{Collab} I tried out “Shafs Beauty” new Organic Skin Care Range….

If you guys follow me on Instagram then you will know how much I have been suffering from dry skin recently.

With the weather being generally grey and dull, my face is drying out, and I’m getting dry flaky and sore patches everywhere.

I’ve not really ever had bad skin, I’ve been one of those lucky people who have gone through life without worrying about dry skin, spots, pimples or dark areas…. But in the last few years things have started to change.

As I age I’ve had to start using make up, to cover up any blemishes or flaws…. But still I refused to believe the ageing game… I refused to use products or look after myself…. I mean I don’t need it? I’ve got great skin….

….but now it’s caught up with me, it’s time for me accept that I am no longer 20 (that hurts) and things will change. In honesty I’m really grateful it lasted this long…. But the only problem now is that I don’t know where to start….

I went into debenhams… And I stood there, not knowing where to go and who to try, overwhelmed with the amount of advice, freebies and general advice I was given by all the stores I went home with nothing.

Speaking to my beautician of 15 years of my problems, she introduced me to her own range of products. Having had recently started her own skincare brand, she gave me a mini facial whilst I was there. ( I mean. Who says no to freebies?)

She went through each product she used and asked me loads of questions about my skin to determine what I needed.( In all honestly, knowing me for 15 years- she instantly knew what I needed.)

And she packed up a bag full of products for me to try at home.

I love the whole look of the products, they are simple and stylish.

Cream Cleanser: It’s a Grapefruit, Lavender and Frankincense cream cleaner. I’ve not been using make up recently because of my dry skin it looks awful on, the dry patches show up more, and it looks patchy, but just using the cleanser made my skin feel more supple and soft. You can smell the hint of the Grapefruit and Lavender on application. Almost smells of fresh laundry ( I love the smell of fresh laundry) and Lavender always reminds me of spa days, I’m sure spas use Lavender to relax people.

Face Mask: Well as soon as you open it you can smell the apple, it smells lush. Granny Smith’s for sure. And the mask goes a long way, I only applied it twice, and it spreads so easily over the face, you only need a tiny amount, which is well worth the money. Also it smells so ….fresh, Apple fresh.

And here’s a selfie to show how creamy the face mask is. The Face mask worked wonders, on removal I already felt like I was washing away the impurities on my face. My face felt creamy and soft, and the fresh smell of the Apple lingered.

Next I used the Brightening Serum, it’s a very concentrated serum, but a small amount covers the face. After applying it- you have to dab your face with your fingers to allow the serum to penetrate into the pores. The smell of the Orange was intoxicating. There’s definately something about the smell of fruits that make you feel…. Healthy, and this was working for me.

And lastly the Moisturiser. A thick and rich consistency. With Geranium extract. Exactly what I needed. Geranium is known to help with the tightening of tissues on the face muscles. On applying this I automatically felt the contracting of the face, especially on my cheekbones, and it felt good. This is by far my favourite of the whole brand.

I’ve now been using Shafs products for just 10 days, and I’m already finding a difference in the overall look of my skin and my face, the flaky dryness has gone, and my skin no longer looks tired or grey. It actually illuminates…

Please do ignore that lump on the side of my face. My tooth problem have left a souvenir for me on one side of my face!

My skin also feels soft, and airy, previously it ached and the dry patches were turning red and sore. These products are a definate winner for me, and will be staying in my new ‘looking after myself‘ drawer…. Honestly my skin hasn’t felt like this in a long time.

For the products heres the Webby: http://www.shafsbeauty.co.uk

(Transparency: I have reviewed these products myself for 10 days and I am giving my honest opinion and review on them.)

Love and regards


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Take a Look inside the “House of Jo Malone London”

Its the last few days before Christmas, are you still struggling with the last few people for presents? The rush in the city centre is crazy, and yet so festive and vibrant and bright. It has to be my favourite time of year. Everything is so colourful and pretty.

I had to share a gift given to me by a special friend, as when I received it- it brought the biggest smile ever to my face. And made me think if anyone else received it they would feel the same way.

It’s a perfect gift for someone in their own home, who likes scents and smells. (Like me)

It is called the “House of Jo Malone London”, because well look at the packaging. It’s the illustrated image of the Jo Malone Head office in London. In the contemporary Jo Malone colours of rich cream and black. It’s an absolute beauty to look at. So chic and so London!!

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Jo Malone packaging always exerts beauty and quality. Just the box screams Grandiosity.

As you enter the house by the 2 flaps you are given the below

A Sweet Welcome message on both sides,

and these products inside,

Two beautiful Scent Surronds, one is a Linen Spray and the other a Room Spray in English Pear and Freesia.

A hydrating hand and body gel, which is in my favourite scent of Peony (pronounced Pee-Nee- not Pe-O-NY! as advised by the sales assitant in Jo Malone!) and Blush Suede. I have the candle in this fragrance and now I can smell of this too!

And two travel size candles, in ‘Lime, Basil and Mandarin’ and ‘Pomegranate Noir’

All sitting inside a velvet backed box in a deep blue colur.

Isnt it a beauty?

Found in the Jo Malone London stores, or High street department stores like John Lewis, and Selfridges. Links Below:




A Huge Thank You to my special friend . I now have a Jo Malone scented house for the upcoming winter months.

At a price of £115, this is a beautiful gift to give someone special at this time of year, if anything like me, the smile will stay on their face for months to come, and this is yet another person ticked off from the Christmas list.

Love and Regards


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