Barca in Pictures

Since I’m in this whole Barcelona mood, I keep finding pictures on top of pictures I’ve captured, and I need to share them with someone , and you guys happen to be the lucky ones.

Just a few pics I’ve taken from my gallery for you to enjoy.

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.
Whilst driving around. Too preety not to capture.
Arc de Triomf
Beautiful lampposts
Beautiful buildings with balconies.
Love the minaret on this building
La Sagrada Familia
This looked too good not to capture
Had to capture this whilst walking past

It is a picturesque city, I have so many more- but I don’t want to loose followers.

Hope you enjoyed them.

That’s enough of Barca. (I think) time to move on…

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My Best Eats in Barca.

Al Andulus

Our first meal whilst in Barcelona. Once we dropped off our luggage- we hunted down this place. A 10 minute walk away from our hotel (Roma Reial) and well worth our exhausting trip to get here, it was worth every bite. Serving halal meat- we got our meat fix. Sabina went for a chicken wrap, and I opted for the meat doner in pitta bread. Oh and fries, (never forget fries) Photo does no justice at all. It was finger licking.

Cafe de L’Opera

We spent our first day just walking around las ramblas and as a Pit stop we stopped here before we headed back to our hotel. What a neat little shop. We had churros with warm choc, and profiterole cake, and tea (ofcourse). Before we hit the bed.

Le Chipiron

Fine wine dining (with no wine- alcohol free!)

The next day we headed off towards the Port and we found this beauty, overlooking the Port and the city, we knew straight away we wanted to eat here. The day was glorious and as both of us love seafood- we sat down, and enjoyed the view. We asked our waitor to make sure no alcohol was put in our food, which was arranged kindly.

We went for the crispy battered prawn salad, with fried garlic prawns and fresh garlic bread, and chips (never forget the chips) and we devoured every little piece. Yum.

Forns del pi

Whilst walking around, we needed a stop, and this place had the best looking desserts on display. It was quite late, and having had a heavy meal- we decided desserts for dinner. Coffee and nutella and strawberry crepes. A girly trip is not a girly trip without fat dinners. Right?


The following day we were craving for Indian food- we had to find to find a halal place that offered more than just kebabs. And we found it.

Decorated in traditional Indian attire inside we felt right at home…. Kind of….. (My home doesn’t look like this) maybe it’s a longing for my roots?

We went for chicken tikka karhai, fresh nan and lamb biryani, and it was amazing. The flavours, the aromas, all of it satisfied our cravings. And we ended it with a cup of Indian tea.


I’m sure it’s illegal to go past Amorino without going in?! If not it should be…

Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango ice-cream sorbet- topped with Raspberry macaroon.

Gafredo Expresso

After our shopping trip, we needed a tea and cake break, and we walked into here. Need I say we were not dissapointed. How cool are the teapots? Defo a photo moment.


Located just outside our hotel, this was our last meal in Barcelona before we set off the next morning. We wanted to stay close to our hotel so that we can get some sleep as our flight was at 6 in the morning, meaning we’d have to be up at 4 to make our way to airport. As you may have worked out by now- it was desserts for dinner again- because well…. Why not?

It was cute and quirky inside. Smelt of coffee, and homely and warm.
Just like our 50th cup of tea for the day….

We opted for crepes with Nutella and strawberries inside topped with freshcream. And as you can see I have tottally given up on my photography skills as I’m ready to get home. And it was divine, the crepes were warm and soft, and the vanilla tea was beaut.

Still to come… I’ve not given up on barca yet. More from barca

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Barca Baby

This was my second trip to Barcelona, and it was just as good as the first time. I really don’t think you can tire yourself of Barcelona. As I still haven’t had enough. ( Which means I’m definately planning to go again. Just have to sweeten the hubby up)

The first time I went with hubby and the kids, and we watched a game and had the tour of Camp Nou- (which was amazing. I need to do a blog on this!) And this time I went with Sabina, and we did…well….. Everything I wouldn’t do with the men in my life.

And that’s the beauty of Barcelona, it caters for all. I loved both my trips as much as each other.

The tickets were brought in advance from skyscanner- flights with Ryanair for £ 44. If you know you want to go, it’s best to book in advance and wait for the prices – as they fluctuate daily. And we were lucky that Ryan Air didn’t have any delays either. Bonus

As soon as we landed we went straight to the Aerobus located outside of the airport. Having been here before- we had already worked out getting around without the use of expensive taxis. For 2.15 euros we got dropped off outside Las Rambles within 30 minutes. The centre and hotspot of Barcelona. From here we walked down to our hotel which was a 15 minute walk away and located in Placa Reial. This is actually a popular square in the ‘Gothic’ part of Barcelona. Our stay for the 2 nights was at Hotel Roma Reial.

It is an actual square with a fountain in the middle, and surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops and clubs. Making it a tourist attraction and a very busy location especially at night.

Placa Roma Reial is a functional and basic hotel set In the best location. I couldn’t have asked for a better location. Rooms are clean and comfortable, the bathroom is clean, open and towels included.For our short city break, this was just perfect.

We had a twin room at £63 a night including breakfast. We literally slept here, the rest of the time we were out.

Breakfast is served in a cove at basement level, and it is quite cool, for breakfast we are given muffins, rolls, butter and jam, yoghurt, cereals, and hot drinks and cold juices. Exactly what we needed, and what we have for breakfast generally.

( I seriously need to sort out my photography skills )

When leaving the square on the left a five minute walk away we have the cruise port, and on the right we have Las Ramblas. Could we get a better location? (Repeat that in Chandler’s voice from friends, it’s funnier.)

So what did we do?

La Boqueria Market / Las Ramblas Market

Known to be one of the most famous markets in Europe, this has to be visited when in last Ramblas.

This market is bursting with colours and smells and scents, it’s definately an experience not to be missed. It has all that a market has to offer- from the hustle and bustle, the bargaining and the pickpockets, and it tends to be busy no matter what time of day you go.

And the food is so enjoyable. The fresh fruit drinks are not to be missed.

Casa Batllò

From my first visit to Barcelona with the family- this building was always on my list of priorities to visit.

Entrance tickets were 25 euros each.

And it truly was everything that I expected it to be and more. This historical landmark/museum was bought and decorated by Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect. His work is known to be very individualistic, and one of a kind.

On entrance we are given a smart guide and headphones. The audio keeps us informed of all the rooms and how and why this famous landmark was decorated in the way it was. what textures were used, materials used, and general idea behind the structure of the whole building.

In the middle of a grand stairway, you start to see blue tiles making its way up in waves. This is intended to make you feel as though you are underwater. The skylight from above feeding it’s light through, making the tiles glimmer.

The whole building was a chaos of colours and contrast of materials. Then we went to the top floor and the ‘Servants quarters’ . Am I weird if I say that this was my favourite area? The colours stopped- and we had blank white walls, long corridors with arches, and it felt quiet spiritual, almost heavenly vibes .

This trip is not for feint hearted, the stairs do tire your legs out, but all in all, it’s a beautiful experience and a masterpiece. A must go in Barcelona.

Lasoglondrinas Boat Trip

Whilst walking down to the cruise port, we booked ourselves in for the boat trip. It’s a 40 minute boat trip out to the port and back for 7.70 euro each.

In these 40 minutes we get to enjoy the air, the sea and get a glimpse of few icons, and the harbour

And opportunity for photo

And yup that’s Sabina in the middle holding on to the pole, because she decides to tell me at this point she’s sea sick. I do love this woman and all she does for me.


The main attraction of Las Ramblas is the shopping! And with a Zara in every corner we were in heaven. From high street shops to designers, it’s a paradise. I’m glad we were only there for the 3 days- because if it had been longer we’d definately need to consider another suitcase on way back home.

Next up I’ll be telling you about all the food places we visited.

Stay tuned.

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