Schools back….Routines Back

Oh My God- schools back and I’ve never felt so good in my life! Who else thinks that the summer term leave is too long??

I’m use to having my own space and an empty house when I’m back from the office, but on school holidays, I have my Boi waiting for me…. He doesn’t Evan let me get in the house “what’s for lunch mum?, I’m bored mum, what are we doing today mum?”

Thursday was the first day of school, and because I was so excited, I took the day off work. ( Who does that? Me!!) Told the boss (who happens to be the hubby😉) that i have a busy weekend with a wedding event and need to get the preparation done (aaaah, the perks of sleeping with the boss) and he bought it. Hehe. I’m safe until he reads my blog 🙄.

Seriously am I the only one who was happy to set my alarm up for 7am, wake up with a sleepy smile on my face, and watch the Boi walk out of house with his backpack on….and an hour later watched the hubby and the eldest boy walk out for work.

So what did I do?

I made a cup of tea, and sat in the quiet of my house, I listened to the humming of the fridge, the beeping of the fire alarm (seriously have to get the batteries in soon!) And the chirping of the birds in the garden, and I felt at bliss… In total bliss. And it was amazing.

That’s not to say I don’t love the kids, I do, I really do, but sometimes you need your own space for your own sanity. You need time for the brain to just not do anything, or think anything or feel anything. And this was my time.

Just that one day made a difference of the world for me. Things have changed for me during the summer leave, now that I’m no longer going to be doing the event planning- my life and routine will change. I needed this day to figure things out in my head, and it came at the right time.


I should have alot more time, and I want to make the most of this. I want to be able to spend more time with my family, especially my mum and dad. As I’ve been busy with my own life- I’ve forgotten just how old they are getting. They have spent there whole life trying to protect me. Now my boys are older- I want to be able to do the same for them.


The last time I exercised was when I was 16 in PE class in school. When it comes to exercise I am by far the laziest person in the world- to a point where if a dog was running after me (and I am terrified of dogs) I’d just stand still, I mean what’s the point of running and then getting bit! Might aswell just get bit without having To go through the effort of running aswell.

Getting older I can feel my muscles aching, so I know I have to do something now- and I’m thinking of starting a class or two during the week, so that I can get the heart pumping right.


I am a junkie, I could eat crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks all day without the need of a proper meal. Ask my dentist! As the hubby says, I’ll have to take a mortgage out on my teeth soon, the amount I go in and out for fillings 🙈

I’m going to blame that on time though. All day I am mentally and physically challenged that popping a sweet or opening a pack of crisp, or Evan having a swig of a fizzy drink to keep the sugers up is the easiest and tastiest option (at the expense of my poor teeth).

Getting back to routine will mean for me to start eating healthier- swop the crisp for the apple, the fizzy drink for a bottle of water… And maybe Evan make myself lunch once in a while. This will definitely be the hardest one for me.


My routine will definitely change, I’m already mentally decluttered as I’ve only got last few orders to get through, and the end is near. But I have to make sure I don’t get into lazy mode. It’s very easy to get into this.

As Aristotle famously said above, it’s clear routine paves the way to be a better person.


Oh my 🙈. How much I hate this word. But it’s soon to be a reality. With me quitting the event planning, I’m going to be down with a lot of funds…. So I have to think about the dreaded word….. BUDGET.

I’ve never really been a “budgeter” but it’s something I really need to be thinking about, I’m basically selling myself to have more time in my life (I think it’s worth it!). And I’m fortunate to be in a position to quit without having too much to worry about apart from my luxaries.

So I got to start thinking super savvy now. Get the deals and bargains in early, look out for offers. (My husband will be dead proud of me).


The benefits of reading are endless. Just Google it. It’s amazing how much reading can open up the mind. I genuinely love reading anyway, so this is my favourite change. I’ve told myself to read a book a month. Choose one that I like, and just…. Read. And I can’t wait.

At the same time, I want my boys to read, so seeing me hopefully (hopefully, fingers and legs crossed) they will live by example?. I can only hope…


The most important. I can’t believe my eldest boy is 16. How and when did that happen. Just having done his GCSEs and now going off to work and college has really shaken me up. I still remember when I was doing my GCSES, how did he get here so fast?

So my most important change is spending more time with these terrors in my life. Before I Evan know it the little Boi will be doing his GCSEs and eldest will be on his way to uni with baked beans in his hands. So I want to be able to make the most of my time enjoying them. Teaching them, laughing with them, shouting at them, and generally living and making memories with them.

Love and regards


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