……Did Someone Say Rose Dalgona?….

Well I think we have all figured out by now that Dalgona coffee and banana bread are sponsoring the Quarantine.

I got my Dalgona game on quite a few times- no that’s a lie- the boy got his Dalgona game on quite a few times. I just took the pictures. He loves his coffee and tik tok is big on it at the moment, so he’s forever making it…

But then I saw the Rose Dalgona… And I knew that was right up my street especially because it’s Ramadhan, and what is ramadhan without Rose Falooda?

And what a preety picture it makes too!

It’s a quickie so here goes- You will need

  • Rose Syrup
  • Freshcream
  • Milk
  • Ice
  • Vanilla or Rose Ice-cream
  • Rose petals

And heres what you do with it:

Use the freshcream and rose syrup as a 2:1 ratio and whisk until frothy

In a glass add in half cup of milk

Add in ice cubes ( I’ve been told that if you make rose icecubes it tastes better- I haven’t got have a ice cube holder (is that what you call it) but it sounds lush.. I could pop that into my mouth)

Add in your dollops of icecream

Top with the freshcream and rose mixture, and add a few rose petals…. And Voila what a preety picture

Please note after you have taken a photo stir it all in, otherwise you will be drinking cold milk!

So what did I think of it…. Oh it makes the preetiest of pictures, but I’ve conquered it. Its ticked off on my quarantine to do list✅ ….. it’s basically rose Falooda with the extra effort….. Next the dreaded banana bread…. Maybe I should wait untill someone comes up with a better twist to it? What do you think?

Don’t forget to share your pics with me

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Make Dalgona

Love and Regards


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