What does your Fridge say about you?

The way you decorate your home says alot about you, it shows your style, it shows your personality, and it’s an expression of yourself.

This can also be said for the way you dress, how you dress, what you choose to wear can be a reflection of yourself, it can be a reflection of your mood, determine where you are going….etc

But It is your fridge that holds your unconscious secrets. Okay I’m being a bit *dramatic* by saying ‘unconscious secrets’ but I have to grab your attention somehow.

And I’m not talking about what’s inside the fridge- all you’ll find in my fridge is drinks- (I’m a sweet tooth- fizzy drink junkie.). I’m talking about the door, what we put on there can give an insight into your soul. (There’s the drama again!)

What do you put on your fridge?

Apart from the built in fridges- I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fridge that has nothing on it.

There is a saying somewhere (in Google) that says that ” your fridge door, reflects the way you really want to live, compared to what you are living in now” and that it is all done in the unconscious part of the brain. I’m not sure how much of this is true, as I’m sure fridge magnets were not a thing when Sigmund Freud was alive, but it did intrigue me to get thinking about it.

So the first thing I did is look at my fridge.

Clustered with appointment letters, dentist dates, shopping list, to photos and fridge magnets.

Sounds normal and just about right? Yes? No?

This got me thinking about what I choose to put on my fridge, I have a American size fridge (why do they call it that? What is British sized?) And in all fairness, considering the space- it’s not cluttered. (I had a look on Google images of people’s fridge doors. Have a look. It’s quite intriguing) .

My shopping list:

I have a magnetic board (it’s very worn down now- pen still works after years- but I do need to invest in a new one) and it’s used by everyone in the family- to add on what they’d like or what we have run out off. Before my shopping trips- I have a quick look and memorise – and rub off once it’s been bought. It’s amazing how this is the only pen that stays where it is. All other pens dissapear.


Letters and appointment dates are put on fridge, to serve as a remainder. It could be said that the fridge door serves as a diary without the use of a diary itself (I love diaries- but if I have a letter- I hardly ever note it down in diary)

Fridge Magnets

I only have a couple. When we go on holiday- isn’t this like the cheapest and smallest thing to pick up? Just to serve as a memory?

Rock Magnets

This was given to me by my friend and I love them. All letters get pinned down with this, and they look fab and stylish

So nothing seems so hidden and deep in my conscious yet… Untill…


The most important thing for me.  If you make it on my fridge door. You are a different kind of special. Yes I’m selective about what goes on and who goes on. Who I want to see daily, and what memories will live forever. I only have a few. But they are the most important. (I just realised hubby is not on my fridge!!!- sorry Dude. I have you next to me in life. That means more.*wink wink)

Talking about magnets my latest ones are from photobox and it was £8.99 for 9 magnets. And they are the cutest. I made them for me and a few friends hence why they are the same….. I’ll have to check their fridge when I next pop over to see if I made it on their fridge. (*rolls eye*)

And the middle picture is one more that made it to my fridge.

Have a look at your fridge, and see what it conjures up for you.

Share your thoughts.

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Love and regards


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