The Ultimate Working From Home Guide to keep you Going….

When I got told that I’ll be working from home (WFH) I thought it’d be a doddle, I was excited, I don’t need to wake up early, who cares if I’ve had a shower or not? Pyjama party….. all day…. Every day……

Day one came, and went, still in my PJs, but no productive work done. This should have been easy, but I just couldn’t sit down, I wasn’t comfortable, I couldn’t concentrate, and so many distractions in the house…. I will put it down to first day syndrome.

Second day was very similar, although I got ABIT more done than yesterday, but still, it’s just so hard to be motivated in the house. I didn’t think it would be this hard…I keep making tea, then more tea, then snacks, and 3 hours later I still haven’t done anything

Day Three I needed to make a change, if I carried on like this I wouldn’t have a job at all…. I think I have figured out the real issue here. It’s the work/home balance. With all the distractions of home around me, I just cant get my head focused on work…… because work should be in the office, and home is where the errands are, (and the food!)

And so here is my working from home ultimate guide to keep yourself (or myself) motivated:

Choose an Office Space….

We cant really have a office in the house, thats why its a house, and not work! But you need to find a space in the house where you are away from all the distractions of home life, and then make it a permanent spot.

This probably is the hardest thing to do. The bedroom didn’t work…… the lounge didn’t work…….. The kitchen- the cookies I made were delicious, but the work didn’t get done…. I spent one day outside because the weather was beautiful, and ended up with back ache and throbbing headache, so that was out of the question.

This is something that has to be picked right, and it may take a couple of days to get there. I ended up in the dining room, probably because in all honesty its the easiest, the table is already there, the chair ready to sit on, and I have the space on the table around me to put all my bits and bobs, so im not constantly looking for stuff.

Wake Up, Dress Up, Show Up…

The first three days went a little like this:, I woke up later then the alarm time, had a long(er) shower than normal, had my tea whilst gazing outside, (because I no longer have to commute to work) and then I got back into my pyjamas- because well why not?…… But honestly I think pyjamas were mentally letting me down. I was too comfortable, too slouchy, too easy going, and this was draining my mind and body

So now I get up at the same time (oh I lie, I get up by I stay in bed for a bit longer). I touched my face up a bit (just a bit though, have you guys noticed the changes in the skin texture whilst staying in?). And I make sure I dress up.

I found this to be so important, when you have told yourself mentally to get ready for work, you ARE ready to work. Evan after I have logged off from work, I feel better and fresher. Its just a feel good factor, especially in these turbulent times.

I have a friend who actually spends the time it normally takes her to get to her workplace doing some exercise on youtube in her lounge, to get her in the mode. Im not ready for that but I thought that was a wonderful idea.

Fresh Air…

Right going back to the changes in skin, im not the only person right? my skin is changing day after day, and im having to change products so much because everything and nothing works at the same time. I really dont know where to start….. but it may be due to the lack of fresh air, vitamin D inconsistency, the stress of the position we are in, and generally being stuck inside all day long.

And for that reason my workspace is right next to the door, its ideal because I can get the fresh air in, if I need a breather I can pop out, and also the rays of sunlight feel so wonderful on the skin and perk up my mood. So try and choose a location which brightens up your working space and allows you the breathing space.

Food, Food and More Food

Anyone else feel the weight piling on? its Boredom. Boredom makes you want to eat, and so we are all coming out of this quarantine with beer bellies and as long as we all do it, its ok…. we can make it fashun! (ok Ok maybe not. Im joking, just saying. Chill out!)

In the office because we are so consumed with work, we just get up for coffee breaks and back to it, but at home, the food possibilities are endless…. I got up more than I sat and focused…. because I wanted to eat…..and eat, and eat some more, and after I ate I needed a nap. And then my whole day was ruined.

I had to put a stop to that, and that included, bringing all the snacks to my workspace with me and closing the dining room door. Initially I Evan got that part wrong, because 6 packs of crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks are not considered brain food!

So I swopped the fizzy drinks for fruit infused water. (Twinnings are the best)

Crisps for Mug shots (2% fat, that will do perfectly)

And chocolates for fruits!! And to get the extra ‘At work’ feel I added a few personal portraits and plants… ( Also it makes a great picture. Aesthetic’s and that. Just saying )

And the only extra thing I kept on the side- is the hand gel. You can never have too much hand gel at this moment in life. Right? Better to be cautious.

The Kiddos

I guess I got lucky here, I have a 16 year old and a 13 year old, the days of running after the kiddos and aeroplanning a spoonful of egg custard and rice are long gone. But for some of you this will be the biggest challenge. Try ( I do say try whilst rolling my eyes because I can’t evan imagine it) and create a balance and a routine, maybe leave phonecalls when the child is asleep, or watching a Disney movie, and focus on the menial and the easy to do jobs whilst the child is in need of your attention. In all honesty I believe parents with younger kids are more efficient because they know how to multitask and are better at time management, and always solve the last minute hiccups without faltering. (You guys rock!)

I have a routine set up for my 13 year old. He has a spot just opposite my desk. Before I start work I set up some work for him to do and keep all the equipment he needs ready, aswell as some snacks for him too (I’m not sharing) . As soon as he is up and ready he will sit opposite me and get what he has been assigned done. Obviously he will ask me questions and we have a chit chat too. He’s a nice guy.

So guys switch off that TV, get off the bed, put on that top you have been wanting to wear, and get some work done x

Hope that you all are looking after yourselves.

Stay safe


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Lockdown…..Day One… Getting to grips with Reality

I’m sure everyone was glued to their TV monday evening at 8.30. It felt surreal, felt like we were watching a movie, this doesn’t happen to us, this happens to others…on TV, …. yet there he was – Boris Johnson speaking to us all, about this deadly disease out there in the world, out to consume us all, and we have stay in to prevent catching it and possibly passing it to the more vunerable….. I really can’t wait to wake up and laugh and tell everyone my dream …. Maybe I’ll write a blog on how real it felt?

What does the Lockdown mean? Well all non- essential shops/ places are to shut down completely…..we are only allowed out for trips to and back from work (I am homeworking). Shopping trips only if necessary. Only 2 people allowed out at a time. Social distancing of 1.5/2 metres to be put into place. No visits to families houses, no gatherings anywhere apart from funerals. This is for 3 weeks, and should things get better, we may get a more relaxed approached. However if this is not adhered to- we will be fined. And if people still don’t listen, then the lockdown will be more harsher and go on for longer.

I’m trying to pinch myself to try and wake up for real. Can I see the end of the tunnel? No. I really can’t. I hope that this works, I hope that people listen. I hope this nightmare ends, and I can wake up and complain about going to my normal job daily…. It was so much more easier and simpler.

This also means we have the kids at home, and in isolation for what seems like forever. This is going to be tough on us, and keep in mind this is also going to affect the kids.

My boys are more in the older/adult section, yet I dont want them to become lazy, so I am trying to arrange a routine for them, so that firstly they dont become lazy, secondly they dont get too bored (and potentially run out of house) and also because I dont want the virus/ media affecting there own mental health.

Im generally thinking that this is a chance to get to know them, like, you know really get to know them….. they might actually be good people? you never know? ill give them a chance.

Holidays usually mean getting up late for my boys, especially because im at work, they like to laze in, and get ready half hour before I finish, and pretend they were up all along….. (like I was born yesterday). Lucky for them. I’m home working (although I’m not managing really well in all honesty) .

I’ve not got a timetable up yet, ive been in abit of a daze past few days, cant seem to get things done, but I know what I want in it, it’ll consist of educational aswell as life skills, like cooking, cleaning, fixing, maintaining…. Usually with school and mosque they miss out on that part of life. And not to forget reading and praying aswell….I Just need to get the balance right so that they don’t get overwhelmed by it all.

Schools are sending out emails regurarly, just keep an eye on your mail, as are people on facebook, I have loads of teacher friends on facebook who are providing worksheets and help online, which I think is a very generous thing to do.

There is a lot of educational resources out there. Alot of companies are also giving out free monthly subscription to educational websites, I’ll keep you all updated as I go along.

But first I’ll get back to drawing up a routine.

But its not just the kids that we need to worry about, remember to look after yourself. Kids can easily sense and pick up on things, if you are suffering they will pick it up, especially because they are going to be around us ALL of the time.

Im thinking of drawing up a routine for myself also, I cant get lazy (I have been wearing the same top for 3 days now because im not going out) I want to do things that I normally dont get a chance to do, like the grey areas in the house that we always avoid… (or maybe not. ill see about that one). Try out new recipes, buy a jigsaw puzzle, go back to your love of drawing, or painting, or writing, or reading…..and generally focus on the positives.

Take this as your time to get to know yourself.

This will be a mentally challenging time for us all, with our luxuries and our lifestyle its a daunting experience. Its just been day one, and Im already feeling suffocated, but I try to think of it this way ‘We are not being told to go out to war, we are being told to sit in the comfort of our houses and get to know one another’

I hope that you all are doing well? And I hope that you are all keeping safe x

Stay safe, Stay indoors, wash hands, and look after each other.

Love and regards.


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Tooth Update

So back to my tooth. I’m thinking of adding a tab on my contents just for my tooth journey, as it’s proving to be a long ride.

It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve not suffered any pain at all, since the tooth was filled in from the previous appointment of the failed root canal.

From the two options I decided on the extraction. Once its gone at least I know the pain will never come back. With the Root Canal, there’s no guarantee that it’ll solve the problem.

I did have anxiety- not over the procedure because I knew I was going to a specialist, I knew the procedure will probably be the easiest I’ve ever had. I had anxiety because I knew would be in pain after, I was worried about how long the pain would last, and whether it would get infected or not.

I was actually quite pleased to be going to a specialist, as I knew the procedure would take 20 minutes maximum and the tooth would be out, rather than the one and a half hour it took at my last appointment.

Before I went in, I spoke to a girl sitting outside who was having 3 tooth taken out, and she had been here previously and although uncomfortable she was quite upbeat about it. That put me at ease. I was only having one taken out.

Once inside, I made sure I asked the dentist to make sure it was the right anaesthetic, and if my dentist had made him aware of my situation. He advised me he would give me the adrenaline and yes, he was made aware, and that was why she had sent me to him.

I did ask him again, that the adrenaline makes my bp go low and I end up collapsing and vomiting. He assured me that he was using the right one.

Should I ask you to guess what happened?

As soon as he put the first one in, my heart started palpitating. He assured me it was all normal, and it should take 2/3 minutes before it slows back down. He then put another 2 in, at the front and the side of my tooth.

Back at reception, I waited for the adrenaline to kick in and numb my tooth. And then….. It all started…

The room started spinning, I started spinning, I remember someone asking if i was ok, I said ‘no’. The floor beneath me was going further and further down, I was falling, my body started shaking. I heard them say ‘take her to the back’ I remember trying to get up, but the floor kept disappearing beneath me, I kept falling, I knew I was being dragged to a room in the back, I could feel eyes all over me.

At the back they lay me down, my body was shaking furiously, they asked if I’m cold. I was too hot. I said “hot, too hot”, I removed my jumper, my scarf. One of the ladies got me a cold wet towel and put on my forehead, it felt wonderful. I told her, she started to put over my eyes and my face, my body was still shaking.

They told me to open my eyes, I couldn’t do it, the ceiling was moving, and then I felt the bile in my throat, and the next minute I threw up…. All over the place. Like everywhere. Spluttered. It was awful. It felt like pregnancy and morning sickness all over again.

Do you want me to carry on? Because it doesn’t get better.

The end of it, well my tooth is still in my mouth, but how long before it starts hurting- we don’t know.

I do remember one of the ladies saying that I should be referred to the hospital, and why haven’t I been referred if this happens all the time. I’m really hoping for this.

I don’t remember much of what the dentist said, its all a blur, but there were talks of doctors, and waiting, and letters, and hospitals and operation.

I’ll have to call in and find out further on Monday.

This tooth situation really troubles me, its so horrible to have all eyes on you. I hate being helpless, I hate that people have to clean up after me, I hate that they have to look after me. I hate that my husband sees me in this state.

The hubby took a very tearful and disorientated me home, and I slept until the adrenline wore off, which was roughly 4 hours. Ive got up now, still feel a bit dizzy, but I’m talking and walking, and writing this. May need a couple more hours before I’m back to normal, and get through this trauma again.

There has to be another way. I can’t go through this again. And I can’t expect others to go through this also.

I Just needed a vent.

Remember me in your prayers

I’ll keep you all updated

Love and regards


Root Canal or Extraction? Please Advise?

It’s been just over 3 weeks now and I’m still suffering. Tooth pain is by far the worst pain ever.

Before I jetted off to India with an infected tooth, I had decided on a Root Canal treatment. As soon as I got back I went in for the procedure.

Having already told you of the many ‘special requirements ‘ that have to be put into place before I go in for my appointment, the dentist had arranged for a slot of 90 minutes for me.

I had been advised that Root canal is the best option for me, and whilst in India I realised it definately is. My two chewing teeth on the bottom left are already gone, and this tooth is a chewing tooth on the bottom right. And whilst eating I struggled a lot because on the left I have no teeth and on the right it was infected so I couldn’t put food their. And my front teeth were being used for chewing which is a long and draining process.

Whilst going through the procedure- everything was great- it was all going perfectly well. The dentist was impressed with me. 2 out of the 3 nerves were already out. I had mentally told myself to think of events in my life that have caused me pain, and this really helped- so I started thinking of pregnancy, labour, people who have hurt me, etc. And it really helped with the process and also sped up time.

Then the x-ray part came. I hate this. But I told myself to think it away. It was a challenge let me tell you this.

After trying for the 6th time,(this is why the extra time is needed) I finally got it in place, and was doing my breathing exercises whilst thinking in my head how I was going to throttle this particuler person I’m not fond of. (I promise you it’s not my dentist. I love her for real,… And It works. Trust me!) And guess what…

Just my luck…. The x-ray machine was not working. She tried 3 times, whilst I kept picturing these murderous events in my head trying not to think of the film wedged in my mouth….. It was not working today!! As soon as she told me this- my gagging started straight away. Bless my dentist as she struggled to get the thing out of my mouth whilst I was retching.

Once It was out, she filled my tooth back in and I was ready to go. I was booked in for another hour appointment the following week.

That was today.

I was feeling positive today, I knew the procedure, just one more nerve and then it’s all done. Right? …

Wrong. After the xray- which I was so much more better at this time (only 2 attempts!) She had trouble in locating the nerve. Although the x-ray is showing a nerve- there is usually a tiny space in between. This space was not showing on the x-ray.

This appointment although booked for an hour took an hour and a half in her trying to get to the nerve.

She had the x-ray checked with another dentist- and Evan tried drilling a bit more to see if she could get to it. But she didn’t feel comfortable in drilling further.

Once again she filled it all back up and sat me up.

Now I’ve got to decide. I either get the root canal done by a specialist- which means the same process again, but the specialist will know how to remove the nerve. However there is no guarantee that there will be no pain or infection after. She will pass on all my details and get the specialist prepared for my case. This could cost upto Β£600, but it will save a tooth


I get it removed entirely. And that also by a specialist whom she will refer me too. Cost will be Β£70, but I will be left with no tooth- therefore need to consider a bridge if possible or an implant (prices of these not discussed yet)

I was quite confused as to why she would send me to specialist as she had done the last one- so I asked her. Her response was that the trauma that I went through on the last tooth- was not only mine. She went through alot of anxiety and trauma herself, as she didn’t know whether I would collapse, or throw up or Evan worse. And she wouldn’t want me to go through that again, or herself and would rather I get it done by a specialist who may have already dealt with ‘cases’ like myself.

That was a fair comment and I respected her for that.

But now? What do I do?

Root canal is what I definitely wanted doing initially, as I don’t want that gap, but I seriously can’t handle it if I have to then remove it afterwards anyway.

What do I do?

Keep me in your prayers people

Love and regards


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Toothpain and 6 ways to relieve it.

I suffer really bad from toothpain, because of my addiction to all things fizzy, I don’t need to tell you the condition of my teeth. (Sure don’t look like the photo I posted!)

In a year I will have 6 visits to the dentist minimum just to have a filling either put in, or Re-put in. I’ve already lost 2 teeth, and I’m sure the one that’s hurting me now is next…..And it’s horrendous. My worst visits in life.

The worst for me is- I am allergic to codeine so for that reason they can’t use the anesthetic with codeine in. And because of my low blood pressure- the other anesthetic ‘Adreneline’ is also questionable as that reduces the BP more- so I could end up collapsing (which has happened twice to me so far)

To top it all off- I have reflux issue- so that means they can’t fully lay me down- and the dentist and practitioners all end up with backpain because they have to work on my teeth in funny angles. I’m surprised they have kept me on.

So a trip to the dentist for me, is like a mini surgery- I have doctors on standby- a pulse reader- checking my heart rate, an ambulance parked outside. It’s crazy because it’s a small procedure, and I feel awful because they have to do this for me (I have to cut out the fizzy drinks!!!)

But I am grateful that they put up with me, and take it all in there stride. Forever grateful. (I promise I will stop the fizzy drinks!)

Toothpain has to be the worst kind of pain after labour. How a single tooth can affect your whole body is crazy. It affects your head, can have headache, feel nauseous, feel heavy eyes, your jaw and ears ache, body temperature goes up and you can have fever, and the irritable mood that comes along does not help either! Not for me or the person on the receiving end.

So I thought I’d share a few tips that I use whilst waiting for my appointment, and yes those couple of hours before the appointment are the longest ones of my life!


I only discovered this little beauty like a year ago. Why nobody had told me about this goes beyond me. Use a pea sized amount and rub on to tooth, it numbs the pain down for a couple of hours. And yup it does work. The relief is amazing.

Nurofen and Paracetamol

A must with toothache. A Nurofen (400mg) every 6 hours, and Paracetamol 2 of them- every 4 hours. This also helps relieve the pain for a couple of hours. If you are having this and pain does not subside it’s a sign of an infection.

Clove Oil

Put a drop or two of this oil on to a cotton wool and then put around gums and tooth. This is actually very strong and may feel tingly especially if lips or tongue touch it- but it is a natural remedy used from ancient times, and works well. It numbs down the pain for a little while. Sometimes pain can go away naturally. Alternatively if you have clove in the house- cut up a small piece and wedge between the tooth in pain- crunch down- allow the juices to come out. Wait 3-4 minutes and allow the magic to happen.

Salt and Water Rinse

The most common one . Add salt in warm water and gargle and rinse out. Salt water neautralises acids caused by bacteria- so it there is an infection- it will bring down the pH allowing you to relax temporarily.

Cold Compress

One of the oldest method of painrelief, not just for teeth but all around pain aswell, including bumps and bruises. It works by lessening the blood flow therefore numbing the area around the nerves.

Peppermint Tea Leaves

Use a cooled down used peppermint tea leave and press down on affected area. The herbs in the tea leaves have numbing properties which will help soothe the area. You must make sure it’s cooled down though.

All the above are temporary fixes- so that you can get through the days before your appointment.

I’ve managed to get an emergency appointment as I haven’t slept all night- and all above are not helping.

I’ve just been advised that I have an infection which needs to be cleared- and then I have to consider another removal.

That’s the 3rd tooth now. I’m not Evan 40 yet. Things are not looking good ( officially throwing away all fizzy drinks from my fridge!!)

Please keep me in your prayers. I hate the dentist

Love and regards


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Schools back….Routines Back

Oh My God- schools back and I’ve never felt so good in my life! Who else thinks that the summer term leave is too long??

I’m use to having my own space and an empty house when I’m back from the office, but on school holidays, I have my Boi waiting for me…. He doesn’t Evan let me get in the house “what’s for lunch mum?, I’m bored mum, what are we doing today mum?”

Thursday was the first day of school, and because I was so excited, I took the day off work. ( Who does that? Me!!) Told the boss (who happens to be the hubbyπŸ˜‰) that i have a busy weekend with a wedding event and need to get the preparation done (aaaah, the perks of sleeping with the boss) and he bought it. Hehe. I’m safe until he reads my blog πŸ™„.

Seriously am I the only one who was happy to set my alarm up for 7am, wake up with a sleepy smile on my face, and watch the Boi walk out of house with his backpack on….and an hour later watched the hubby and the eldest boy walk out for work.

So what did I do?

I made a cup of tea, and sat in the quiet of my house, I listened to the humming of the fridge, the beeping of the fire alarm (seriously have to get the batteries in soon!) And the chirping of the birds in the garden, and I felt at bliss… In total bliss. And it was amazing.

That’s not to say I don’t love the kids, I do, I really do, but sometimes you need your own space for your own sanity. You need time for the brain to just not do anything, or think anything or feel anything. And this was my time.

Just that one day made a difference of the world for me. Things have changed for me during the summer leave, now that I’m no longer going to be doing the event planning- my life and routine will change. I needed this day to figure things out in my head, and it came at the right time.


I should have alot more time, and I want to make the most of this. I want to be able to spend more time with my family, especially my mum and dad. As I’ve been busy with my own life- I’ve forgotten just how old they are getting. They have spent there whole life trying to protect me. Now my boys are older- I want to be able to do the same for them.


The last time I exercised was when I was 16 in PE class in school. When it comes to exercise I am by far the laziest person in the world- to a point where if a dog was running after me (and I am terrified of dogs) I’d just stand still, I mean what’s the point of running and then getting bit! Might aswell just get bit without having To go through the effort of running aswell.

Getting older I can feel my muscles aching, so I know I have to do something now- and I’m thinking of starting a class or two during the week, so that I can get the heart pumping right.


I am a junkie, I could eat crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks all day without the need of a proper meal. Ask my dentist! As the hubby says, I’ll have to take a mortgage out on my teeth soon, the amount I go in and out for fillings πŸ™ˆ

I’m going to blame that on time though. All day I am mentally and physically challenged that popping a sweet or opening a pack of crisp, or Evan having a swig of a fizzy drink to keep the sugers up is the easiest and tastiest option (at the expense of my poor teeth).

Getting back to routine will mean for me to start eating healthier- swop the crisp for the apple, the fizzy drink for a bottle of water… And maybe Evan make myself lunch once in a while. This will definitely be the hardest one for me.


My routine will definitely change, I’m already mentally decluttered as I’ve only got last few orders to get through, and the end is near. But I have to make sure I don’t get into lazy mode. It’s very easy to get into this.

As Aristotle famously said above, it’s clear routine paves the way to be a better person.


Oh my πŸ™ˆ. How much I hate this word. But it’s soon to be a reality. With me quitting the event planning, I’m going to be down with a lot of funds…. So I have to think about the dreaded word….. BUDGET.

I’ve never really been a “budgeter” but it’s something I really need to be thinking about, I’m basically selling myself to have more time in my life (I think it’s worth it!). And I’m fortunate to be in a position to quit without having too much to worry about apart from my luxaries.

So I got to start thinking super savvy now. Get the deals and bargains in early, look out for offers. (My husband will be dead proud of me).


The benefits of reading are endless. Just Google it. It’s amazing how much reading can open up the mind. I genuinely love reading anyway, so this is my favourite change. I’ve told myself to read a book a month. Choose one that I like, and just…. Read. And I can’t wait.

At the same time, I want my boys to read, so seeing me hopefully (hopefully, fingers and legs crossed) they will live by example?. I can only hope…


The most important. I can’t believe my eldest boy is 16. How and when did that happen. Just having done his GCSEs and now going off to work and college has really shaken me up. I still remember when I was doing my GCSES, how did he get here so fast?

So my most important change is spending more time with these terrors in my life. Before I Evan know it the little Boi will be doing his GCSEs and eldest will be on his way to uni with baked beans in his hands. So I want to be able to make the most of my time enjoying them. Teaching them, laughing with them, shouting at them, and generally living and making memories with them.

Love and regards