Review: SkinGlow ‘Keep Glowing’ Electric Cleanser

Hi All, I am back with another review, and a exciting one it is. Now this product was not really for myself at all. The elder Boy is suffering from break outs, and pimples, and spots and all the yucky stuff that teenage kids get (yuck, gross, teenage years are the worst)

The generation of kids now-a-days allow it to get to themselves so much, seriously we have a dangerous generation growing up in front of us, I’d say the next generation will be looking at cosmetic surgery as a everyday norm.(OMG I sound like my mum!)

Anyhow……. the charcoal masks, the cleansers and the nose patches he was forever buying were doing good no doubt but was all a bit too time consuming and pricey……he is a student, students somehow never have money.

So when this popped up in my feed, I needed to get it for him (and for me of course)… but mainly for him.

These are all the rave at the moment, and at £16 It really wasn’t breaking the bank (they had a 50% off offer and when I went online, there was a code for a further 20% off. Wait for it!)

So here’s how we got along with it:

Well firstly this is the Skin Glow Electric Cleanser, it is used to remove blackheads, acne, whitehead, all kinds of toxic buildup that we get on the face, as well as allowing the face to rebuild , remove dull areas, smooth out wrinkles and skin elasticity and rejuvenation.

It is a cordless handheld device, its very pretty in the rose gold and white (that made no actual effect on the boy- that was purely for me) and it comes with 5 different tips in different sizes so that it can target different areas of the face. The device was already charged on arrival which meant we could start using it straight away, and also in the package we have a USB charger, and replacement rubber rings should be overuse or loose the ones in the device.

The tips are very easy to change and replace and fit snugly on to the device, its very easy to use with a start/stop button and also has three levels of power, which can be adjusted at a touch of a button. All in all- although manuals are always a must to read- the device is very easily understood as it stands.

Lets give it a try:

Firstly all make up should be removed, and wash the face with warm water and pat down, this is to ensure that the pores open up slightly making the whole process easier.

Attach one of the tips. I started off with a large tip because I wanted to use it over my forehead and cheeks and chin area and therefore needed a tip which can cover the larger areas. I started off with the lowest settings and I would advise everyone to do the same, the vessels around the face are very small, and the suction can easily break the vessels and leave bruises, so be very careful. It is also advised in the manual to constantly move the device around, and to not leave it in the same area for more than 2 minutes……. Do you remember me saying that I have a teenage son whom I bought this for? Well he doesn’t understand the need for a manual and decided that he knew better- he ended up with bruises all over his cheeks (luckily we are in lock-down and they disappeared after 4 days)….. Seriously Teenagers!!

One thing I do need to say is that the bruises did not hurt him at all just left marks like love-bites on the face which is not a good look for anyone let alone a teenage boy….

I did find that the the suction should be changed depending on what area you focus on, the forehead needed a higher suction whilst the cheek area was fine at the lowest setting. (After seeing the Kiddo I didn’t attempt the highest setting for fear of marks)

How did I find it? Damn I knew my skin needed cleaning, but didn’t realise how much junk can be left behind, it definitely swallows it up.

I was impressed with it, and I must say it can get addictive, once you use a product like this, you notice things on your face you have never noticed before and its very quick and easy to use this to get rid of it, so much more easier than face and nose masks.

I then used the precision tip for around the area of my nose, this worked literally on the first stroke. This is a good tip to use in the hard to reach sensitive areas. I find that my face dries up a lot round here so this helped in the removal without pulling furiously at the skin.

All the tips have their own uses; the diamond tip is used to massage and exfoliate the skin, I absolutely loved using this as the suction does make it quite relaxing, if only I could trust the boys in doing this for me, I would sit back and relax and allow them to do it, but i do fear for my life, or may face should I say….

A small tip is also available for the more sensitive skin types, so if you hesitant, then start of with this first before going to the bigger tips

After using the device, I felt very hot and bothered and the face felt flushed, It is advised in the manual that this is normal, as long as the pain is not overbearing, wet the face with cold water to close the pores and moisturise with your normal moisturiser. This sensation disappeared within 20 minutes.

You will notice the removal of blackheads immediately after use, but the skin glow and the radiance usually follows I would say 24 hours plus later.

Would I recommend and use it again? well lets just say it now has space in my weekly skincare routine.

You can purchase yours here, and look out for the offers, it makes it all the more worthwhile.

Hope that this helps in whether you purchase or not

Love and regards


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