeping safe and staying indoors.

I think I’ve learnt alot about myself whilst in Lockdown, firstly that I ‘can’ cook more than just chicken fillets…. Dressing in pyjamas all day can be a fashion trend… Cleaning the bathrooms is the worse job in the whole world… their is loads you can do in the house- if you stay in it long enough….barbers and beauticians are talented people for real…not all superheroes wear capes #love NHS….. and…. I’ve become a little obsessed over skincare…..

I have always been a pamper type lady, I love my spas, I love wining, dining, I love my massages, scents… All the good things in life… But I have always had someone else do the hard work whilst I just enjoyed it…

Now I’ve had to learn to wax parts of the body I never thought I would have to….I’ve learnt to deal with aches and pain, and I’ve had to learn how to look after my own skin…. And initially I was anxious- I mean what do you do? How do you do it? …. But honestly along the way I’ve picked up a love for self care and skin care, and I love pampering myself and trying out new and different things….

So when Shafs introduced the new “pill” mask to me….. Well let’s give it a go!!

Staying indoors has really done weird things to my skin, I came out with dry patches, red patches, dull skin and all sorts, and I think I realised it more because I’m not wearing make up much, and God I look awful without it!

But one thing quarantine has taught me, if you look after your skin well, you really don’t need so much make up at all. I haven’t touched my dior foundation in over 6 weeks, and I feel illuminated without it.

I spoke about the products I use from Shafs Beauty earlier- if you missed it click here…. And now let’s take a look at this new face mask…

When Shafs gave me this and said it’s a mask, I really didn’t know what to think, I looked at her blank, wondering if the quarantine was driving her insane, but she explained that I had to put it into the rose toner and watch it turn into a mask…. I was still dubious….

It’s a size of a large pill, how could that possibly turn into a mask…. But it did… Here’s a video on it… It’s really impressive…

Did you see it? Just how cool is that!!! Obsessed.

The Rose toner by Shafs is one product I haven’t spoken about before. Rose itself is a really good product to get rid of grime and oils in the skin, and the rose helps in toning the skin… Can I say that it smells divine. The toner can be used as it is, or with the face mask. I loved using it as a mask. It felt cool on the face, yet I could feel a slight tingling near my nose and upper lip area (where the black heads usually sit). This definately will be sitting in my weekly routine.

After I removed the mask- I used the Shafs Geranium moisturiser.

I’ve never felt so clean and…. Urm…. Purified. It really felt like my skin was smooth and silky, and fresh.

My new look out of quarantine will definately be more of a natural look.

Truly another great product by Shafs! I can’t fault it.

Do feel free to have a look at her products {click here} . And don’t forget to quote “m11bna” to get your 10% off

Stay Home, Stay Safe and love the skin your in!

Love and Regards


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Transparency: Although Gifted, this is a honest review of the product. This is a reflection of my own experience with the products.