Create a Spa Day at home…

I know that spas are now open, and their seems to be a little more of the ‘going out‘ into what is the ‘new‘ normal, yet Covid has also really made us appreciate our homes, and taking ‘time out‘ within our homes is now the ‘new‘ normal that we would never have phantom before.

Before Covid ‘Home‘ was just a place I stayed in before I went out….. Now Home is where I Live, and I can do all the things I love whilst in the comfort of my own dwellings. It does take a bit of effort, but the beauty is, once I am done…….. well I’m already home…..there’s no driving back, no making an effort to get dressed, or wearing the 6inch heels that make my feet sore for days. I could potentially just get into bed……what could be more Bliss than that?

Something I have learnt to tell myself over the years is that, Our body is a working machine and just like everything in life needs maintenance, (whether that be a car for service, a boiler service, or washing machine……) It too needs a service now and again, and my service is a day out to a Spa…. (the hubby forever rolls his eyes at my theories *me rolling eyes back*).

With Boris’s constant mood swings about whether to open spas or not….its been a roller coaster in terms of fitting it in, and also just trying to get out is nerve racking with the anxieties of Covid.

So its time to make a little haven in our own homes, its safer, its easy, and its a saving in the bank.

Lets do it shall we?

Spa Water

Is there something about ‘Spa Water‘ that’s different?…….not really its usually just water served up in a pretty jug with fruits inside and ice…… it makes a pretty picture and it has all the spa feels…..and so refreshing. This is the quickest and easiest thing to do….. Serve it up…..

Bath Bombs

I know generally we don’t get coloured water in spas- but the blue of the jacuzzies and the swimming pool, makes it all a spa kinda feel…… so how will we do that? Easy Peesy…..Bath bombs, and the plus side of this is, get a nice smelling one! and maybe you want to go for pink, or purple! Do YOU!

Face Mask

Ok so we got no-one to give us that facial we needed, but we do have masks at hand, just glaze it on, and let it soak!

Foot Soak

When you think of a spa- what do you think of?….. ill tell you what I think off, I think of relaxing, soft sounds, water, smooth smells and ….. Lemons….. Yup you saw that right Lemons….. because Lemons are refreshing, and pretty and yellow… and feel like a Spa? …. Not understanding me? How bout a foot soak in this?

Now you get me? ahhhh Bliss….. I am in a Spa!

Add Lemons, some sea salts, maybe a few plants and get that refreshing and relaxing Spa feel in.

Candles and Oils

Get the candles out, dim the light, get the hubby/partner or friend to join you or do it yourself, face massage, scalp massage, any massage. Oil on the body is the ultimate ‘I have been to a Spa’ feel.

Hair Mask

From the usual errands of the day, hair masks are a chore, but Today is the day! Get the hair mask out and add that moisture back into the hair whilst you soak.


How easy is to to get music on now? use your phone, tablet, laptop, TV, whatever….. get some relaxing tunes in to get you into the flow

Light Lunch

If I have a friend over- then Lunch is mandatory, Sandwiches, Salads, Refreshing Juices are the way to go…. all light, cool and refreshing….. or maybe even Afternoon Tea (Of course!)

And there you have it, the Ultimate DIY Spa Day in.

And now ill get back to my day….Enjoy Yours!

Love and Regards


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