Create the Perfect Afternoon Tea at Home

Im having Withdrawal symptoms. This whole Covid experience has got me craving and doing thimgs I dont normally do, or want to do.

Like…..I just want Afternoon Tea, but I dont want to go out, or get ready or get dressed, or do anything…… so what do I do?……

I do it at home! Crazy, right? yes I know….. but its 2020 and nothing feels ‘normal’ any more…..’Crazy’ is the way forward. Trust me on this…..

So what did I do, well firstly I needed to invite someone, and I didn’t want to do anything big, as I didn’t know if it would turn out good, and also their is the whole ‘Dont invite people into your house‘ Boris debate… (feel free to go out with them though, among other people you dont know and could potentially catch the virus from) but thats for another blog post……

The thing with Afternoon Tea is …… the dishes/cutlery and the whole set up is key to making it right……… The thing with me is….. I Love dishes and I have a weakness for Cups! Yes. Cups!! You heard me!!….. Don’t be naughty now! I’m talking about Teacups!……. Buy me a mug over flowers any day of the week! I will be your best buddy….

So the essential part in afternoon tea is the set up, so I rummaged through a few of my afternoon tea photos and wrote a list of requirements

  • Tablecloth
  • 3 tier stand
  • TeaCup and Saucer
  • Cup for water
  • Cup for juice
  • Utensils
  • Teapot
  • Water Jug
  • Juice Jug
  • Side Plates
  • Suger bowl
  • Props to make it look pretty!

The first thing I did was rummage around my kitchen to find it all and it was so exciting! …… and then I set it up on the dining table to see if I thought it would work…… and yes…. I can say it worked…..

Have a look for yourself….

Ok ok, not quite the Dorchester, but I did well I think!

Next Up the Food….

Now that the setting was done……Time for food……On standard Afternoon Teas, the 3 tier stand usually offers a variety of Sandwiches, Scones with Clotted Cream and Jam and Desserts. Thats the basic, and thats exactly what I did….

I made prawn sandwiches, cucumber and cheese sandwich and tuna salad sandwich, I also fried up some filo prawns from iceland with some sweet and sour sauce because it gives that extra oomph needed for the photos! (the photos are essential people!)

It probably sounds crazy because I use to be a baker, but I am such a ‘Buy Everything’ person, and so I bought the scones and jam and clotted cream….(I’m sorry, but it’s so much more easier) and I found the cutest little spoon bowls to put it in… Ain’t it the cutest?

And what did I do for desserts…… Urm Iceland is the saviour to my life. I bought a few of the frozen desserts and preetied up the top of my stand.

And There you go peeps…..The Ultimate Afternoon tea at home. So quick, So pretty and so affordable….

Whos coming next?

Love and regards


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Gooey Chocolate Brownies….

Ok, so I can’t take full credit for this…. At all…. Firstly my friend Banu whom I harassed for the recipe (I have changed a few bits and pieces as we bakers do, but the gist of it is still there) and secondly Perfect Bakes– who is the most coolest baker in the whole planet…. She kept me drooling all Ramadhan for her brownies… In the end I had to try it for myself….. I have got to admit wholeheartedly that hers are 200% more preetier then mine though! I am in awe of her bakes! She’s awesome. Check out her bakes here.

I was racking my brains this year. For Eid how could I possibly just not do anything? … Initially the plan was to do nothing, finally free of the baking empire, this was my first Ramadhan baking free, and then the withdrawal symptoms came in….

But I didn’t want to bake a cake, or biscuits ever again… (I’m still not over it) something psychologically switched off inside me. I can’t bear the thought off it…

But Perfectbakes brownies called me, I Evan messaged her to place a order, but unfortunately got to her too late….. So I looked around and around, but nothing seemed as good as this…..

I weighed up the odds, it’s not a cake or a biscuit, its a brownie, I can do it…. Right? I had to mentally prepare myself, and I’m so glad I did because this was the result…

Ok, ok so I know if you don’t look at perfect bakes pictures I did a good job! (But she is the best!)

Right so I’m coming to it, how did I do it? Well here goes:

You will need: (a lot of stuff)

Dry Ingredients

  • 1 and 1/2 cups brown suger
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1/2 cup cocoa
  • 1 and 1/4 cup plain flour

Wet Ingreidents

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 50 grams milk chocolate melted

Fun stuff (this part is entirely up to you)

  • Chocolate chunks
  • Marshmallows
  • Lotus biscuits/oreo biscuits
  • Skittles
  • Nuts
  • Macrons
  • (Generally anything you feel like dumping into your brownie!)

And heres how to do it:

Melt the chocolate in a pan on low heat (or microwave if easier)

Combine all the dry ingredients together

Add all the wet ingredients in that includes the melted chocolate

and whisk for only 2-3 minutes (Do not over whisk)

And thats all, really it really is- thats your brownie recipe! I could do this daily!

Right so to make it look as preety as mine….. pour your mixture into a 9×9 inch tin (dont forget the baking sheet)

Chuck in your fun stuff, make sure you put in chunks of chocolate (they help in keeping your brownie gooey)

and put into pre heated oven at 180degree celsius for 30 mins

you will get this

Allow to cool for 10 minutes and then mark where you want to cut your brownie, add the extra’s on top. Whilst the brownie is still hot it should melt into place. I have put all the extras around the edges so that I can put my topper in the middle….

I bought the topper off ebay- It was for eid, but you can buy toppers that say happy birthday or mothers day …. or anything really…. you can evan get them personalised….

And put it all into a preety box. Perfect for yourself and perfect to give as a Eid Mithai…..

And look at that, the most moist, gooey brownie ever! Yum!

It really is a delight. Make sure you tag me when you give it a try.

Love and Regards


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Transparency: Thankyou to Perfectbakes for the inspiration. You truly are awesome. To see her goodies click here.

Nutella Star Pastry

This pandemic has brought out the chefs in all of us…. I hate cooking, but all I want to do is…. Cook…. Because what else can I do? …… And by the way… I’m not too bad!! Really…. I’m not just saying it, the 3 men in my life are living proof…. I mean they are ‘living’- so there’s the proof!

The Nutella Star pastry ain’t exactly a great scientific experiment, but it looks like one, and I can assure you it tastes like one too, it’s heaven for sweet tooth’s like myself (although I really should be taking it easy, especially because all the dentist appointments are canceled at the moment.)

It’s also really quick and easy to make, and the kids will be over the moon, literally it’s chocolate overdose….make it with them, eat with them, stick them In the garden untill the hyperactivity wears off. The weather is on our side people! And just how glorious is the sun at the moment?

So here’s how it’s done:

You will need:

  • A Puff Pastry Block ( I have been advised the one I use has alcohol in it. Do check it before you buy it!)
  • Nutella
  • Greaseproof paper

Is that all? I hear you say…. Yes that’s all folks! That’s all you need to make this tasty treat, and here’s how it’s done:

Cut your pastry block into 4 equal divides

Roll out each divide and cut a circle round each one

Until you will have 4 round pastry circle thingimigigs!

Put the first one on baking sheet on oven tray, and add a full heaped tablespoon of Nutella and spread it round

Put the second round pastry on top and do the same untill all the layers are on…

Once all the layers are on, roll out the pastry whilst still on the tray- try not to let the chocolate out though, it’s just to get it ABIT bigger….

Get a small round cutter and do a indent in the middle on your pastry

Then cut into your pastry up to the indent at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock

Do the same again in between these dents

And one last time in-between the next dents. Remember not to go into the circle

Take the end of each pastry cut out and twist it twice and put it down. You will get the above once all done ( the Boi apparently took a boomerang- of this, yet he didn’t save it 🙄)

And put it in the oven at 170degrees for 15-20 minutes

And here’s the final look. Tada!! Ain’t it beaut? Not just to look at but to eat aswell.

And now I’ll be kicking the kids into the garden and locking them outside whilst I put ear plugs on…. It’s got to be done. We all need ABIT of peace. And I did give them a treat too!

Ah the joys. They are a wonderful bunch when they are far away.

Let me know how you guys get on

Stay indoors, stay safe

Love and Regards


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Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Well the Lock down has us all going a bit doo lah lah, but me especially…. I was craving Chocolate Cake…… I don’t Evan like Cake.

Since September of last year- in the magnificent pre-corona days. I promised myself that I would never bake again, because I was done, I had baked 7 years non stop, not a day had gone past in those 7 years where I didn’t see flour, sugars and eggs and I was done……

but today I just…… wanted cake, not any cake, but it was chocolate cake, a deep rich moist chocolate cake, but………without wanting to go through the whole process of making a full on cake.

I am still not ready to switch on the oven, i’m still not mentally able to go near that thing. Its like a monster that sits in that corner…. its too damn big and heavy otherwise I would’ve lifted it up and chucked it away, but then i’ll also be left with a gaping hole in the middle of my kitchen…..first world struggles (seriously any distraction from corona is a blessing, no matter how big or small).

So how was I going to satisfy my craving? well easy, peasy (lemon squeezy) did i just say that? Yes. Yes. I did. (doo-lah-lah days officially here and we haven’t even been on lock down for a full week yet)

Introducing The Chocolate Cake in the Mug (Its really not my idea, I didn’t invent it, but I made it, so I will blog it) and by the way do this with the kids, its easy peasy lemon squeezy (*oh God, really? Again? really?*)

You will need:

  • 4 Tablespoon Self Raising Flour
  • 5 Tablespoon Caster Suger
  • 1 tablespoon Cocoa Powder
  • 1 Egg
  • 3 Tablespoon Milk
  • 3 Tablespoon Oil
  • Chocolate chips (as desired)
  • Mug
  • Microwave (no damn Oven! *does a twirl*)

And heres how its done:

Choose your favourite mug, (it has to be a big one, as this beast of a chocolate cake will rise).

Put all the dry ingredients into the mug and mix together. That’s the Flour, the suger and the cocoa powder.

Add the wet ones one at a time and mix throughly. I added the egg first, then the milk and lastly the oil. Mix this until you get a creamy consistency.

Add choc chips to your desired taste

Put the mug in the middle of the microwave, and set the temperature to high and set it to 1.30 mins (allow another 20 secs if needed)

and voila, your chocolate cake is ready,

And its yum, and moist (and if you dont do the 20 seconds its also gooey in the middle, I like batter …. Shhhh…. That’s a secret nobody should disclose.)

Try it out, and don’t forget to share your pics and tag me on them

Love and regards. Stay Safe, stay Indoors and keep washing your hands.


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Red Velvet Cookies

Hi All, So sorry I dissapeared for a little while. Life came in the way. Granni was admitted into hospital again with pneumonia, so we were back to our rotas and shift work at the hospital. The tough cookie fought it like a pro, and is back home now.

The hubby got Man-Flu ( that really is a thing by the way, more on this later) and my best friends brother got married. So its been a hectic ride.

But I’m back…..

…..With my famous red velvet cookies recipe.

For the ones that know me, you know what im talking about- for the ones that dont- whilst in my baking Era these along with my Lamingtons and Marshmallows were my biggest sellers. So big that when I bake them, I no longer put it on my social media, because I will get hounded by my beloved customers to make them.

So here goes:


  • (makes 15)
  • 115 grams butter (I use stork)
  • 150 grams brown suger
  • 50 grams granulated suger
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon Milk
  • 1.5 tablespoon red food colouring (gel colours are better)
  • 198grams Plain flour (yes! 198- not more or less!! trust me!)
  • 10 grams cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 150 grams choc chip chocolates
  • glitter to decorate


Cream the butter, brown suger and granulated suger together.

Add the egg and beat again

Sift the flour, cocoa, bicarbonate soda, and salt, add to the creamed mixture and beat. Once beaten add the milk.

Add the red food colouring, and 3/4 of the chocolate chips and mix.

You should get a red sticky mixture like below.

Put this sticky mixture on a clingfilm

Roll it up and put it into the fridge, usually between 1-4 hours. (for a small amount like this 1 hour is sufficient). 15 minutes before taking out mixture switch the oven on at 180degrees.

When you remove the cold mixture- it will no longer be sticky, take a handful of the dough and form into small balls like below

Put it into a baking tray with greaseproof paper below- leave space around the dough balls as cookies will form in oven.

Put into oven for 12 minutes

Once out add few choc chips on top and allow to cool on a drying rack.

Add a little glitter and enjoy with your tea.

So there you go. My Secret Famous Red Velvet recipe. No longer a secret and all yours now. So stop asking me to make you some! And make sure you drop some off to me.

Love and Regards


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‘Pancakes and Pyjamas Pamper Party'(Part 2)

My ‘Pancakes and Pyjamas Pamper Party’ kicked off perfectly. In my last post I showed what I made, and the random invite I sent off. Most of the girls turned up and we had such a good catch up. It was so nice to have so many of us together.

Minus a few latecomers…How good do they look in the morning? Me in the back with the ‘I woke up too Early face’.

So what did we do?

I chose to do a early morning party because I knew I’d have the house to myself. The hubby would be at work, the elder Boy at college and the younger Boi at school. So no disturbances. Also the parents with elder kids would also be free of their children. A time out we all needed. Because it was a pyjama party I kept aside some blankets and water bottles, so that we could all get cosied up.

Is it Evan called a party without Shishas?. I arranged for 2 to be delivered early morning. Yes. Who does Shisha for breakfast? Urm…. Me! Because it wouldnt be a party otherwise…. I would say Shishas is the equivalent of Alcohol for us. It ain’t a party without it.

Getting the coal started.

We had a cute little visitor come to our party- it was ladies only- but he’s too cute to say no to. So in he came charming us all and breaking our hearts. And because of this shisha was confined to the kitchen area. Bonus is- I wasn’t too worried about my carpets getting burnt!

For the “Pamper” part of the party. I had arranged for a masseuse to come in and give the girls 20 minute mini treatments. Definately the highlight of the party.

And the extremely happy birthday girl got to cut her cake.

Did it Evan happen if there’s no selfies?

(all cosied up)

And Monopoly throughout the day. There’s no greater bonding then around a board game, especially monopoly. Admittedly this is one game that can bring out the best and the worst in people, and that In itself is the best part. It gave us alot of laughs, and tears. And just to put it out there- there was no clear winner! (Inside joke)

And after all was done, I was left alone in my house with leftovers and memories and still loads of time to myself. I must get use to this!

Can’t wait to arrange another one soon. I’ll have to try and beat this one though….

Let’s think themes?

Love and regards

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Love M11bna

“Pancakes and Pyjamas Pamper Party'”

It was my first Retirement weekend off, (from the event planning) and I was getting all anxious over it. With the work load reducing throughout the weeks before this, I was finding myself with quite a bit of spare time, and a Friday all to myself…In my house… Alone…With nothing to do … scaring me.

So I sent a message out to one of my girly groups

(excuse the typo…)

I wasn’t anticipating alot of us as it’s a Friday morning, everyone’s at work, appointments, childcare etc. I thought Evan if their’s one or two people, it’ll be a nice catch up and my day will pass- and hopefully I’ll have to start to get use to …. Doing nothing on Fridays from now on?!

Well what happened? You can see from some messages above, It ended up being a full house.

Initially it was just going to be a Fry up – Eggs, Beans, Toast, Sausages… But the more people that confirmed, the more my brain started ticking…. And when my brain starts ticking…. I go into Overdrive.

At the same time it was one of the girlies birthday, and having just had given birth to a beautiful baby- she was very much looking forward to some time out and the invite couldn’t have come at a better time for her.

The initial small and quick fry up ended up being a full blown “Pancake and Pyjama Pamper Party”

And here is a pic:

So what did I do?

Before I start can I just share this Cup and Saucer set with you? How beautiful are they? I have an obsession with cups and saucers (and Tea) you’ll definately be seeing more as I go along. But this is my favourite set to date. Mine are actually from a trip to Africa (Malawi- my birth country) and they were gifted to me.

If you are interested you can get these in John Lewis or Debenhams or evan online. They are by Villeroy & Boch and cost £24 for one set.

From the above picture I’m sure you have already worked out eggs beans and sausages were ruled out. Instead I decided to do a Mediterranean style breakfast party with…. Well… Pancakes- because I wanted to call it “Pancakes and Pyjamas Pamper Party”

We had Gronola with vanilla yoghurt topped with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.
I bought a selection of Mini Cereal boxes, and made Bruschetta with Omelette. Also Mini Pancakes stacked with strawberries and banana were a hit.
I sliced up a few fruits and presented it on a fruit board., And in the background I also made a small cheeseboard with different cheeses and crackers.
I bought loads of fresh cakes, croissants, tea cakes, fruit loaves, scones. All from the Lidl Bakery on the day and stacked them up. I also bought mini jams and marmalades from BnM store.
And this has to be my Favourite. The Mediterranean board, full of Falafel, houmous of different flavours, cheese and chives, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, pitta breads and wraps.
I brought fruit juice from Iceland and added in sliced lemons, limes, strawberries and mint. (Doesn’t it look a picture?)
And then the Birthday girls cake. I kept to the theme of the party and made a Pancake… Cake. (See earlier Post for a step to step guide on how I made this)

And lastly the teas and coffees. Here’s a final video….

So how did you find my party and set up? Did you spot the shishas? Yup. You did. Wait for my next blog on what we got upto.

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Love and regards


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Do you know anyone who doesn’t like Chocolate covered Strawberries? I don’t. Everyone loves chocolates, everyone loves strawberries.

If I’m invited for a dinner anywhere, be sure I will never go empty handed. And be sure that’s it’s definitely desserts. Anybody who’s had me over more than once will know not to make desserts on the next invite.

Weird thing is the most popular of my desserts is Chocolate covered Strawberries, and I’m not complaining as it’s the easiest one to do out of the whole lot.

So I’ve been invited, and here’s a quick tutorial on my super quick little treats

Ingredients- Chocolate and Strawberries (hehe).

I use Aldi strawberries, the ‘Nature’s pick’ ones are the best, and always so sweet, and in size aswell they are usually the larger ones. And the Chocolate is also from Aldi- it’s the basic ‘Everyday Essential’ milk chocolate one. Alot of people say to use Belgian chocolate or Dairy Milk- I’ve tried both with strawberries, but by far this chocolate is so much more tastier, and when melted it’s really nice and flowy. But feel free to use any chocolate of your own preference. Everyone’s taste buds are different.

Chop chocolate into pieces- put into microwave for 1 minute. Take out and mix and after this put back into microwave 30 secs at a time untill chocolate is melted. (It is important to do this this way- as chocolate may burn if not mixed. And burnt chocolate leaves a smell, so it will waste the whole thing)

Once done the chocolate will be flowy like above.

Get your strawberry and start dipping…

I like to leave the top red part of the strawberry showing as I think it looks preetier this way, hold up strawberry untill the chocolate drops off.

Get trays with baking paper ready….

And line up your Strawberries

I use white chocolate to decorate- you will only need 1/2 bars of this depending on how many strawberries you doing. Melt in same way as milk chocolate. As there is less it will be done quicker so keep eye on it.

Pour the white chocolate into a piping bag. (I use a latte mug to hold bag. It makes it easier to pour in.) Cut off end of bag.

Pour white chocolate over chocolate covered strawberries in lines as above.

And how preety do they look? Allow the chocolate to set and harden. Usually takes a couple of minutes- but this does depend on heat of room. Today it was cool- so it was done within 5 minutes.

Then take them out (if you put on baking sheet- it will pull right off sheet with no chocolate left behind) I’ve put them on a cupcake case each because it looks preety.

And here they are all preetied up.

So who’s inviting me next?

Pancake- Cake?

I had a weekend off from baking, and a Friday all to myself. So what did I do?

I baked a cake (*rolls eye* )

I had arranged a breakfast party at my house with the girls, and it just so happened to be one of the girls (Ayeshama) birthday on that day. What better way to suprise her?

Keeping to the theme of breakfast I created this

Yup that’s a cake. Really! (Don’t believe me? Check out the cut picture at the end)…..and I’m super proud of it too. Especially because no one believed me until the birthday girl cut it.

So how did I do it? Here goes a step by step version (just a little bit oldschool considering people make videos now- but I’ll get there)

I used 3 layers of 6 inch sponge- to make it a tall cake. In between the layers are jam and buttercream- and then I dirty iced it with further buttercream.
I added a tiny little amount of nude gel colour to white fondant and kneaded out to get this colour.
Roll the fondant out to thin long strings. You will need a few of these depending on height of cake.
Press down each strip with fingers- do not thin out too much- needs to be the depth of a pancake. (This does not need to be neat.)
After pressing down- cut each strip into 2. Once again this does not need to be neat.
So you will end up with a load of these.
Take one strip and use the flat end and press onto the buttercream, take the strip around whole cake and cut off when the ends meet- and put together as above.
You will need a yellowish colour gel paint or food colouring- I use sugerflair egg yellow, but you can use any similer.
With a thin brush lightly dab the yellow paint on to the fondant,just on the top- try and avoid sides and dab in random places- do not paint!! use strokes of brush for effect.
Take another piece and repeat…
Build up layers with the strips. Do not forget to add the yellow paint in between. Remember this does not need to be neat in any way. It may feel like a mess- but I promise once done it has the best effect. So no pressure and have fun.
Now to cover the top….
Roll out fondant – keep it thick like size of pancake, use top of cake tin to cut top, cut it out slightly off the edge- do not cut a neat round circle. (Gosh. I’m fed up of the word neat!!)
Put on top of your cake- round off edges.
Add brown to the yellow gel colour.
And with random brush strokes paint using dabs the top of the cake…
Use a leaf shaping decorating tool (I’m a baker I have these gadgets🙄) or anything similer you have in house, and in random places wedge in little dents…
You can see dents better in this pic. Add abit of brown on edges of some of the pancakes.
Transfer cake onto stand. Add strawberries and blueberries, and drips of honey and maple syrup….and there you have it. Pancake….Cake.

It really is simple once you break it down. And it looks dramatic

Stay tuned on what I did for my breakfast party, here’s a teaser…..

Love and regards


Afternoon Tea at the Edgbaston Boutique Hotel

Off on our adventures again, Sabina, Katija, Noor and myself decided to try the Afternoon tea at the Edgbaston Boutique Hotel in Birmingham. In general we try and keep things local so that we can go when kids head off at school and be back before they get back. Although Birmingham is not local for us Leicesterians, it’s local enough to fit within a 6 hour window between 9- 3.

Having heard numerous spoilers about this place, we needed to try it out ourselves, and may I say we were not dissapointed.

Decorated in a look taking us back to the 1920s, the black and gold chic interior- reminded me of the film The Great Gatsby, yet with a slight feline touch.

Being Christmas time again, it was decorated lavishly with dark green bold Christmas trees.

Beautiful ornaments set up in corners of the room.

The afternoon tea was set up in the same place as the cocktail bar, being the first ones in at 11, (that’s when they start the afternoon tea) there were only a few other people inside.

Evan the menu and the cutlery were in the same bold colours. It really felt like a lavish experience.

The afternoon tea started off with a special treat

This sweet treat given in a dramatic way, started our day off just right, the theatrical display of dry ice really got us into the mood. I’m not really sure what it was as I was too busy oohing and ahhing while the waitress was giving us our brief, but what I do remember is something Madagascan vanilla and (edible) lavender. And we were asked to try and guess the scent of the nitrogen oxide. Banana infused. Just a few teaspoon full of this dessert was just the right amount having us wanting more.

In terms of Tea-the Edgebaston use organic loose leaf Jing tea, we just were asked to choose our flavours: our options consisted of ; vanilla black, pure Assam, lemon, gunpowder among few others. These were accompanied by traditional.scones with strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream.

And then came our sandwiches and desserts,

Our sandwiches included Egg mayonnaise and watercress on freshly baked brioche.
Garlic butter, salmon and guacamole on crispy shortbread.
And lastly Lettuce and cucumber in homemade seed bread.
Our desserts included Fresh baked and Warm Apple crumble, Red velvet Cake pop drenched in white chocolate, and choc covered lamington cake.

These beautifully dainty sandwiches and lavishly decorated sweet treats were not just tasty but also visually appetising. We didnt want to touch them. They are a work of art. We took more time just taking photos than anything else, until one of us had to be the first one to take the plunge.

Our beautiful little doll enjoyed her sandwiches, and the waitors were wonderful and gave us warm milk for her.

At £25 a head (child free)this was an absolute steal, from the food to the entertainment, to the Beautifully decorated venue.

Would I go again? I loved it sooo much I went again with this lovely bunch couple of months later, and it was just as perfect as the first time.

My beaut sisters 💓

And I’d do it all over again. Who’s coming with me?

Love and regards