June in a Nutshell

I nearly forgot, seriously I nearly forgot I do this every month! Gosh I really am getting old… (Let’s not talk numbers here) ……. not thinking about it, seriously im not…… So let’s get on with it…..

What did June bring us? In no particular order….

Gigi Hadid & Zayn Are Expecting

Gigi Hadid Flaunts Her Growing Baby Bump for the First Time ...

Are they a couple? Are they not? Oh… They back together…. Oh nope. They not, oh she had moved on…. Nope she’s back with him…. Let’s stop right there!! *Bombshell* she’s pregnant and Zayn is the Dad…. Oh at least now we know exactly where they stand…. Or do we?

Regardless I’m sure they will make proud parents, and create the most beautiful baby ever.

Sushant Singh Rajput

I’m so confused with this, and really upset. This is a famous, successful, incredibly gorgeous young man in his early 30’s- Who gave up his life?! I don’t get it. I really don’t. Sushant Singh was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai, He died of asphyxia due to hanging. It really goes to show- ‘something’s really are not greener on the other side.’

I’ve spoken about men and suicide before here, and this incident really shows how suicide is a serious issue in Men. This man had everything in front of him, his whole life mapped out and yet, he chose to end his life.

“Gone too soon to the dangers of the mind.”

Mental illness is real. Especially in Men. If you or anyone you know is suffering… Click on this link for useful advice. Please be vary and alert of those around you.


I’m bored already…….. We will give this one a miss…… all media outlets already give us too much information…..

Stay safe, stay indoors unless necessary to go out, wash those hands. That’s all I’m speaking on this. Over and out


It’s still proudly going on. The movement is now a revolution, and a great one at that! But having said that…. Justice still has not been served, there is still so much more to do…

The Black Lives Matter movement explained | World Economic Forum

Shukri Abdi

Shukri came to the UK as a 12 year old Somalian girl, fleeing a war-torn country. Having been placed in a school- she was victimised to bullying. These incidents were raised by her mother to the teachers and head teacher of the school- yet they were ignored.

Shukri’s body was found in River Irwell. Police ruled last year that there were no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death, and that she may have drowned, however an inquest heard in February tells of how a friend “joked” with Shukri to “get in the water or I’ll kill you.”

Shukri’s mother also stated that there was no way that Shukri would have gone into the water herself as she could not swim.

The Black Lives Matter movement are using this as a focal point after the police were accused of treating the case less seriously because she was black. Which I think we can all agree with….

One demonstrator demanded authorities "give Shukri Abdi the same attention as Maddie McCann"

Lets get Shukri and her Family the Justice they deserve. Get signing here.

Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor a key worker in the pandemic and a model citizen was shot in her home whilst she was sleeping. The police officers responsible for her death have yet to face accountability.

Breonna Taylor police shooting: What we know about the Kentucky ...

Breonna Taylor’s home address had been used by an already arrested drug suspect to pick up packages- this was why the police went to her house. A False Address. On arrival they executed a no-knock search warrant and on leaving we have the Body of a Beautiful young Black Women who was sleeping.

Justice is still being demanded for this beautiful lost soul, whilst the three policemen who have done this are still walking free.

Would this have been a white women, they would never shoot her. Breonna’s mistake she is Black. #sayhername

Justice for Breonna- here is the link.

For more on the Black Lives Matter Movement. Click on this Link

Kanye West for President

I don’t know how I feel about this, I really don’t. I don’t have a problem with Kanye….. Just that he said “Slavery is a choice” ….and actually maybe I do have a problem. Maybe that is the Problem, and its a huge problem, and we can’t even blame white privilege for that. But I guess by saying that- he’s gained all the Trump supporters that’s for sure. Hmmmm….. this is a hard one.

Kanye West Officially Files to Run for President

But if he really is running for president – now’s the best time. He will always be compared to Trump- so no matter what he says or does he’ll always look ….. Well….better….. slightly better anyway…

Did the Simpson predict this? I am not evan sure of anything at the moment. Having said that I think Kim will do a great job as a First Lady. Atleast the women has a voice, and doesn’t hide behind her husband. This should be a good series to watch when it unfolds….I wonder if it will be on Netflix or will Hayu be keeping the contract? Hehe.

Its early days and I dont want to say too much. I remember laughing when Trump got elected, it was the joke of the Year……. and then we ended up with Boris. We got what we deserved. Ill keep quiet before karma comes to bite us again.

What are your thoughts on the Kanye for President?

And thats all folks, thats a round up of June, in the middle of July. My apologies. Ill get onto the July one quicker (hopefully, if I dont forget again)

Love and regards


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January….. in a Nutshell

Finally January ended, Do you guys also think that January is the longest month of the year? It just doesnt end….

My year goes abit like this January, January, January, January, February, March, Aprilember, Novemeber, December… and then its all over, and then the dreaded month of January hits us again.

Well back to the blog, before I get carried away, heres whats been happening….in a nutshell.

1. Royal Tea with Jam

My obsession with the Royals. The Queen kicked Harrys ass, and threw him off the Royal Title (You go Girlfriend….eh Your Royal Highness). She did well. Im happy with the outcome. Harry and Meghan are now in Canada trying to live a bittersweet life, whilst suing every media outlet that comes in their way (got to earn a living somehow). A job would be a fine idea Harry? No? What ones of them I hear you say? ….Joking. I love them. And I really cant wait to see them in their new ‘Celebrity lifestyle’ because theirs not too many of them around is their?

2. Australian Fires

Parts of Australia are still burning, and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. The Death Toll sitting at 33, with more than 2000 homes lost and thousands of wildlife. My thoughts and prayers always with you all.

3. Brexit

Is it happening? Yes it is ! Yes it already happened….Yesterday….Brexit is done….. Whats happened? Brexit! Brexit! ….. OK!. So…Urm whats happened? here is a breakdown of a few changes so far,

Nothing. Its going to take a couple of months for all negotiations to be put in place.

4. Kobe Bryant

NBA Superstar Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter accident at the age of 41 along with his daughter. Tragic news that has affected a lot of people around the world from celebrities to supporters. May your soul rest in Peace and May God make it easy on those left behind

Whilst we are at it, Can we also pray for the people in Palestine, losing their lives daily in an unjust system, the Rohingya’s in Burma, The Uyghur Muslims, The Syrians, Afghanistan, Australia, Somalia…. and so many more.

Every Life Matters!

5. President Trump

Can we get through a day without mentioning this eejits name? Nope. We are stuck for life. The Assasinantion of Qasem Soleimani being the very first thing he ‘assigned’ in the new year, and now he has a new ‘Peace Deal’ which he calls the ‘Deal of the Century’ for the Palestinians living in PALESTINE- which strips them of their rights, their land, their country and even their existence. How is this a Deal? Mr President? Take a note from Harry and Meghan and LEAVE!! Preferably to another Planet!

Here are the details https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-51299145

6. CoronaVirus

Called the Wuhan Corona Virus- because it has originated in the city of Wuhan in China. Although not the first of the Corona Viruses (2002 in China, and 2013 in Saudi Arabia). The difference this time is that this virus is not only passed from animal to human- but it can also be passed from human to human, therefore it’s harder to contain.

Symptoms start off as flu like symptoms and later into severe pneumonia type symptoms.

Treatment- there is none, because we are still in the stages or trying to find out where it’s coming from! Indication is saying ‘bats’ as Chinese eat bats, but yet not fully confirmed.

Severity– UK have now upped the condition from low to moderate indicating that we may have issues. 2 cases have been found in the Uk and they are in isolation at the moment. However we have also had a plane full of passengers come from Wuhan, and All passengers regardless of condition will be held in quarantine for 14 days. So procedures are in place.

Deaths: so far 250 deaths have been confirmed, and 12,000 infected people. though there is suggestions that rates may be higher.

Lived updates can be found on: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/01/world/asia/coronavirus-china.html

7. Katie Hopkins

And now I will end with something abit more light hearted. Watch Katie Hopkins pick up her award for ‘CUNT’ of the year. This women flew all the way to Prague to accept this very ‘Prestigious’ and ‘One of a kind’ award.

Youtuber Josh Pieters probably pulled the best Prank of the year and we are just finished January guys! This is huge.

Since Harrys no longer Prince can I suggest for Josh to take the position? I think I will be starting a petition soon. Watch this space

Watch (and laugh at )Katies Humiliating Awards ceremony here:https://www.dailydot.com/irl/youtube-katie-hopkins-award-prank/

So thats January…. in a nutshell. If anyone asks you ‘Whats new?’ dont say ‘Nothing’ -you have 7 things to talk about. Thank me later.

Now back to my Dubai blog

Hope you guys enjoyed the read

Love and Regards


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