Lets take a Look inside ……The ‘Red Beauty Edit Box’….plus *Giveaway*

Hi All, and im back with another ‘Lets Take a Look inside….’ because I love looking inside and I am sure that you do too.

Today I have got the Red Beauty Edit Beauty box which is another Beauty Box offered by Hearst Uk. I absolutely loved the Harpers Bazaar one which I shared with you guys on the last blog. This is now sold out, so I am so glad that I got my hands on it, so when I saw this I knew I had to get my hands on it too.

Its 14 of the latest ‘cult’ beauty products, chosen by the Hearst beauty team at a fraction of the price. This box can be found online here, but do be quick with it, they sell out real fast…. (Or keep a look out on my Instagram page as this one is on a giveaway at the moment. Uk Only)

The box is available for £50, that includes the p&p, but has a value of £233! and offers 7 full sized products….

Shall we have a look…..Lets do it….

I have to show you the tissue paper right? I mean what good is a beauty box without tissue paper?

And here are the products:


If you follow my blog I am sure I have told you that I don’t understand ‘the use once only throwaway masks’ and prefer the clay ones, but I am changing my mind people, I am absolutely loving them. They are so much more easier! and I love how you do not have to wash your face afterwards (lazy generation *rolls eyes*) just rub all the moisture into your skin. It really is the best! and with this box I was really pleased to find a Spacemasks. This mask self heats on your skin, and the jasmine scent eases the tired eyes. The perfect mask.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Was I pleased to see this again. I got this in the Harpers Bazaar Box and seeing this again excited me. I loved this the first time round and I shall be loving it again.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Filler

If it says Hyaluronic- then to me it instantly means smoothing, at my age smoothing is so important, this product apparently keeps the wrinkles at bay by filling them up and smoothing them out. Ill have to give this a try… exciting’s…..

Nars Satin Lip Pencil (Exbury)

Can you ever go wrong if a Nars Lipstick is in a beauty box?….. No I didn’t think so too…..The colour, Exbury, on this is beautiful, its a flattering colour that can compliment all skin tones. I could and would use this as my everyday colour.

Ecooking Night Cream

This smells wonderful, so calming to just layer on before sleeping. It is a night cream so nice and thick, and used to keep the face hydrated so that the skin feels fresh and bouncy in the morning. It gets rid of the dull feeling.

Living Proof Instant De-Frizzer

Quarantine has really not helped in terms of hair, my hair forever feels dry and wiry. This spray on smooths the hair, eliminates the fizz and gives a shine in an instant.

Show Beauty Premiere Working Texture Spray

Since when did hair spray bottle turn this preety? Its a gorgeous bottle, and its not just looks, it does a lot of work as well! it is used to give the hair volume, texture and protect against heat damage, and My oh My, it smells beautiful!

System Professional Energy Control

A Spray to keep your hair in place. Its fast drying and provides a medium-hold

Rodial Glamolash Mascara XXL

Mascara and XXL together!!! Winner by far! I am not a fake eyelash person, but I do like mascara, and if this is going to do my lashes XXL- then its the perfect mascara for me.

UpCircle Beauty Pamper Kit

Upcircle concentrates on using coffee as its main ingredients: This was definitely a cute package. Inside this package there are a few samples from the Upcircle brand.

  • Citrus Face Scrub (5g)
  • Organic Face Serum (1.5ml)
  • Cleansing Face Balm (3ml)
  • Face Moisturiser (1.5ml

Perfect to try out before buying the full sized product, and I love the smell of coffee. Cant wait to try this out.

Eylure Lash Curler

Well this needs no words….. a must in every make-up kit

Nails Inc Red Nail Polish

I dont have nails, but if I did i would probably get more excited over this product.

Skinsense Overnight Mask

Who loves masks?….. Me, Me, ME!!! and I love anything that I can leave on overnight, I absolutely love the hydrated feel in the morning. With ‘hyaluronic acid’ (that is my favourite word in cosmetics at the moment) its going into my favourites.

LimeLife by Alcone Perfect Eyeliner Pen

A tip so fine, its great to get the perfect crease or flick to enhance the eyes, and smudge proof straight away.

And that’s everything…. All of the above, ALL of it for £50…. I’m so pleased with it. The 7 full sized products are a bonus…

And all of this can be yours too…. Because I have one to giveaway on Instagram!

Click here for Instagram and follow the rules.

Good luck.

Love and regards


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{Collab} I tried out Hello Body Coco Skincare Range

{Collab} Psssst…. whos struggling with their skin? Do you like all things natural? Is your skin drying up with this cold and dry unpredictable British weather? struggling to find the right products?

When I received my Hello Body Coco Skincare products, I was hesitant, abit curious, excited and intrigued. Having been chosen as an ambassador (super super excited. eeeeeeeeek) I had to make sure that the products worked for me, before I could share with you all.

I received my products just under two weeks ago. (How stinking cute is the packaging?. I love all things cute!) …. and I have been using them since, and so far……. I am in Love.

Abit about Hello Body- “Natural is Glamorous’

“We believe that the key to beauty is naturalness. Our real beauty is revealed when we are true to ourselves – independent of the demands or opinions of others.

On the basis of this conviction, we want to encourage you to say bye-bye to rigid rules and ‘ideal’ stereotypes – no more pigeon-holing! Let’s say goodbye to unrealistic ideals, empty promises and false expectations together.”

Need I say more?….

Now dont misunderstand me, I love makeup, I love looking the ‘extra‘. but that exactly what make up is for me, ‘Extra‘ for everyday I prefer to look…… well like myself. And Hello Body promotes that loud and clear.

“Natural is Glamorous

Lets take a look at the products:

Hello Body offers 3 ranges in their products, the Coco range, the Cara range and the Aloe Range. I will be reviewing the Coco face Products range.

Coco Fresh Detox Face Cleansing Foam

Soapy and foamy, I put two squirts on my hand, and it was toooo much, way too much. It lathered into my skin, and made it feel all sorts of soft. I instantly fell in love with this

Coco French Pink Clay Mask

How creamy is the mask? Its thick and creamy exactly as a mask should be, it smooths so well into the skin, and really, initially it stung- I got worried, I felt a panic, I thought of taking it off, and then after a couple of seconds the cooling sensation came in.

removal of the mask was quick and easy, and my skin felt really soft and clean, like my pores had been emptied. I wont lie on removal my face was still a slight pink in colour, but 5 minutes after all of came back to normal.

Coco Detox Daily Face Cream

I have been using this daily and it really acts as both a brightener and a moisturiser, the milky smell of almond and coconut feels very theraupeutic. This is one product i hide from the hubby because he too is obsessed over it. It keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

Coco soft Detox Night Facial Cream ,

Very similer to the day cream but more thicker in consistency to add the depth into the night, I love ending my night with this product. In the morning my face still has a moisturised feel to it, and altogether it feel more brighter.

As an ambassador Im very pleased to tell you all that you can use my very own code to get discount on your products.

For 40% off use BALM17 at checkout.

And Here’s the Webby http://www.hello-body.co.uk

Love and regards


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Transparency- Although Partly gifted to me by Hello Body, all reviews are my own and reflect my personal experience with the products.

Let’s Take a Look inside………The Cult Beauty Starter Kit….

As you guys know I’m suffering from a illness called ‘Ageing’, and I mean I’m really struggling with it. Its no joke so don’t sit there smirking….. It happens to the best of us!

So my skin has been affected the worse. The skin on my face that is, the part that shows…. the visible part…….so I’ve been looking around and using products like I never have before in all my life….

I think I’m turning into some sort of skin care guru, trying to learn how best to look after my skin, what should be in each product… Etc ( I just will not drink water!!)

And I came across this pack from cult beauty….

It is the cult beauty starter pack, called the ‘Holy Grail’- WHY?

Well because it holds 6 of the make up industry’s iconic brands all in one box. Some of the products are mini sizes, and some the normal size. And it just gives the consumer the chance to explore the products before they buy.

It contains products by, Nars, Ordinary, Glow, Huda, patchology and Living Proof. All at a price of £30 (normally £79).

It was actually the Glow watermelon maske and The Ordinary that I was after. The two products alone were coming up to £25 for me, it seemed silly for me to not put the extra £5 in to get the remainder….

I’ll just go through  the products now

Well firstly. You guys should know this by now. Box ✅ tissue paper ✅…. It’s already a winner… (Smiles lovingly)

This is the mask I was talking about. This just keeps popping up on my Instagram feed. It was calling me. I had to get it. The mask in this pack is a mini size, but that’s the greatest thing. If I don’t like it at least I know not to buy the bigger one…. Btw I just removed the lid and omg! It smells so delish. I could scoop it up and eat is as a dessert if it was edible. ( I’ll let you guys know how I get along with it after I’ve tried it a few times)

When I shared on Instagram my sore and dry skin, the amount of people that showed and sent me pictures of their products was amazing (thank you guys. You are the best) the most popular was this. I had never heard of The Ordinary before.( Told you I’m a skincare virgin) and it seems to be all the rage over the internet, for it’s effectiveness and price. I can’t wait to start using this.

I’m still trying to get use to the fact that I’m having to look after my face and the pack includes this ‘Living Proof restore Mask treatment’ for Hair! For Hair people I tell you- for Hair!… I always just use conditioner, and they have masks for this. ( I really have just woken up) I’m really looking forward to my pamper day where I try this whole box on together…. Well not together, but together… You know what I mean. Together. Right?

This sheet masks are very popular, everywhere I go I see them. Up till today I’ve not bought one,because well, we have masks at home and I just don’t get this buy one wet sheet, throw it on your face and then throw away philosophy. ( I’m old school) but I’m pleasantly pleased to see this in the box. Because I’ll actually be able to try one and throw it away…. I’m quite excited by it….

Nars the Multiple. I had to research this one (don’t you dare roll your eyes at me!) I just didn’t get it, it’s too big to be a lipstick, it’s flat, it’s not liquid. What the hell is it?well it can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips! Before makeup or after to add glow. That’s all I can tell you. I’ll need to YouTube a video and find out more. If you guys know. Please help. Make up virgin here 🙋‍♀️.

There’s nothing more on the makeup world that excites me as much as Huda!and this Topaz collection is an absolute beauty. Just look at the colours on that and be mesmerised. This and the Glow mask make the whole box worth every penny and more.

All these products individually priced come to £79 … At £30 you really can’t go wrong, and also as mentioned before, if there’s certain products you like after, then it’s worth buying just that product.

I’m really excited to try out all the goodies. If there is a certain product that I like and feel it’s made a difference I shall let you all know.

Once again here’s the Webby for the cult beauty starter pack:


Love and Regards


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