People walk In and Out of your Life for a Reason…

I went for my Last display set up last weekend, it was for a Dessert/Fruit set up.

And here it is…..

As I was putting everything in my car I was thinking to myself that I am so glad that I have made this decision. Already exhausted having woken up early to make the Desserts and Fruit platters- I had to pick up the props for the display and put them in car- then unload it all at venue and arrange the set up….And once all is done, I’d have to go back pick up everything, wipe and clean and put away- and then the same all over again the following week, (I just got tired writing this, doing it is a different story altogether) and don’t get me wrong I have a team of people who work with me, but sometimes we are at different venues, and today that was the case.

Fruit Display.

When I got to the venue, as usual I started talking to a couple of the event planners already there, the function owner, the stage dude and dudettes, the cake people, the waitors…. and a lump formed in my throat.

I realised that this may be the last time that I actually talk to these people, im not really an emotional person, but my eyes started stinging. What are the chances I will see them again.

I dont think the reality of the step I had taken had hit me until today. I started thinking that if I wasnt here today- what would I be doing? at home, sleeping? watching tv? making brekky? I mean what do you do on a weekend when you have nothing on? Weekends are my busiest time, apart from when I take a weekend off to go on a day trip with the family, or holidays- I dont think I have ever had a weekend off, and previous to this I use to work for BT Openreach and that required me to work on weekends too. So having weekends off seem surreal to me.

Wedding cake previously done by me πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I think I had a little panic attack, I stopped breathing and just froze. These people have become a big part of my life, all my cakey friends, my customers, the people that work with me….what now? were they all going to dissapear? was I going to loose them?

That night I talked to my hubby and told him of my little panic attack, and what he said made me settle a little, “The people that you meet in your life, they are there to get you through that part of your life” so right now I may feel awful about the changes that are to take place, and evan while I am writing this I am very dubious, but I know ill be fine.

Drinks Display

This made me think further about people that have walked in and out of my life. Some people stayed, some ‘popped’ in, and some left, but at some point or another, whether by purpose or not, whether it was recognised or not, they made a difference to my life (and hopefully in the right way) some guided me, some helped me and some taught me valuable lessons in life.

I’ve also got to accept that not everyone will make it into the future, some will come and go in different stages but yet not dissapear, some will come for a short while and leave, and some will stay and nag me for the rest of my life πŸ™„ (I promise I say that with a smile on my face)

I just hope that whoever’s life I may have ‘popped’ into- I have made a difference to them for the better.



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