May….. In a Nutshell…. Dedicated to George Floyd

I had a few things down for May, but everything seems so small in comparison .

May can and will only be dedicated to George Floyd. It’s crazy to say that we still see these things happening in 2020… But is it really? hasn’t this been happening anyway, doesn’t this happen everywhere- all over the world? ….. but like second class citizens we choose to accept it….(we are not white. We will NEVER be first class). When I saw the video of George Floyd the first time 7 days ago. I thought he’s just going to be another name added to the list of names who get 24 hour coverage and then …. ‘out of sight, out of mind’….. But Wow!!! A revolution has been Bourne!

I hope there is a revolution that comes out of this. There has to be. You can’t have gone this far- to let it all die down now. I’m praying for a revolution….

Rest in peace George Floyd and all the George Floyd’s before him, and the ones at the moment who are still going through the injustice.

George Floyd does not only exist as a black man in America, he exists as a black man all over the world, he exists as a black women, he exists as a hijabi, as a Palestinian, a Syrian, a Burmese, a Sudanese among so many others living through injustice. He exists as a human who is not ‘white’, who doesn’t fit into societal constructed norms, who is of a different social class, who is believed to be ‘the other’…..and that resonates with a lot of people.

My deepest heartfelt condolences to this man’s family. A great loss to the community, a great loss to the world. May there be a revolution for this injustice. May people open there eyes. May people educate themselves. May people learn.

Here’s a few resources. I have found them to be useful. Do take time out to have a read.

Love and regards

Stay safe


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