Flying- What its like to Travel whilst in Covid-19

When the Lockdown happened back in March, and we were all glued to our television screens and like being in a movie saw Boris state that Covid-19 had come to take over the World…. I thought that travelling abroad in 2020 was off limits……. That was up until August when a few countries still had their borders open for us British people……. Our first trip since lock down. We were anxious, excited, curious, scared, nervous…… all the emotions put into one. But one thing we definitely were was ‘Ready’. Having gone through the Covid-19 we felt invincible….. like we had superpowers….. I know, I know, we can catch it again, but I also know that we can fight it too….. so we are now ready to conquer the World again…. or maybe just Istanbul for the time being…..

We decided on Istanbul because it was the only place which doesn’t require us to Quarantine after the trip, so we could potentially go straight back into work on return. Having already lost out on days off whilst we were unwell, this was a priority when booking.

I thought it would be important to talk about our experience whilst travelling because I know a lot of people are really anxious about travelling, and I have got to admit that the world and travelling has definitely changed to a ‘new normal’. It actually is a bizarre and surreal experience, yet we felt safe throughout, so rest assured….. its not all bad.

We were flying from Stansted and the flight being at silly’o’clock in the morning we decided to book one night in with parking at the Hamptons by Hilton which is actually on the grounds of Stansted Airport- so that the morning is easier for us all. The stay also includes airport parking for the duration of our trip. It really is a no brainer as we now don’t need to rely on anyone to pick or drop us off or even arrange Taxi runs- especially because it was at Silly’o’clock.

The reality of the fast and Changing ‘Covid’ world hit us on entrance to the Hamptons….. where we were met by a platform advising us to sanitise our hands and a dude with a temperature gun pointing at our foreheads….. do keep in mind we have not even got to the airport yet. The Hotel felt empty and there were direction signs around the reception area. The reception desk was blocked by a perplex glass with a tiny cut out for any transaction being made. The receptionist had the Perspex mask on, and we were directed to put our masks on, on entrance.

The bar was empty, no people, no buzz, no feeling of being in a hotel…. Once we got our keys we entered the lifts, once again we had a little guest in the lift encouraging us yet again to ‘Sanitise’

The rooms had a sticker which broke apart on entrance- clearly used for our purpose to acknowledge that it was last cleaned and since then no one else has entered the room.

If you guys have been reading and following me you will know that one thing I love is breakfast in every hotel, its a bonus of the stay and I love the whole experience…..well once again….. Covid just took the fun out of breakfast! Firstly we had to give a time we will turn up for breakfast so that they can manage the amount of people at the breakfast hall. Secondly we were given this…..

A tray full of breakfast. No choices. Just this. Plastic plates, plastic cutlery, no moving around…. I was so disappointed….. I understand that its not the hotels fault….. but I also know now that I will not be paying the extra for breakfast. This was not worth waking up for…….

Now the Airport……… My god I have never in my life seen such an empty airport, it was quiet and eerie. Masks are mandatory inside the airport and their was surveillance team walking around making sure that we all were social distancing and adhering to the ‘new normal’ as well as hundreds of signs all over the place, on the floor and the walls, and the famous Sanitising stations at every point…… In all honesty….. apart from the mask thing I actually enjoyed it. The queues were short, check in was quick and easy, getting a seat was easy, and everyone around was also considerate, everyone played there part to make it an easy experience to travel in the ‘new normal’…. it really was the best trip in terms of going through the whole getting into departures.

Sanitisers are everywhere and in every corner in the airport, cafes and restaurants are sticking to ‘social distancing’ within their confines, the chairs that we sit on in the lounges are limited and spread apart or have ‘X’ stickers on them so that we do not use them….. so all in all, in whatever manner possible the airports are adhering to the ‘new normal’ and although its a new ‘wake’ for us, its also quite reassuring to know that matters are put into place for our safety.

Next up the flight……Boarding the plane was yet another experience, nobody seemed in a hurry or a rush to get in, it was all done calmly and maintaining the social distance rules. On entrance to the flight, once again we are pointed with a temp gun to our forehead- I am assuming this is the last one before we jet off.

The seating is done according to the bookings, a seat is always free if a new booking ‘bubble’ comes in. We were reassured that the plane was cleaned and sanitised between every flight. Meals are not permitted on the flight, if we did want to purchase, cold foods- like sandwiches cakes and drinks are available all with contactless payment. We were advised to stay in our seat at all times, unless its really necessary, and to try not to queue up outside the toilets, but rather go in when there is space. All in all I think everyone adhered very well to the rules…… and…… You have to wear a mask throughout the WHOLE flight, and when I say Mask, they want a mask- not a scarf pulled over the face- which is what I did! (Oooops)

In all honesty this was the hardest part of the whole journey, keeping a mask on for 4 hours straight is not a joke, especially because I have a reflux problem, so I forever felt like I needed to breathe. I did fall asleep whilst on the flight, but I was woken up by the flight attendant to advised me that my mask had dropped, so this is just to advise you that the ‘Mask’ on a flight is taken extremely seriously!

Leaving the Plane was another ‘new normal’. No one seemed in a hurry to get off the plane either. Usually as soon as the ‘belt sign’ goes off- everyone jumps. No jumping off today, people patiently waited for the plane to stop, and were waiting on each other to get up and leave. It really made the travelling experience enjoyable.

So All in All. Yes!! ‘Travelling’ now has a new normal which we all need to adjust to, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact I enjoyed it better than the ‘Normal’….. checking in was Quick and Easy, people are more considerate, staff are there to ensure our safety….. the only thing that I found hard was the wearing of the mask on the aeroplane the whole way……

Next up: We landed in Istanbul….

Stay tuned for my days in Istanbul

Love and Regards


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CoronaVirus Got Me. My Experience with Covid- 19..

One thing I have learnt whilst contracting the Covid-19 is that it is a different experience for everyone who goes through it……and this is the reason why we are facing these uncertain times, because nobody has one set experience- it is so tricky to understand who has Covid and who is going through a normal sickness period like the flu, or a common cold.

Everyone also experiences it in different forms, whilst some will be Covid Positive and go through their day without knowing, others have more dangerous effects like breathing issues, and convulsing coughs.

Yes. It struck me, and the whole family too, but we were lucky we got the mild form of Covid, and we are all well on the way to recovery. I have decided to do a 7 day diary, purely because its been such a tough time for everyone with the lock down and the constant anxiety and stress we have all been feeling, over getting Covid and getting over it.

I appreciate that not everyone will go through it the same as me, for some it will be easier, for others it will be harder, but generally I want to emphasise that ‘We can get over it!‘ All the media seems to show is negatives, all everyone seems to talk about is deaths. Well I am here and I am alive, and I am getting over this, as are my family.

I am in no way or form saying it was easy. It was tough! you will see exactly What I went through in the 7 days. But what I am saying is that it gets easier….

Day 1:

2o’clock in the afternoon I had a headache- a sudden headache. All I wanted to do was go to sleep. I stretched myself out thinking it’s a migraine and finished off bits n bobs around the house before I could sleep (as we do). It came to a point where I could not carry on, so I decided to switch the lights off, put the blanket on and get some sleep.

Usually when I have a migraine I can sleep pretty much straight away, here the force of the headache was so bad, I couldn’t sleep at all, I tossed and turned but just couldn’t sleep, and the headache was becoming severe, then all of a sudden I had a coughing fit and I threw up. After this I slept for a little over 2 hours but I felt better.

I assumed that I felt this way because I stretched the migraine out. I told myself never to do this again. The hubby also was suffering from headaches, and slight fever- but he was up and about, so he decided to go to the walk in clinic to get tested. I decided not to….. As I just had a migraine right?

I managed to make dinner, I was feeling weak but assumed its because I stretched out my migraine and I just had to get over it. The hubby settled for tea and toast- his throat was hurting him. I made fish, roast potatoes and vegetables for me and kids. The Kids ate well. I remember taking a bite of the fish and not enjoying it, it smelt fishy, really bad fishy, overwhelmingly fishy (Is that even a thing) I ate the vegetables only and binned the rest as I just couldn’t stomach it. The smell was overpowering. I’m sure its the same fish I buy all the time from Iceland…….. I Blamed the migraine again.

2 hours later like a blow to my head the pain in my head and eyes started. I couldn’t function. The hubby gave me paracetamol. (I knew I shouldn’t have taken it, I have a reaction to pain killers and waiting for my allergy testing which has been put on hold because of Covid.) 15 minutes in and I threw this up along with my food intake. I was feeling weak, I was shaking, my head was aching, and I just wanted to close my eyes so I went upstairs to bed straight away.

All night I struggled to sleep, my headache was so severe and my body felt like someone had beaten me up. My legs were refusing to work with me, every turn and shift in bed was agonising. On top of that I threw up 2 more times, the last time a case of acid.

Gosh. This was by far the worst migraine I Had ever had! . I Didn’t even realise Migraines could be so bad

Food intake in 24 hours– few vegetables which I eventually threw up.

Day 2:

The next morning at 8am the hubby touches my neck and says that I am roasting, like cooking, real bad. I’m also sweating, I can’t open my eyes, my head is heavy, My body feels like a truck has run over me, and the right side of my leg feels heavier than the other. He calls 111…. Usual questions first regarding covid….. No coughing, and no out of breath. … Not covid. I knew that. It’s a migraine…… But the lady on the other side said No it may be worse. You need to go into A&E now….. NOW!.

I really slowly and with aches and pains got into the car, and we headed off to A&E- which by the way is no longer A&E it’s just a small cubicle sitting outside A&E and has a socially distanced qué outside. Their was only 2 people in front of me, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I stood in the que (no visitors allowed) but I was struggling standing. There were no seats around, I held on the railing and Evan contemplated sitting on floor. The lady in front saw my discomfort and offered me her place. I am forever grateful to this soul.

Inside the cubicle I got asked the same questions all over again. The nurse checked my temperature, gave me a mask, and handed me a form. He told me I needed to go to another entrance in the hospital which can only be done whilst going on the outside of the hospital as all corridors inside are closed off and blocked. Luckily the hubby dearest was still outside and we drove round.

On entering the hospital- I knew straight away something was wrong, no visitors were allowed in, and it was eerie and empty. Just 2 ladies sat in reception, with full mask and gloves on, its only when I handed the form in to them that I noticed the form on the top said ‘Covid 19 Ward’.

One of the ladies grabbed me a chair and positioned me to sit down, I was glad she did, there was no way I was able to stand. Once again I got the million and one question whilst she tapped away at her computer screen, I asked the dreaded question “Am I in the Covid Ward?”

‘Yes’ She responded, ‘Just need to make sure we have all your details then we will take you in’

‘Im not covid, I have a headache, I have really bad migraine” I answered

‘I just do the form filling sweetie- once you go in, they will do the rest…”

“Im not going in” I answered, ” I need to see a doctor…. i’m not covid, i’m not coughing, I am not out of breath….i’m just tired, and weak”

She completely ignored me, and gave me another form and pointed to the door further down. “Thats the ward, they will look after you in there”

I hesitantly went to the door, a nurse opened up and told me to go in, I refused, gave her the form, and told her ‘Im not covid. this is a mistake,….” she heard me out and took me back to reception. She had a word with a doctor over the phone and then handed me a form and advised me to go see the doctor. Once again I went back in the car and we drove round to where the doctor was….

The doctor saw me within 15 minutes, “You need to go back to the Covid Ward, you are covid positive”. He said this just by looking at me. By this time I was tired, I was exhausted, I had just been passed from pillar to post, and I was getting upset. I went into the car and told my hubby “I am done, nobody wants to listen to me, I want to go home. Im not going to the Covid Ward – just take me home..”

We went home, on the way home, I got a call from the doctor asking me where I was, I explained to him that I decided to go home. He did tell me clearly that he thinks I should be in hospital and that my temp was at 39.5 which is dangerously high. I refused and told him that its due to the migraine. He advised me to get a test done, and to isolate until I get the results and gave me a direct number should I feel any worse to call and a ambulance would pick me up.

We left the conversation as that, I went home, went into bed and fell asleep.

Later that day my husband gets his results “Positive”………that means……, I must also be positive……

I looked at my husband in disbelief, It got us. We are Covid Positive. I had tears in my eyes at this point, I was feeling so weak, so awful, my head was pounding, and that damn doctor was right, and I had cussed him the whole way…

I stayed in bed til mid afternoon, then I decided I needed to get up. The struggle is unreal, every little millimetre of movement hurt, like an elephant had stamped on me, my body felt bruised and my skin was so hot, it was reflecting into myself like a heater. My head was pounding, I was forcing myself to keep the eyes open.

We started on our hot drinks (link here) but I couldnt have anything with milk in it, it felt heavy and generally the smell would make me throw up! (this is like pregnancy all over again), I probably stayed down stairs for 2 hours, before all I needed was to sleep. I went back upstairs and I slept…

Food intake: Vitamin C Tablet, One orange and 2 cups of water with Lemon

Day 3

Another rough night, the body feels like its broken, the temperature not subsiding. The head is pounding. Emotions were running everywhere. My eldest son has started coughing, so now the 3 of us are unwell, just the youngest one left….

Today was all about more hot drinks, and honestly I dont really remember much apart from sleeping through it…

Food intake : Vitamin C tablet, nil by mouth, 3 cups of water with Lemon

Day 4

Today the hubby suggested a shower- maybe I was smelling? I realised it had been 3 days since I last went. This coming from a women who needs a shower 2 times a day minimum, at 40 minutes each. Yes I am a water hogger and a proud one at that. The headaches were not so frequent, but the body still felt bruised, maybe the hot water would help?

The shortest shower in all of my life lived, I struggled with standing, and then the water ached on my body. The steam made me gag and ….. well i’ll wait a further 4 days before I try that again.

Although not 100percent the body was feeling so much more better, I could do bits and bobs for a couple of hours before the aches started up again, and I used my time wisely, whenever I felt I could do things, I got up and did them, the most simplest of things like emptying the dishwasher or putting a load of clothes in the washing machine, and just putting away socks and underwear. Being more fit and able we started steaming with black seed oil to clear up the airways and once again lived on lemon and water. (Click here for the drinks we had whilst ill, they helped in keeping the airways clear)

Food Intake: Vitamin C tablet, 4/5 lemon and water glasses, no food

Day 5

Woke up with no headache at all. My body was healing but the right side of my leg was still aching, sharp pains running through. I spent most of the day downstairs. The eldest was coughing on and off, but generally keeping well. The youngest Boi had now come down with a temperature and body pain. We kept him on paracetamols every 4 hours. Its funny how when your child becomes ill, automatically you go into turbo-mode and try and get over your own feelings.

Food intake: Lemon and water throughout the day, and I managed a handfull of food today. Definately getting better..

Day 6

The younger boy is doing well, as long as the paracetemol is kept up to date. Im going through burst in the day where I am fine for a little while and other times I just want to sleep. Small chores in the house are getting done, but all at the expense of a aching body afterwards.

Food intake: Lemon and water throughout day, with golden chai. For dinner I had soup and bread, and it stayed down!

Day 7

Headache? What headache? What temp? the only thing remaining now is the aching body on the right side. I’ve started doing alot around the house and even started making food! feeling generally better as a whole…. Is the worst over? I think it is

Food intake: Lemon and water throughout day, light lunch and light dinner.

It’s now day 13, and apart from a slight pain on my right leg, all other symptoms have gone. The same for hubby who has slight headaches and the boys have miraculously got over it completely.

The reality with covid is that nobody really knows what it is, and everyone goes through a different version of covid.

Generally speaking the main symptoms of covid are- new cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and High temperature… From all of this I had only high temperature. I suffered from headaches, body aches, a heightened sense of smell, vomiting and nausea!? …. For obvious reason I was in denial that I had covid- I was waiting for all the wrong symptoms.

But am I glad it’s over. Since March we have been going through anxiety, every little ache and pain would make us doubt ourselves and what we experienced was nothing we had even imagined.

I just want to tell all the people who have anxieties over Covid that, yes there is a genuine reason, however it is curable, and we can get over it. Most of the challenge is a mental game, if you can keep mentally strong and try to push yourself, you can fight it. However I appreciate not everyone is the same, but I am hoping that my experience will help the ones who have anxiety to understand that its a battle that can be won, and that the media is something we really need to switch off too, especially because in all honesty I didnt even get any of the ‘normal’ symptoms of Covid yet I was Covid Positive.

Should any of you require any help, any advice, even if you would just like to talk, just send me a quick email, I will do my best to help you, even if it means to help you try and keep your anxieties at bay.

A Huge Thankyou to all my friends and Family, who were by my side (at the other side of the door) whilst we went through this. You made the whole process so much more easier for us. Forever grateful for this and also to the lady who gave up her position in A&E for me. I appreciate you were their for a reason, yet you thought of me before yourself, and I will never be able to repay you for this.

Onwards and Upwards.

Love and Regards


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April…. In a Nutshell

Wow…. It just gets weirder (is that an actual word). Every month seems to be more entertaing then the last, and we are not evan mentioning the Kardashians in the story- thats another form of entertainment in itself.

So what did April Bring us? Apart from the crazy increase in deaths from the Covid. Is it still going on? Yes it is. Is it a dream? No!…. Please God wake us up if it is, it’s been going on for too long.

Death Toll for the UK is sitting at just above 28000 at the moment, in a month the increase is quite scary…. But I’m not going down that route again…. Let’s leave it as that …

1. Boris has Corona….

It struck our own Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Just when I started liking the dude. I was shocked. I think that shocked everyone…… The virus is real and it is after us all. At one point we thought we had lost him as he was put into intensive care….. but he pulled through, and we can all breathe again. For real.

Then Prince Charles got infected, another shock to the system. He managed to get through it too. Phew. Can’t have our future King go before he Even gets a chance to be ‘King’ … But will he be king? Hmmmmmm…. Anyway back to this- we seriously don’t need more bad news this month. The lockdown and the evil virus lurking in every corner waiting to grab is enough for us at the moment….

This month we also had a surge of celebrities who were all getting the virus. Tom Hanks and his wife, Idris Elba among them…. they made it seem so easy…At one point I thought it might be ‘fashun’ and was wondering if I should loiter out and just get it…. so I could fit it….. Luckily that thought only lasted a few seconds…

2. Trump and Dettol

Can we get through one month….. Just one? Only one- where we don’t mention this guy’s name? Please. Just the one? He needs a show of his own, he goes through more emotional swings than the Kardashians put together “Keeping up with Donald Trump” ….. It does have a certain ring to it…

So what’s the eejit done now? Only just gone and told everyone that Dettol is the answer to the Covid….

Sheeeesh (kebabs) (* rolled my eyes the longest I ever had- 6 times minimum*)

I mean the average person knows not to take anything this guy says seriously, but he has people who worship him…. Who probably are risking their lives trying this out…. … I just can’t….. Have to move on… Can’t waste more time on this guy. “Their are people dying Trump! “

3. China

So they decided that they had got rid of the virus, and then they decided that they hadn’t, and then they decided that they had, and once again realised that they hadn’t….. Considering the virus started from China the death toll sits at just under 5000…. Urm not calling them liars, not at all, I mean…. Why would I do that? … Urm unless off course I think that they are lying? …. Liars!!

4. It’s a Boy

Some good news for the end of the month. Boris Johnson had a Baby Boy, and he has the same blonde unruly hair just like his pops. ( I’m not being mean. I promise- but hopefully rest of him will go after momma- she’s a beaut.)

And I think that’s all for April. Don’t really want to get too into details about the virus, we have enough of that kind of mail being thrown about everywhere.

Waiting on Boris for this month to see what’s happening with the restrictions…. But for the time being people- stay safe, stay indoors, make Dalgona and bake a cake…. It’s not all bad…

Love and regards


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Take Some Time out Before you go Crazy

I knew I was loosing it, I just knew it. You know that feeling when someone breathes out loud and something inside you flips…. That feeling when someone Evan coughs and something switches on inside you- like a very ‘scratchy chalk on a black board’ and you are ready to throw anything that comes in your way, for no reason what so ever…… Or when a knife grazes on a ceramic plate……..and it feels like a pin pricked inside your brain….Yup that feeling! You know it right? Or when someone walks into the room and leaves the door open! You know exactly what I am talking about! Right? Thats when you know…… ‘I need time out’ .Especially in these turbulent times…. Taking time out is so damn important.

But it’s not just any sort of ‘Time out’….. Evan the word ‘Time Out’ has changed. It’s no longer waiting for the men in the house to leave so that you can jump into the tub, or watch the movie you have been wanting to watch after ages. In these uncertain time – you have to tell everyone you need Time out! You have to make this clear…… , your ‘Time out’ will involve people around you, and to make sure they don’t disturb you, you have to make it clear …..and my conversation; it went a little like this:

“I’m going in the bath, I don’t want anyone to come knocking on the door, I don’t care what you do, what you eat, what you watch…..! ..”


“What!! ” I snapped

“We don’t want anything, you go” … Now is that a way to make someone feel guilty or what?! I am Even more annoyed now. Oh Boris- how much more longer?…. How did we even get here!

The bath was taking ages to fill, my bath bomb wasn’t working out as I wanted it too, The water was too hot, and then it was too cold. I was getting all flustered…. And I’m nowhere near my period date! This was serious peeps! Dead serious!

I took a book in with me, but I don’t know how you all do it? I really struggle… Like do you have to keep your hands up all the time? How do you not get book wet? Head rest? I shuffle around an all…. It’s hard work guys. Is there a skill or technique I’m missing out on? Because I don’t get it….. I really failed at this, im stuck with a wet book now…. so I put the book aside and just….. Did nothing…. Nothing…

…I sank in, and then that’s it. Everything disappeared, the mess, the immense amount of cooking, the shouting, the noise, the chaos, the voices in my head…. I was alone. Finally….

No noise, no sound, no voices, just me myself and I….. and Boy did I need it

….This blog is about taking that time out because WE all need it! (I am sure im not the only one whos going crazy? right?)

1. Breathe

With all this crazy madness around us, I have turned into a ‘Stepford wife’ and I don’t Evan like that Sheesh (Kebab- because I won’t swear). I mean Evan the Stepford wives doesnt like being a ‘Stepford Wife’ – so why would I?

So when you are feeling a little overwhelmed, take a break, switch off. Go into a room alone. Go for a drive. Go for a walk. Breathe in the fresh air. Just try and get away from home. The brain gets fogged with too much or too little going on, and that time out will really help clear up the mind.

2. Create your own Ambience

The amount that soak helped me was unbelievable. Yes I came out all wrinkly, probably aged another 30 years, but the wrinkles in my mind were now ironed out. Im usually at home alone, I like my space, I like to call my house ‘mine’ but with this lockdown it has become ‘Our house’, I have to share this space with 3 other beings…. and I learnt something about myself Ive never known before- ‘I dont like sharing!’

I’ve had to get on with it, mardy face and all, (that hurts) but also I’ve learnt that their are certain places/rooms which are private to me, that give me solitude. That keep me sane. I use these spaces when I need that 5 minute to myself. I have my favourite things in those spots, I light the candle, I dim the light and I read my favourite book. Create your ambience in your home, make it yours (dont share!)

3. Comedy

We are going through quite a tough time at the moment, dont make it worse by watching the wrong things. Programmes/movies have a influence on your mood. If you are already having a bad day, dont watch a serious movie, watch something a little more light-hearted. My go-to has to be Friends- no matter how much times I watch it, nobody in the world can make me smile more than Chandler and Phoebe (and a little bit of Joey)

4. Social Media

Just three words for you all here:


5. Find Your Niche

my Niche was travelling, eating out, wining, dining, and Afternoon tea- and thats scrapped now. But staying at home has made me discover a lot of old ‘Niches’ that I forget I had. Like colouring…. yes I am a adult, but all I want to do is colour, and do you know how theraupeutic that is? get yourself an adult colouring book, get some pencil crayons and watch the colouring book come alive.

I know people who didnt know the difference between roti flour and self raising flour who have seriously upped their game and are baking things that I didnt even know existed (and I considered myself a baker). They found their niche for sure- im seriously ordering my Eid goodies off them. You know who you are!

So find your niche, whether it be baking, reading, knitting, cooking, painting…..whatever it is… Seriously this pandemic has taught us to go back to the basics and I love that.

6. Spa at Home

Well why not?? make a quick and healthy meal, fill up the tub, fire up a few candles, get the face mask and foot mask out, and chill out. You cant go to a Spa- you have all the time in the world to make your own spa at home, and the beauty is, after your done, get into bed and go to sleep. No driving home involved here. Bliss

7. Catch Up

Real life takes it toll, when was the last time you rang your mum and spoke to her properly? like really properly…. me – I dont know, but now I actually ask her about her day and how she is doing, what she is doing…. without rushing her.

The tranquility I feel in that conversation is Gold. Pure Gold, and its only this Pandemic that has made me realise this. Do a routine where you call a special person everyday and just…. Catch UP.

8. Spring Clean

Ok I know, I know, I sprung this one on you…… but its not all that bad…… the clothes cupboards have been waiting since last summer for a clean out, and guess what they are still waiting. No more excuses about no time. We have all the time in the world. Do you know how satisfying this can actually be? At the moment im constantly wearing comfort clothes-all of these are definately getting binned when we are out of our sentance. But also it given me ideas of what I do need to get aswell….. cant wait for that shopping trip! Thats something to look forward to.

What a mess. Can’t wait to dive into this

Well thats how I am keeping sane in this weird time in our life. How are you guys all doing? anything you are doing differently or I can add to my life?

Hope you all are keeping Strong and keeping safe. We will get through this.

Stay Safe. Stay at Home

Love and regards


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Lets Talk Hot Drinks…. Because what better way to beat the Covid19

Every second watsapp message I get is about how warm drinks- hot drinks can kill the virus….. ahhhh if only it was that simple people!? come on lets be realistic here, we cant be having a worldwide pandemic with over 100, 000 people dead, if the cure was hot drinks.

Mama Bear rings me everyday and asks if I have had lemon water, if ive had Vitamin C tablet, if im making turmeric milk… is this an indian culture thing? Im not so sure? maybe you can tell me. Are you all going through the same thing?

But in all honesty- what wrong can a warm drink do? I love all things Tea and if a warm drink can give people hope, gives them a bit of sunshine, acts as a preventive measure then at the end of the day whether it works or not- its soothing and also make you mentally fit- whats wrong with that? Go make yourself a warm drink.

So why is there a craze for this ‘Warm Drink’ and where is it coming from;

Here comes the science bit. (Say it like the Loreal advert). Concentrate (*wink seductively*)

We know that the virus hits the lungs and sits in the sinus area, hence the dry cough and breathing difficulties. We also know for the breathing difficulties its straight to the hospital and air ventilators (which are very scarce due to amount of people needing them)- So the hot drinks are put into place so that we can keep the air passages clear and hopefully avoid the whole hospitalisation issue.

Usually the signs that coronavirus has hit are after 3-4 days, and it takes hold of the throat and sinus area which leads to the dry cough. The coolest part of body is the sinus area therefore it sits there and then aims to get into your lungs. This is actually the hardest part as this affects the breathing of a person- hence the gasping of air and need for ventilators.

We know that the virus dies in heat, so the best thing to do is to keep the throat and sinus area warm and hydrated and that is by having loads of warm fluids. (Another thing that may be helpful is nasal spray- when you dose yourself with inhaler- within a second you will feel your passages open up. Could be worth considering)

So the whole ‘Warm Fluids can kill the virus‘ may not be true but it can help in the symptoms and the easing of the symptoms within you. As with a normal flu we clear our throat with warm drinks- here the same method can be used- to stop the irratation and also ease the breathing.

Lets go through a couple of drinks as advised by mama bear and quite a few practitioners aswell (who would have thought that doctors would be telling us to go back to natural remedies?!)

Vitamin C

Firstly I just need to advise that almost everyone that is anyone is advising of Vitamin C! so get making those Fresh Orange Juices- we all have the time for it now! or if it helps then the soluble Vitamin C tablets are really good. You should be able to get them at your pharmacies.

Golden Chaii

I went into Costa Coffee once and they had a new hot drink called ‘The Golden Chaii’ – They had me at Golden!! I needed that thing…..I wanted that thing…. I needed a picture of the thing!….. and what did it turn out to be? For all my fellow indians it has ‘haider kheer’- For those that dont know ‘The Golden Chaii’ from Costa is what we have at home- and mama bear makes it in a pot when we are ill- Its a warm milky drink we have when we are sick. i.e. ‘Sick Drink’. …..’Golden Chaii’ does sound better though- but ill not be having that at Costa again. Mama makes it better! It basically is boiled milk with turmeric and honey. (add a dash of saffron if you have at home- but not necessary- makes a nicer picture) And it is so good and relieving…. (when you are ill, not when your out shopping!)

Golden Chaii Alternative

Fresh Lemon for its acidity is another thing we keep on hearing about. I make the hubby a glass of warm water with fresh lemon inside- which they enjoy- but if you are liking your golden chaii- add fresh lemon into there, add a few of the peels too! and some ground ginger. It makes for a very interesting and refreshing drink!

Lemsip Max Strength

If you do see these around whilst shopping- pick up a box or two- maybe send my way too, as im struggling to find them!…. Ok so if you get a fever whilst the coughing is going on then that means the virus has kicked in. This is where the Lemsip Max Strength will really come in use. To this add honey, ginger and a little turmeric. Because the Lemsip Max Strenght has paracetamol in it- it should help bring down the temperature and the honey, ginger and turmeric should help in clearing up the throat.

Vicks Vaporub

When we were young we use to watch ZEE TV a lot at my aunts house and I always saw the advert for this….. the theme song always rings in my head, and I always say ‘Vicks vaporub’ with a slight indian accent….. try me next time, its funny, and I cant get away from it…. Ok so this isnt exactly a drink but it may help…… Use the Vicks into boiling hot water as a steam inhaler. The Steam will get into the lungs and will help warm up sinuses, and make your throat feel less itchy. If you also have Black seed oil- add this into the water aswell- just a few drops, Its soothing effects are really good!

Ginger Water

I dont have a fancy name for this- nor a story- this is pure CoronaVirus related and hopefully only for that, because its not nice. But if it helps then its got to be done! Peel Ginger and add to Boiling water. Allow the water to boil for 10 minutes and have it as a hot drink. Eating the pieces of ginger afterwards are really good too- if you can stomach it. ( This one is for me is ‘IF all else fails’).

Lemon Water

Ok so I have a little on this earlier but here is a bit more….cut up slices of lemon in boiling water. The hot water will turn it into an alkaline which is good for the ph balance and good for fighting off the virus. There are also further benefits of lemon which also regulates the bloodpressure, reduce blood clotting , and helps in regulating blood circulation. Which is all good- especially if your having anxiety or panic attacks.

Black Seed Oil

Have I gone through the benefits of this hidden little secret? The reason why I call it a secret is because- this little miracle in a bottle has so many benefits, yet it is widely ignored. Search it up on Google. It really is miracle.

So how to use it?

as I mentioned before- you can inhale it with steam. Or we add it to a hot coal and allow the steam to float around the house which is another form of inhalation

Also add it to your honey and lemon drinks and drink it, Or just add it to a spoonful of honey and lemon and swallow it- youll feel the soothing of the throat straight away.

And guys dont feel nervous to experiment- I add some mint to my drinks, to make them more digestable, and a mint tea bag, or anything you’d like, keep it warm and try and keep the main ingredients in- like honey, turmeric, ginger and lemon.

And lastly Exercising and eating healthy food whilst in quarantine is important because it strengthens the immune system, and to fight the virus you need a good and strong immune system. I know its hard and all to easy to grab the packet of crisps but do try to avoid it.

**Pease note I am not a doctor or practitioner and that this is not medication for the coronavirus- it will not cure the virus, it can just help with the breathing and keeping the air passages clear so that you dont struggle with breathing. If conditions do get worse. Seek help with 111.

Hope you guys benefit from the above.

Stay safe, Stay Indoors

Love and Regards


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The Ultimate Working From Home Guide to keep you Going….

When I got told that I’ll be working from home (WFH) I thought it’d be a doddle, I was excited, I don’t need to wake up early, who cares if I’ve had a shower or not? Pyjama party….. all day…. Every day……

Day one came, and went, still in my PJs, but no productive work done. This should have been easy, but I just couldn’t sit down, I wasn’t comfortable, I couldn’t concentrate, and so many distractions in the house…. I will put it down to first day syndrome.

Second day was very similar, although I got ABIT more done than yesterday, but still, it’s just so hard to be motivated in the house. I didn’t think it would be this hard…I keep making tea, then more tea, then snacks, and 3 hours later I still haven’t done anything

Day Three I needed to make a change, if I carried on like this I wouldn’t have a job at all…. I think I have figured out the real issue here. It’s the work/home balance. With all the distractions of home around me, I just cant get my head focused on work…… because work should be in the office, and home is where the errands are, (and the food!)

And so here is my working from home ultimate guide to keep yourself (or myself) motivated:

Choose an Office Space….

We cant really have a office in the house, thats why its a house, and not work! But you need to find a space in the house where you are away from all the distractions of home life, and then make it a permanent spot.

This probably is the hardest thing to do. The bedroom didn’t work…… the lounge didn’t work…….. The kitchen- the cookies I made were delicious, but the work didn’t get done…. I spent one day outside because the weather was beautiful, and ended up with back ache and throbbing headache, so that was out of the question.

This is something that has to be picked right, and it may take a couple of days to get there. I ended up in the dining room, probably because in all honesty its the easiest, the table is already there, the chair ready to sit on, and I have the space on the table around me to put all my bits and bobs, so im not constantly looking for stuff.

Wake Up, Dress Up, Show Up…

The first three days went a little like this:, I woke up later then the alarm time, had a long(er) shower than normal, had my tea whilst gazing outside, (because I no longer have to commute to work) and then I got back into my pyjamas- because well why not?…… But honestly I think pyjamas were mentally letting me down. I was too comfortable, too slouchy, too easy going, and this was draining my mind and body

So now I get up at the same time (oh I lie, I get up by I stay in bed for a bit longer). I touched my face up a bit (just a bit though, have you guys noticed the changes in the skin texture whilst staying in?). And I make sure I dress up.

I found this to be so important, when you have told yourself mentally to get ready for work, you ARE ready to work. Evan after I have logged off from work, I feel better and fresher. Its just a feel good factor, especially in these turbulent times.

I have a friend who actually spends the time it normally takes her to get to her workplace doing some exercise on youtube in her lounge, to get her in the mode. Im not ready for that but I thought that was a wonderful idea.

Fresh Air…

Right going back to the changes in skin, im not the only person right? my skin is changing day after day, and im having to change products so much because everything and nothing works at the same time. I really dont know where to start….. but it may be due to the lack of fresh air, vitamin D inconsistency, the stress of the position we are in, and generally being stuck inside all day long.

And for that reason my workspace is right next to the door, its ideal because I can get the fresh air in, if I need a breather I can pop out, and also the rays of sunlight feel so wonderful on the skin and perk up my mood. So try and choose a location which brightens up your working space and allows you the breathing space.

Food, Food and More Food

Anyone else feel the weight piling on? its Boredom. Boredom makes you want to eat, and so we are all coming out of this quarantine with beer bellies and as long as we all do it, its ok…. we can make it fashun! (ok Ok maybe not. Im joking, just saying. Chill out!)

In the office because we are so consumed with work, we just get up for coffee breaks and back to it, but at home, the food possibilities are endless…. I got up more than I sat and focused…. because I wanted to eat…..and eat, and eat some more, and after I ate I needed a nap. And then my whole day was ruined.

I had to put a stop to that, and that included, bringing all the snacks to my workspace with me and closing the dining room door. Initially I Evan got that part wrong, because 6 packs of crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks are not considered brain food!

So I swopped the fizzy drinks for fruit infused water. (Twinnings are the best)

Crisps for Mug shots (2% fat, that will do perfectly)

And chocolates for fruits!! And to get the extra ‘At work’ feel I added a few personal portraits and plants… ( Also it makes a great picture. Aesthetic’s and that. Just saying )

And the only extra thing I kept on the side- is the hand gel. You can never have too much hand gel at this moment in life. Right? Better to be cautious.

The Kiddos

I guess I got lucky here, I have a 16 year old and a 13 year old, the days of running after the kiddos and aeroplanning a spoonful of egg custard and rice are long gone. But for some of you this will be the biggest challenge. Try ( I do say try whilst rolling my eyes because I can’t evan imagine it) and create a balance and a routine, maybe leave phonecalls when the child is asleep, or watching a Disney movie, and focus on the menial and the easy to do jobs whilst the child is in need of your attention. In all honesty I believe parents with younger kids are more efficient because they know how to multitask and are better at time management, and always solve the last minute hiccups without faltering. (You guys rock!)

I have a routine set up for my 13 year old. He has a spot just opposite my desk. Before I start work I set up some work for him to do and keep all the equipment he needs ready, aswell as some snacks for him too (I’m not sharing) . As soon as he is up and ready he will sit opposite me and get what he has been assigned done. Obviously he will ask me questions and we have a chit chat too. He’s a nice guy.

So guys switch off that TV, get off the bed, put on that top you have been wanting to wear, and get some work done x

Hope that you all are looking after yourselves.

Stay safe


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March in a Nutshell

And…. March came along, which means, its Birthday Month!!! which means…… absolutely nothing bacause Coronavirus is taking the limelight away from me.

Im just looking back at my in a nutshell blogs, I feel like I have lost all of my swag, and my general sarcasm, I needed to go back to them to get myself back into the mojo……. by wow……my God 2020 has really killed us before our own death.

At the end of Feb I really thought that I wouldnt have much to write about in march, but damn I sure did start blogging in the right year!

The beginning of last month (being Feb) Italy death tolls for the Coronavirus sat at 52, just within these 4 weeks Italy is at 13,155 (as of Today) and UK now sits at 2352 …… just within a month I mean how naiive was I? Uk is now officially on Lockdown too

The reality is , there is so much to write about and so little aswell…. I dont want to start with all corona stats again, we have all heard too much of it, its just circulating and circulating, and in all honestly im getting overwhelmed by it all…… and just STOP.

So I have decided to look at it this way:

Its here, and its here to stay. Protect yourself, protect your loved ones and focus on the good stuff, like spending time on the phone to mum ( I dont usually get the the time to do this), catch up on all the movies you wanted to see, read all the books you wanted to read, talk to those people that live in the same house as you (you know the hubby and kids. Those people), Banter, eat good food, clear out that damn wardrobe and get rid of those shoes!! and just generally catch up.

SO instead of giving you bad news heres some good stats for you:

We have become obsessive over looking at the stats for how many people have died, so heres a new stat for you: worldwide we have had 202941 people recovered.


People Recovered

Now thats something to focus on!

A big Thankyou to the NHS, and the Doctors and Nurses worldwide. We could never Ever repay you. You are our superheroes.

Not forgetting, our dustbin collectors, the people still working in superstores, the key workers- teachers, chemists, social workers, You guys are keeping the world spinning and deserve so much more than we can ever give you.

And a big Thankyou to the people staying at home and keeping everyone safe, you may think you are doing nothing, but really you are saving lives by staying indoors.

Im going to leave it as that today. Im hoping April brings us back our silly stories to moan about, and I am really missing the sarky me. Moody me is not a nice person to be around.

Love and Regards


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The Financial Strain of the Coronavirus…

I hope that you all are doing OK? And staying safe, and my prayers are with all the people that are suffering and may have lost a loved one. I’ve not seen my parents for two full weeks now, the door to their house is locked, as they look after my granny of 93 which would be a big bonus for the virus- yet we are going to fight this virus to the core, and just not allow it to touch her (God willing). So although I haven’t seen them all I know that they are staying safe, and staying indoors for the for-see able future.

Not only has this pandemic affected us mentally because we feel so helpless and have a lot of anxiety for friends and family around us whom we can do nothing for, it has also put people in a financial strain.

It has really affected everyone, regardless of your income in different ways. Working in a utilities environment before the saga Evan became big, I was talking to my customers who were contemplating closing their businesses, these are small businesses who barely make ends meet, and they are stuck in giving up their dreams. Self-employed who do not get sick-pay are stuck, key workers who get paid very little in the first place are having to go out there and face the risks involved, but have to work to support the country. Low income workers who generally cannot stop working because they can’t afford life.

Also people who are working from home have their own challenges, having the kids at home, trying to home school and keep them busy whilst doing their own work, the added mouths to feed daily, three times a day and in between. The energy bill increasing whilst being at home, the extra food that is needed although the ‘prices’ have doubled…… (Breaths out) it’s all overwhelming. This virus is out for us all, regardless of income, age, sex, religion or colour. We are all in the same boat.

Now that I’ve gone through the bad part- i’ll focus on the positive. This post is not to talk about how bad we have it, this post is to help you and provide you with the information you need in order to get through this, and there is a lot of help and support out there,

Home Owners

Most mortgage lenders are providing a 3 month payment holiday (do check with your mortgage provider). I just need to advise that this is a payment holiday, the bank does not pay for you- once your payment starts up again it will continue with the normal interest payment you initially agreed. So if you are a home owner and are struggling this may help you for a couple of months. Have a quick check online or call up the bank.

Help for Renters

There is a clause to be put into place for renters alike- that they will be protected from eviction for 3 months. Do speak to your landlord and keep communication open between the both of you. Do also keep in mind that this is a payment holiday and you will be asked to pay in full once situations change. Like with Home owners it doesn’t mean that you will not need to pay. The money will still be owed.

Here is a webby for more information:

Help for Businesses

The ‘Job retention Scheme’ has been put into place for business owners, which enables small businesses to keep staff on in these precedent times, HMRC will reimburse 80% of wages up to £2500 per month per person, to avoid people being made redundant. This is for 3 months initially, but depending on how things go may be extended.

Self Employed

The Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) will support the self-employed who have lost income due to the Covid-19. The grant will allow you to claim a taxable 80% of your profits (maximum £2500) for 3 months. Once again this may be extended if necessary.

The government has also advised that it will delay the next set of self-assessment tax payments to January 2021, allowing people more time to pay tax bill

There is a lot of information on this webby for all self employed:

Sick Pay for Employees

Employees off sick with Covid-19 are eligible for 2 weeks statutory sick pay (SSP). Employers can claim for this and will need Employees to get an isolation note from NHS 111

There is a lot more information for nursery businesses, retail, hospitality and leisure businesses plus more available here:

Citizen Advice Bureau

I have attached the citizen’s advice bureau webby here

If you would like to know more about your rights, how to go about getting the help needed or applying for the help and what further can be offered to you in these precedent times.

This is a tough time for a lot of us, but remember your mental health is the main factor in whether you get through this period. Don’t get too overwhelmed with the changes that have been thrown to us overnight. In all honesty Boris J really has done a lot for his people. Im impressed. Might be changing parties if it continues this way (*sorry pops*)

Just remember guys, fortunately we have homes and we have roofs over our head and we have food in our fridges. We are already doing well.

Hopefully the plan for the next blog is to keep you updated on a lot of free resources that are available on the internet for the bored kiddos!

Hope that you all are keeping safe, staying indoors and washing those hands!

Love and regards


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Lockdown…..Day One… Getting to grips with Reality

I’m sure everyone was glued to their TV monday evening at 8.30. It felt surreal, felt like we were watching a movie, this doesn’t happen to us, this happens to others…on TV, …. yet there he was – Boris Johnson speaking to us all, about this deadly disease out there in the world, out to consume us all, and we have stay in to prevent catching it and possibly passing it to the more vunerable….. I really can’t wait to wake up and laugh and tell everyone my dream …. Maybe I’ll write a blog on how real it felt?

What does the Lockdown mean? Well all non- essential shops/ places are to shut down completely…..we are only allowed out for trips to and back from work (I am homeworking). Shopping trips only if necessary. Only 2 people allowed out at a time. Social distancing of 1.5/2 metres to be put into place. No visits to families houses, no gatherings anywhere apart from funerals. This is for 3 weeks, and should things get better, we may get a more relaxed approached. However if this is not adhered to- we will be fined. And if people still don’t listen, then the lockdown will be more harsher and go on for longer.

I’m trying to pinch myself to try and wake up for real. Can I see the end of the tunnel? No. I really can’t. I hope that this works, I hope that people listen. I hope this nightmare ends, and I can wake up and complain about going to my normal job daily…. It was so much more easier and simpler.

This also means we have the kids at home, and in isolation for what seems like forever. This is going to be tough on us, and keep in mind this is also going to affect the kids.

My boys are more in the older/adult section, yet I dont want them to become lazy, so I am trying to arrange a routine for them, so that firstly they dont become lazy, secondly they dont get too bored (and potentially run out of house) and also because I dont want the virus/ media affecting there own mental health.

Im generally thinking that this is a chance to get to know them, like, you know really get to know them….. they might actually be good people? you never know? ill give them a chance.

Holidays usually mean getting up late for my boys, especially because im at work, they like to laze in, and get ready half hour before I finish, and pretend they were up all along….. (like I was born yesterday). Lucky for them. I’m home working (although I’m not managing really well in all honesty) .

I’ve not got a timetable up yet, ive been in abit of a daze past few days, cant seem to get things done, but I know what I want in it, it’ll consist of educational aswell as life skills, like cooking, cleaning, fixing, maintaining…. Usually with school and mosque they miss out on that part of life. And not to forget reading and praying aswell….I Just need to get the balance right so that they don’t get overwhelmed by it all.

Schools are sending out emails regurarly, just keep an eye on your mail, as are people on facebook, I have loads of teacher friends on facebook who are providing worksheets and help online, which I think is a very generous thing to do.

There is a lot of educational resources out there. Alot of companies are also giving out free monthly subscription to educational websites, I’ll keep you all updated as I go along.

But first I’ll get back to drawing up a routine.

But its not just the kids that we need to worry about, remember to look after yourself. Kids can easily sense and pick up on things, if you are suffering they will pick it up, especially because they are going to be around us ALL of the time.

Im thinking of drawing up a routine for myself also, I cant get lazy (I have been wearing the same top for 3 days now because im not going out) I want to do things that I normally dont get a chance to do, like the grey areas in the house that we always avoid… (or maybe not. ill see about that one). Try out new recipes, buy a jigsaw puzzle, go back to your love of drawing, or painting, or writing, or reading…..and generally focus on the positives.

Take this as your time to get to know yourself.

This will be a mentally challenging time for us all, with our luxuries and our lifestyle its a daunting experience. Its just been day one, and Im already feeling suffocated, but I try to think of it this way ‘We are not being told to go out to war, we are being told to sit in the comfort of our houses and get to know one another’

I hope that you all are doing well? And I hope that you are all keeping safe x

Stay safe, Stay indoors, wash hands, and look after each other.

Love and regards.


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Coronavirus, Schools, Employment, Keyworkers, Elderly and Tougher Measures Update

Should I create a tab of its own? Im not so sure, Im thinking I dont need it as hopefully this bugger will leave us soon, I pray it leaves us.

I have alot of content non-corona related but it just feels wrong to be putting my pre-corona life out here. Its so strange how its just come in and taken over, and aged us all in the process aswell.

Im over my moping and anxiety now- and im writing this head on. We will get through this people, and we will come out of better and bigger then before. Lets focus on the positives

Lets talk about whats happened since the last post- which was just a couple of days ago- but this coronavirus is really hitting us hard, it feels like a months.


Schools are now officially closed. (for some…. very few… actually minute amount of people, this is a positive) no, no, really im glad that they closed the schools, as parents now we have to ensure that the little (although one of mine is very large) buggers stay at home. This is going to be a challenge, but I have got a blog coming up on how im going to be managing them. I think all parents need to understand that kids will be home till September!! thats a long time, try and place a routine for them, so that they dont get lazy, also remember this is not something that affects us only, our kids will also have anxiety over this. Make sure they are talking and make sure you address them of the changes. This is tough on them too.

Having said that schools are still open for parents who are keyworkers.

Who are “key workers”?

  • Frontline health workers such as doctors and nurses
  • Some teachers and social workers
  • Workers in key public services including those essential to the justice system, religious staff and public service journalists
  • Local and national government workers deemed crucial to delivering essential public services
  • Workers involved in food production processing, distribution, sale and delivery
  • Public safety workers including police, armed forces personnel, firefighters and prison staff
  • Essential air, water, road and rail transport workers
  • Utilities, communication and financial services staff, including postal workers and waste disposal workers

If you fit into any of the above category, the schools will provide a place for your child if you have no other form of childcare. I do need to emphasise that this does not mean education will continue, it just means that there is childcare available for you.

I found this website to be very helpful in undestanding the schooling structure going forward. Have a look if you want to know more:

Social Gathering

Places of social gathering are told to shut!! Finally! that means Afternoon Tea will be at my place, on my own, in isolation….. if I can buy the ingredients that is considering people think that they are going to die of starvation and buying 20 bags of flour! It also means more cooking in the house, so that means more recipes and also potentially more ways to improvise meals with the stocks we have in our house….. and since we all in the house, get the kids to join in, teach them some life skills!


With this pandemic a lot of businesses were at risk of closures and thus leading too unemployment . Boris has come through and advised that the government will pay 80% of salary to staff for who are kept on by employer. This will eliviate alot of pressure of business owners who were in a position of relieving staff due to the pandemic.

At the moment this is only for 3 months, but it has been confirmed that they will ‘extend’ if necessary.

Could not be more prouder of my Prime Minister at this moment in time. (*sorry Dad think im changing sides now*)

If you want to know how this will be done, heres the webby:

Elderly and Vunerable

1.5 million people catergorised in the elderly/vunerable group will be sent out letters/text messages to advise to stay at home for 12 weeks. These people are the people considered ‘At risk’ and therefore should adhere to it

Boris Johnson has also advised that “Medicines will be delivered by community pharmacists, while military personnel are helping to coordinate plans to deliver groceries with local councils and supermarkets”

More on this here:

Tougher Measures

It has been indicated that ‘tougher measures’ will need to be put into place, as social distance and isolation practises are not being followed so we are anticipating a ‘Lock down’ and all because of foolish and selfish people out there who seem to think that this is a joke. To all those people I say ‘Thank You’ for making this a joke, its a pity that the Coronavirus doesnt strike you first. The world would be a better place. (#sorrynotsorry)

Seems like Boris will not be paying a visit at 5 today. Will miss his face.

Love and Regards


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