French Toast, Theatre, and Biryani. What better way to spend a day in London?

You know my favourite place in the whole wide world is London, you didn’t? .. really? Well you know now.

And most of my ‘to do’ list is…. things to do in London, and If it’s on my list, it’s got to be done, and done it was. Another trip ticked off just before the Lockdown.

It was quite a daunting and surreal trip in honesty, we were contemplating whether it was safe or not, things had started up in UK, things were looking uncertain, we knew a lockdown would be soon….. Should we? Shouldn’t we? is it safe? have we made a mistake, so many questions went through the mind.

Tickets were already booked 2 months in advance…. We closed our eyes, said our prayers and got in the car….. Best decision ever…… Didn’t Evan realise that may have been our last trip for the coming months.

We meaning Me, Sabina and Nilu.

Our London trips differ depending on who’s driving. It was my turn, and I like to leave my car outside of London and tube it everywhere. I have found the perfect location in Barnet at Cockfoster’s tube station. Its a one and a half hour drive to Cockfosters from where I live, and then one tube on the Picadilly line (roughly 25 mins) that takes us to Central. For me its perfect, we don’t get stuck in traffic, parking is not an issue (parking at cockfosters is £6 for the whole day) and driving back also does not feel like a chore.

And that one and a half hours was perfect for Sabina and Nilu to get to know each other, it was their first trip together and the anxiety was obvious, but damn these two are so alike it is unbelievable, something I hadn’t worked out till this day. Too alike. I guess we do look for certain traits when we choose who to be friends with. They hit it off and that made the trip all the more comfortable.

So what did we do? well…. ticked off the boxes. doh. (Homer Simpson style)

First stop: Christophers

Right opposite the Lycheum theatre- sits Christophers and it’d be a sin to have gone to London and walked past this place. Usually you have to book a reservation in, but we decided to pot luck it, as didn’t really know if we would have the time to get in, There was no space in the dining area, but they could fit us in the bar- which was perfect as we had a show to get to….

The Bar at Christophers

So whats so special about Christophers?. For those that don’t know- they have the ‘BEST’ French Toast EVER. For those that do- you already know this and are drooling at the thought right? don’t worry- so am I- Its not coming off my To-do list, this is staying on… permanently…

and here it is:

Next Up: The Lion King at Lycheum Theatre

A Theatre trip in London was on the to do list, if we were going to go theatre- it had to be the best, and the best without a shadow of a doubt is Lion King right? Running for 25 years in a row and still selling out on every show…. Really, We couldn’t go for any other show …

I have been theatre before, but nothing as grand as this. The Lycheum
Theatre blew us away, it was beautiful, we could not get over how beautiful it was. It felt magical. Stuff you see in the movies or read about in the books, it really took my breath away.

The balconies…
How glorious is the ceiling….

And it had the cutest little spectacle thingy mi-gigs. How cute. I needed a photo with that. Honestly they don’t really work the best though, I think we used them more in the interval to see what the posh-not’s below and on the balcony were doing… Guilty. I put my hands up.

The Show was amazing too. Loved every moment. There’s a reason why its been running that long, and I would recommend it to anyone in a second. Prices range from £40- £250 per seat…. we were in the top block but in the middle and at the front of the top block?? (am I even making sense here?) Our tickets cost £70. Their was nothing wrong with the seats- but I do feel that next time I would go slight lower for sure – just to get the level the same as the stage. I really think that it would have definitely heightened the experience.

Intervals mean time for selfies, Thank to Sabina who took the position of camera women

Leaving the theatre – its time to fill the belly. Farzi Cafe was another one on the list and just a 15 minute walk away. We decided to walk it there to get in the fresh air and also stretch those legs before the journey back. Landing outside the theatre though we saw these….

…and like little kids we jumped on. All three of us. The weather was beautiful, not warm, not cold and we got to see the pretty London streets, without the worry of if we were going in the right direction….

To End the Day: Farzi Cafe

A hot spot in Dubai- we decided to try it out in London, the place did not disappoint, it was beautiful inside. Being 5’o’clock at this time, we were the only ones in so we got all the attention we needed….

The Bar at Farzi Cafe
Oh but what good is dining without the non-alcoholic mocktails?

And what did we order? these totally tender and filled with so much moisture and flavour chicken tikkas,

These delicate little pav bhajis…

And Biryani…. But pot roasted Biryani…. Just look at that….

And it was devoured. Just the perfect meal to end our day….

Little did we know that this would be the last trip before Lock down, but I am so glad we went and were safe. Fast forward to now, London still feels like a distant dream. Getting into Asda is still hard enough.

Hope you guys all enjoyed our journey with us, and hope you still keeping safe. The Measures may have changed but still keep safe, and maintain social distance rules.

Love and regards


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Chocolate Banana Croissant French Toast

So many delicious words in one recipe! Its the month of Ramadhan, we are in lockdown, we are fasting, we are stuck at home. I really shouldnt be talking about food but…… I mean if I dont talk about food, what other topic is their?

Am I finding Ramadhan hard- in all honesty No, but everyone craves, I crave evan after I’ve eaten, so if you havent eaten, I dont need to tell you what the cravings are like…..

Dalgona Coffee was a hit, Rose Dalgona hit us one better, everyones competing with each other over french toast… and now I give you the ‘Chocolate Banana Croissant French Toast’…. it sounds like all of the above rolled into one. No?

And here it is:

Is it good? Oh Damn Good. We have it for Sehri, (meal before sunrise) so if you follow me on instagram youll find it under ‘Sehri Diaries’. If you dont follow me.. what are you waiting for? its just here.

You will need:

  • Croissants 3/4
  • Bananas 2 chopped
  • Nutella
  • Milk 2 tablespoon
  • 2 Eggs
  • A Dollop of Butter
  • A Dollop of Ghee
  • Handful of Suger
  • Half a teaspoon of Cinnamon
  • Freshcream – I use the Squirty one
  • Strawberries (if desired)
  • Icecream (if desired)

And heres what to do with it:

Chop up the bananas and caremelise in frying pan on low heat with ghee and suger.

Cut the croissants in half, spread a dollop (I like this word) of nutella inside and add in the caremalised banana (you can add strawberries in this too)

Make your egg and milk mixture, by whisking milk, egg, cinnamon and a little suger

Dip your filled croissant into the mixture and fry on low heat in ‘dollop’ of butter. And once fried, put suger all over

And serve with cream on the side, or evan icecream, and decorate with remainder banana or strawberries.

What a treat for sehri! We love it, Im sure you will too. Try it out and dont forget to send a pic of yours.

Cant wait to see your creations

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors

Love and regards


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Nutella and Strawberry French Toast Rolls

Who likes strawberries? Me!

Who likes Nutella? Me!!

Who like French toast? Me! Me! Me!

Who like French toast with Nutella and Strawberries?….. drooooooool!!!!

……Oh you do too? Sorry couldn’t hear you, I was getting too excited..

Ok, so when I think of French toast… its breakfast right?

and then Nutella? well thats got to be a dessert, right?

So where do these roll ups fit in? well ….my answer….” Anywhere you damn well want! just eat them!!! ALL!! By yourself! DO NOT SHARE!”. For breakfast, lunch and Dinner, and everything in between aswell!

Thats what I did. Im sorry, you can just salivate on the photos, and im really sorry to my dentist the most, it was one day of pure indulgence, I will behave from today onwards. I promise.

So here is how to make these little indulgences.

Its the most easiest and quickest thing ever…. it took me longer to write this blog up!!

So here goes; You will need:

  • 6 Bread Slices
  • Nutella
  • Strawberries (chopped up)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 Tablespoon Milk
  • 1 Tablespoon Butter
  • 1.4 cup Suger
  • 2 Teaspoon Cinnamon Powder

And heres what to do with it All;

  • Remove the crust of the Bread Slices
  • Roll out and flatten Bread with Rolling Pin
  • Layer Bread with Nutella and add few peices of chopped Strawberries on one end
  • And roll up the Bread, (the Nutella will hold the Roll in shape)

  • Add Butter to a frying pan on medium heat
  • Whisk Egge and milk together
  • Dip a roll to the egg mixture, and fry in frying pan
  • Once fried (usually takes 2/3 minutes max) dip into a bowl of mixed suger and cinnamon, covering it completely

And Voila, it is ready to Eat, or Devour as I did

Just how yummy does this look?

Damn I need to make more…..Jetting off to the kitchen now…… Im thinking…. Lotus and Banana and Cream Cheese!….. Oh Yum! (Sorry Dentist- THIS is the last time. I PROMISE)

Let me know how it goes when you make yours!

Love and regards


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