Christmas in Bicester Village

Hi All, How was Christmas??

I had Two weeks off work, and I did…… absolutely Nothing and enjoyed every moment of it.

Christmas for me usually means ‘Shopping!!’. But we all behaved this year. Just one day in Bicester. That’s All. And I promise I have deleted all my favourite shopping apps off my phone. Nearly into the second week of January and Im still going strong…… fighting the urge…… its really hard. But Im doing it.

Its not because I cant shop, its more because at this time of year I end up buying stuff I dont need. Ive still got a hoard of clothes from last year that I havent evan worn yet (and dont know if I will) .

So when the hubby said shall we go Bicester Village tommorrow, I knew it wasnt a good idea, but sat in the car with a smile on my face. This time the condition was that I was NOT driving at all though.

We went with a plan in our heads…… We werent going for shopping…. it was just a day out, because we were cooped up in the house since the school holidays, and had conquered so many series on netflix. We needed to get out with a week left before school started. So a nice day in Bicester village, one item each and doughnuts, Thats all. I was after a wallet (Another one! Yes. Ofcourse. Always another one). My Boy was after a pair of jeans. The younger Boi a jacket, and the Hubby…. well should I say it really? Really? Lacoste…. seriously still waiting on the Loyalty card!

And how did it go??

Well a little like this:

Hmmmmm…. Productive Day. Dont you think? But in all fairness. We got bargains!! so Why not? (still trying to justify it to myself)

For those of you who don’t know or have not been to Bicester Village, it is an absolutely beautiful Designer outlet on the edge of Oxfordshire. And when I say beautiful, it really is beautiful, it’s cute and chic. If the weather is good, you could almost forget you are in the UK at all.

Beautiful village, dressed for Christmas.

And now heres a few bits and pieces we picked up:

From the Hugo Boss Store the Hubby picked up a sports top for himself, and that other ‘red’ top that he claims he will wear for football. (That for sure is staying in cupboard forever!!) Both of these were for £90.

Then we hit the Armani Outlet where the hubby bought this tracksuit for £85. I think that’s a bargain!!

He also managed to pick up these jeans at £49 each

Next up we went into All Saints

I don’t need a coat- but I want one, and this 3/4 coat with toggle on it, was for £84. From £325!! (No longer wanting a wallet 😉)

The shop the hubby was waiting for, although he did well, he bought 6 tops from Cheshire 3 months ago. He received a Lacoste top as a secret Santa at work. (Seriously who gives Lacoste as Secret Santa?!) So he settled for two tops at £37.50 each.

And the Boi found himself two tops at £29 each.

I didn’t know there were two Hugo Boss shops in Bicester, but yup there are two Hugo Boss shops in Bicester, and the Elder Boy found this for himself at £50.

We walked into DKNY. I swear I had no intention of buying anything. Until….. The sales girl had the prettiest of trainers. I just NEEDED them. Perks of it though…. It had £80 written on the label, and when I went to till they charged £48! If only they had in different colours also! Damn!

This is usually our favourite shop, but it was a disappointment this time round. Just got the one top for the younger boi from here for £18.

Cath Kidston had these at £6 each. So picked up a few to give as gifts for little ones in the family

Well we on a shopping spree, already done the damage. Right? Another £17 wasnt going to hurt anyone (but the hubby who’s paying) and I can’t use my pretty new diary without a pretty new pen right? Took out the card one last time…. Listen nobody told him to park outside Swarovski!

So All in All a Note to self: Bicester Village is NEVER a good idea for a Day out unless you want to come back broke

On the way home, we were starving, and decided to hold out until we got back to Leicester. We ended up at Pamson Grill. It’s a traditional Pakistani Restaurant, exactly what we needed to fill our now shopping tired bellies.

The decor and set up inside is so classy

We filled our bellies with a mix grill for starters and papdi chat (which I ate before I took a photo!. I must be been starved 🙈)

And for mains we opted for Chicken Karhai, Lamb Karhai, and Biryani. And we devoured it.

Loved everything about Pamson Grill. Definitely will be visiting again.

Hope you enjoyed our day.

Catch you on the next one.

Love and regards


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New Years Resolution. Be Selfish.

Happy New Year to you All. Another year gone, another year to look forward to.

I’m not really a new year’s resolution person, I make resolutions all year round that I don’t commit to. Why wait for New Year’s?

But this year. I’m going for it. And it’s all about me. This is MY Year to be SELFISH.

I’ve been brought up in a house where we were always told to think of everyone’s else feelings first, to block out our own feelings. And to think before we speak. And this has worked for years on end.

But as you grow older you start to realise that their is only one person who is going to look after YOU, and that is YOURSELF. So you have to make the changes for yourself before its too late.

So this year is the year for me to change. This is MY Year to be SELFISH.

SELFISH: ‘Lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with ones own personal profit or pleasure’

From this interpretation, being ‘Selfish’ is not a likeable trait, so why am i choosing to be ‘Selfish?’

Usually a selfish person is termed so because they refused something that someone else probably would’ve had no objection too. Or they chose to think of themselves before anyone else’s needs……. So really all that person is doing is thinking of themselves, their own well being and their own mental health……. And their is nothing selfish about that.

In order to help and take care of someone else, we first need to be able to take care of our self

Their is a reason why people put others before themselves. They want to please people, they want people to like them. They want to gain something from it all at the expense of loosing themselves. And sometimes when you give too much, people expect too much, and so slowly, slowly every time you put someone else needs before your own, your only teaching them that you come second in your own life.

Eventually this can lead to ‘Resentment’ , and having that trait is far worse than being ‘selfish’. So be a little selfish, and give of what you can. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of self-sacrifice, but its best to know how much you can do and give. a Little ‘NO’ here and there will not damage anyone.

Selfish and Self-Love

There is a difference between self-ish and self-love. The two don’t go together. Is it really more important for people to like you, over your own health and mental well-being? And even if you do choose to be selfish now and then, do you really loose the people that love and care for you? After all they love you for who you are. And if you do loose certain people, we’ll frankly you really didn’t need them in the first place (That sounds so selfish! You go girl! First of January and I have already started my resolution).

For your own Mental health and Well being, you need to be able to attend to your own personal needs. So go and fix yourself first, before you fix anyone else, because in all honesty there are not many who will turn up to fix you when you need them.

So before I go on and on, I will end with “This year is MY Year, it’s about Me”. I’m going to very selfishly and unapologeticaly put my mental health first. And if anyone doesn’t like it….

Well tough luck… I’m selfish deal with it.

Here’s to the New Year.

Love and Regards